Future Diary aka Mirai Nikki


How do you find the next anime that you are going to watch? Sometimes I just scroll through genres that I am in the mood for on crunchyroll and I usually get lucky and find something good.

When I came across “Future Diary” I was listening to a anime playlist by Pellek and the opening song really grabbed at me. After a quick google search I was on my way to watch the first episode of “Future Diary” probably the first time I watched a darker and more graphic anime.

This anime is not for the faint of heart. I wish sometimes I could recommend it to more people. There is a lot of violence and graphic scenes so if that isn’t for you I understand. The story telling is what grabs me.

In this anime the characters are given future diaries in which they can predict the future in their own unique way. Their goal is to kill off the other future diary users and be the last one standing. (This is by the same writer that has a new anime out this fall called “Juni Taisen:  Zodiac War,” you can see the similar theme).

One of the things I love is that all the diaries have benefits and weaknesses that the other diary users need to figure out in order to win. The ending is not predictable but it can be seen as somewhat unbelievable. I was willing to put aside my disbelief and go with the flow of this anime.

There are rich and diverse characters that you root for and some that you wish will die and I think that is what makes this a strong anime. I’ve always been a fan of strong characters.

There are great moments where that make you go, “Whaaaaaat did I just watch?” That can be good and bad, like I said before this does get violent if you haven’t gotten that from the premise that they have to kill each other.

This is my first review so I don’t want to spoil too much of the anime. Let me know what you think? Any other darker anime recommendations? Let me know!

Author: kimchisama

Anime for the soul.

8 thoughts on “Future Diary aka Mirai Nikki”

  1. All I know was the opening theme which I really like. Can’t say I ever heard double kick drums in a pop song before without having it sound like BabyMetal. Hahahaha!

    Some recommendations of darker anime would be Texhnolyze, Now and Then Here and There, Key the Metal Idol, Grave of the Fireflies, Jin-Roh, and Shamanic Princess even though that would be the “lightest” one of the bunch.

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      1. You own that movie? Watch it whenever you can, but just be sure you’re in a decent mood because this movie gets very SAD. Make sure you watch something cute or funny afterwards. There’s a reason why My Neighbor Totoro was shown after this film when both movies debuted in Japan.

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      2. Oh wow I didn’t know that, part of me delaying my watch is that very reason. I’ve heard how sad it was and I’ve seen one scene from it and I want to be ready for a good cry it sounds like.

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