Why did I like MMO Junkie so much?

I had a short post on MMO Junkie about halfway through the short season and I found myself enjoying it so much that I declared it was my favorite (new) show this fall. Now that the season is wrapped up I want to reflect a bit on why I liked it so much.


First, lets take an honest look at why this show wouldn’t be consider special by some standards. Did I like this show just because it was a break from all the killing anime this fall? Was I just in need of a fresh romance? You can look at the premise and some say “oh nice a female NEET we don’t get that very often,” but then it is still a slow moving romance where you are just like, “Come on! Just kiss her already! Tell him/her how you feel!” I can sense the frustration at the ending. Okay, they are going on a “date” is that all we really get? Yeah, I myself wished for a bit more from the end, but then if we get those romantic moments it would have destroyed the show. Let me explain…

Morioka seems to be suffering from social anxiety (let me play doctor here, sorry if I’m way off, Theatre major here, haha) and a bit of OCD (she cleans her rug with a lint roller every time she feels a bit anxious). If their relationship at that point would have went beyond the hand holding it would have been like “Oh yeah, I’m cured, you too can get rid of anxiety too my fellow NEETs!” No. It doesn’t work like that. This anime is special because the characters are true to how they were created. It can be painful to watch but that is what makes it so good if you give it a chance. An honest look at how people have miscommunication and are worried about everything in relationships. From getting that first response to your message to having someone text you something and you misread the tone.

Moriko needed the time to feel safe with Lily before she could let Sakurai in her life.

She has so much self doubt and the MMO game in a way saved her. When I watched the first episode again I realized that she came in on the last day of her job. I didn’t notice this small detail and it really put the whole timeline into perspective when she started the new MMO game. Just in the brief flashbacks of her at her work place you could feel her tension and and stress. The anime just touched a bit on this and I really really wish that we would have seen a bit more of this to flesh out her choice to become a NEET. I think that would have given a lot of watchers some closure on her backstory. However, we only got 10 episodes so they probably had a lot to squeeze in and the slow burning romance would have been lost.

The truest moment for me as a female was in the episode where Morioka went to get food with Sakurai and jumped to the conclusionnetjuu_02-1 that the female emploie thought that they didn’t belong together since Sakurai is so good looking. This is a theme throughout the anime since they met. She thinks she doesn’t deserve to be with someone handsome or so kind. She thinks she is useless since she is a NEET.  She is ashamed that the loves MMO games. She doesn’t understand why she is like this.

How many times do people put themselves down in life because we think we are imposters? That we don’t belong somewhere? A lot of us like anime, and I see often that we are judged just on that aspect in our life by those who don’t like anime or understand it. It is hard to go through the world and not think that people are judging us and sometimes get to the point where we don’t care about what others think. That takes some time and courage. Morioka is just getting to the start of her journey at the end of the season.

I do think this anime was a nice break from the killing anime this fall and from some of the really confusing anime also. Maybe that is part of what made it stand out so much for me. In a world of high school romance anime this one does stand out. It has a very honest look into problems that adults face when things at work can get to be too much and there is only the “suck it up” option. A nice side plot that you can find a family of oddballs online and they can turn into true friends. Sometimes us weirdos just need to find each other and thankfully the internet with blogs and MMO games lets us do that.


I guess in the end I like this so much because I can just honestly relate to Morioka. I see myself in her and like her I keep pushing forward and I hope you do too.

I’ll get off my soap box and just mention that since I started this blog I’ve enjoyed reading and interacting with all you dear followers! Thank you for following me and thank you for reading. I do have my book deadline at the end of this month so I hope to be able to keep up the posts! Happy watching!

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19 thoughts on “Why did I like MMO Junkie so much?”

  1. I liked some of the points you brought up despite my lack of knowledge on this series. The main character sounds quite relatable. When I was a teen, I was bullied for liking anime and I felt a bit ashamed, so I became more into indie music. People even freak out when I tell them that I’m not into most mainstream films. Blogging about all these subjects on different pages gave me a platform despite my busy work schedule. It also allowed me to be more open with my honesty with people such as the reviews I post where I either talk about controversial concepts in films, have opinions that greatly differ from the reviewing elite or fans, and mentioning uncomfortable truths. It can be rough living in a world where not everyone understands others.

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    1. As an adult I still feel weird telling people I love anime. I want to be in a world where people can just enjoy things without judgement, haha. Thank you for your thoughtful comment and keep it up, I like hearing about shows and movies that I don’t get to see advertised often and it broadens my world too!

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      1. I have that same feeling sometimes about anime. Some people will listen when I talk about the live action stuff I watch, but they don’t know what to say when it comes to anime. I’m slowly starting to become more open in my fandom. If people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s can wear T-shirts with Disney characters or Looney Tunes characters, then I can wear my Haibane Renmei or Kimba the White Lion shirts wherever. Hahaha!

        You’re welcome. I’m glad you appreciate learning about movies and shows that are off the beaten path. I’ve also enjoyed reading your posts as well. Thanks for being open minded.

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      2. Ha! Good point! I’ve been getting some good shirts from the subscription box and I’m excited to wear them. More and more options for getting anime shirts are out there now too.
        Another thing that anime has done for me is help students relate to me and me to them I have anime posters all over my classroom this year, it is nice to see students faces when they see a AoT poster on my wall and are shocked that an adult watches anime.
        Having a lot of items for different fandoms all over my walls, I hope to create a classroom that is a nonjudgmental one.

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      3. Awesome! Which series have you been collecting stuff from? I’m glad there’s more options out there, but I wish there would be more shirts for the series and movies I like though. Hahaha!

