Should I keep watching?

It is an unexpected journey going to my crunchyroll que or my list of anime that I’ve added to my list to watch. It is odd that I have a few episode watched of certain anime that I’ve started and for some reason I never went back to finish. I do give most anime a 3-4 episode trial before I quit but for some reason I didn’t go back I’m going to post my list of anime that I’ve only watch the first few episodes of and I would like YOU dear anime watcher to tell me if I should go back and re-watch the first episode (because I’m a forgetful person) and continue down the marathon-ing path and finish the anime. Plus maybe someone out there has a blog post about it and can link it in the comments if they would like 🙂

First up Kill la Kill

Episodes watched: 3

Why I stopped:  I didn’t understand why she can just go back to school and the fan service was a bit weird for me. I liked the art and the plot seemed to be going somewhere but should I continue? I know this is a classic but I’m not sure if I’m into it. Does the plot get better? Is it pretty much a fight for every episode like a battle royal? Let me know if it is worth it.


Second Charlotte

Episodes watched: 4

Why I stopped: This one I’m not really sure. Maybe a newer sparkly anime came out and I watched it. I remember I was looking forward to watching it a lot but then when I first watched it didn’t seem like it matched up with my expectations. Sometimes a really mean character falls flat for me. Did you enjoy this anime? Is it worth another try? Will I take back my “eh” attitude and love it?Charlotte_keyThird:  Natsume Yuujinchou

Episodes Watched:  A sad 1

Why I stopped: I started this awhile ago it seemed like an interesting anime and a nice slice of life thing to watch. I wasn’t a fan of the “cat” per-say and I think at the moment I wasn’t in the mood for something slow. I watched it over a year ago and I never went back. How are your feelings? What is the over all vibe of the anime? How is the main character development?


Fourth:  Orange

Episodes watched:  3

Why I stopped:  I remember I read some spoilers for the anime and I got mad. It kind of ruined the whole set up of the show for me. I keep wanting to watch it but now I’m moving a bit slow at going back. It seems like something I would enjoy. How is this in comparison to anime like Your lie in April, Erased, and March comes in like a lion? It seems like it is along a similar theme.


Fifth:  Wagnaria!!

Episodes watched: 3

Why I stopped:  I admit it takes a lot to confuse me and this anime did it. There were a lot of characters and some looked too much alike and I was getting confused about all the different plot lines and forming relationships. I read a lot of good things about this anime but it was a struggle. Does it get less confusing as it goes on? Are the characters more developed later on in episodes?


Sixth: Occultic;Nine

Episodes watched: 1

Why I stopped: First of all the second episode was taken of the air while it was coming out last fall and I didn’t want to watch it out of order. By the time it came back I moved onto other things. The fast talking drove me nuts a bit so I couldn’t see the action happening. This anime seemed right up my alley with things I like to watch more of, but I never went back. Maybe dubs would be better with the pace of the talking. Is this anime worth it? Should I stick out the subs or just try the dubs?


Last: Trickster

Episodes Watched: 1

Why I stopped:  Another one where I honestly don’t know. I don’t even remember if I liked it or not. I know I had it on my que for a long time but when I watched the first episode I wasn’t that impressed. Should I give it another go?


Thank you all for reading and if you have any reviews on these shows feel free to link them in the comments! Happy watching!

Author: kimchisama

Anime for the soul.

19 thoughts on “Should I keep watching?”

  1. I only watched Charlotte and Occultic;Nine in the list you mentioned, so I guess I could comment on that?
    Charlotte: While this is made by the people at Key Studios, it won’t be comparable to Angel Beats! in terms of the comedy and the emotional fireworks that one might want to enjoy. It ends up being more of a follow-the-scifi-story and finding out the background/origins. The character development is non-existent except for the main character (No not Nao). If you have more pressing shows to watch, you could probably KIV Charlotte until you want to kill some time watching episodic superhuman abilities.

    Occultic;Nine: An exposition-fest which boasts 9 main characters but really only 3 of them are really active and even the supporting character gets more screen time than some main characters. There is a lot of mystery which can get you hooked, but you would be daunted by the rambling and all the pseudoscience-nonsense (since it doesn’t apply in real life). Even though they ‘solved’ the mystery at the end, there are still details left unanswered which can be kind of anti-climatic. If you don’t mind watching insane characters or characters going insane (it’s not as bad as Shiki I think), then you could try to continue it I guess. I’ve not watched with dubs, so I can’t comment on that.

    Hope this could be helpful in some way.

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  2. Charlotte takes a really different turn mid-season .You may not like it but it is probably worth watching through just to see given it really is quite a dramatic tone change.
    Natsume is just brilliant (though only if you really like supernatural/slice of life stories. However, Natsume is a show I will watch and rewatch endlessly and I just love how Natsume goes through subtle character development each season. Still, if it isn’t your thing, it isn’t your thing.

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    1. I was interested in all of these but sometimes when I stop or get interrupted early in a season it is hard for me to go back. Probably just a mental thing on my part. What were your two favorites?

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      1. I enjoyed Charlotte but it is a deeply flawed anime. Kill la Kill is one of my favorites and spawned my love for the studio and I discovered Natsume this year and have completely fallen in love. I write uselss posts about it that are just basically me saying over and over how much I love the show because I lack the words to express anything more eloquent about it.

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  3. I vote for you to re-visit Charlotte! <3. I really enjoyed that series, and also same comments as Karandi!
    I'm in the same boat with occultic;nine and wagnaria. I've started it but haven't gone back to finish.

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  4. Give Charlotte a try. People bash it because of the ending, but I find nothing wrong with it. It is entertaining and that’s all that matters.
    As for Trickster, don’t. You can see my rant post on it sometime if you want to see all the reasons why Trickster pretty much sucked.

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  5. I liked Kill La Kill because of the humor. The show is mostly fighting, but the story has a few surprises that kept me invested too.

    Erased is better than Orange, but I liked both shows. I prefer the former more because of the pacing and less focus on romance.

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      1. It is okay. Natsume isn’t exactly a binge material as it is extremely episodic. An arc is usually two to three episodes max and the show makes that as one of its biggest advantage over other shows involving youkai and slice of life elements.

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