        Whenever I wore my Haibane Renmei short in public, people would tell me that they like the logo design and some have asked me what the show was about. Some have been interested, but I know Haibane Renmei is a quiet and artistic series instead of some zany action stuff. Whenever I’d wear my Kimba shirt, the people who’ve never heard of that 60s anime series would assume that the main character is a Simba rip-off until I tell them the character has been in existence since 1950 with the original manga and that’s not saying anything about the controversy of the whole matter.

        That’s incredible how you have some memorabilia in your classroom. I wish my teachers did that when I was in school. I’m glad you’re showing your students that it’s okay to have fandom for anime. Good on you for making your classroom an accepting place for everyone.

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      4. I get them from Akibento the last shirt I got was a Bleach/Re: Zero mash up and I love it! They put a shirt in every box the only downside is that you don’t know what it will be but that part is kind of fun. I try to make sure that I watch the anime that will be in the next crate but this next month with have Naruto items and there is no way I have time to finish that anime in time haha.
        Thank you, I’m getting more comfortable with my nerd self and I want my students to feel that way too. Although I couldn’t put up some of the posters since they had guns in them but I think swords are okay haha!
        So many shows have been inspired by manga and anime, it is crazy that I didn’t even know about it until I started to watch anime more later in my adult life. The whole Bebop and firefly anime vs show as well. I love them both but it is nice when a director tell us what inspired their script/show.

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      5. That’s very nice! Yeah, Naruto can be a huge investment on time and that’s not even getting into the Boruto series that’s been going on right now.

        You’re welcome, and same here. I’ve been more open in talking about anime, indie flicks, and foreign films than ever before in my life. I want to be well versed in all of those fields while also getting back into more filmmaking. I think swords would be fine if there were pictures of characters holding them. Haha!

        Yup. You’d be surprised. The Matrix was heavily inspired by Ghost in the Shell and they played the original movie in front of the studio execs while wanting to make something like that, but live action. Or in Perfect Blue, Darren Aronovsky bought the rights to that film to recreate the “girl screaming in the bathtub” part for Requiem For a Dream and parts of the plot were a big inspiration for Black Swan. You can also add Outlaw Star to the Bebop/Firefly comparisons especially with the whole “girl in a high tech suitcase” situation that happens to Melfina and River respectively.

        I’m cool with inspiration if it’s admitted and/or if the rights were purchased. If people deny that they got ideas from this or that when it’s incredibly obvious, then I have a big issue with it. Unfortunately, I can name some anime series and movies that never got their just due whenever Hollywood had movies with similar concepts or stories. It also begs the question of how fans would react if said American movie came out before an anime or another foreign film and how they’d react differently.

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      6. That would be a good question. I have a story in mind that is a bit like “The Devil is a Part-Timer” and I’m not afraid to admit it. We get inspired by so much and one of my beta readers asked if the neighbor was based on Wilson from Home Improvement and I was like, “Oh yeah they sound the same” haha.
        I do believe that Hollywood probably does rip off a lot of anime on purpose and I feel with anime getting more well known that more of those inspired by stories will come out. Now I sound like a conspiracy theorist. ha.

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      7. Sure thing, Kimchi. I have written some stories where I have characters inspired by others and some that are stealth parodies of different characters as a way of literary criticism while still opting for fair use due to parody/satire laws. Hahaha! Good on you for acknowledging inspiration!

        I wouldn’t be surprised. I know Pacific Rim got saddled with being an Evangelion rip-off when that movie came out even though I mostly disagreed with that notion much to the detriment of some otaku. I’ve heard about Dark City ripping off Akira, but I haven’t seen DC, so I wouldn’t know. The Kimba situation is seriously mind-blowing with certain characters, some of the storylines, scenes, and the attempt to ban the Jungle Emperor Leo sequel film from North America when it was played at a Canadian film festival. Hahaha! I talk about some of that stuff when I reviewed that series and that movie.

        You didn’t come off as a conspiracy theorist, but it’s funny yet kind of sad at the lack of originality in mainstream film. Just looks at all the constant remakes, sequels, and spinoffs. Hahaha! Well, I did have to tone down my nerd rage over here. I hope I didn’t come across as a know it all or some insufferable film snob.

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      8. You have never come across as a snob to me. You like what you like and are open to trying out new things which is more than some will ever do. That is the awesome thing I found out about this blogging community so far, they all have (including you) insightful comments but are also never judgemental if someone likes a show that they didn’t like. I’m liking this community. It is like a happy nerd home haha!

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      9. Whew! That’s good. I do my best to expand my horizons and Iridium Eye helped me do that especially when it came to some live action films and especially lesser-known Western animation. Without that, I would’ve never seen Song of the Sea, Wrinkles, or Ernest & Celestine as far as non-Japanese animation is concerned.

        I’m glad you appreciate it and that you’re doing your best to be open-minded about things. It’s been a good community so far.

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  2. I finished this series so quickly. I never felt like taking a break and binged through it. There were so many coincidences and it seemed kind of cliche, but I LIKED IT. I LOVED IT. I love all the characters, even the side characters! I felt that I could relate to Morioka as well, just a little bit.

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  3. I agree that I just found Morioka so incredibly relatable at times. Okay, she’s also really silly at others, but her core character was something I could understand and even her most over the top reactions made sense given the context. MMO Junkie was really great to watch because of how it established her character and because of how the show treated its characters throughout.

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  4. I am a former MMO addict, so I am interested in checking out this series. From what I hear an OVA is due out soon. When that gets released I’ll probably marathon the whole thing. I think this anime is based on a light novel series that is still going. Perhaps that is why the finale isn’t as conclusive as it could be?

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