Cause it’s cute?

I’ll be the first to admit I like sparkly and cute things, yeah I know… My bag has mermaid sequins and I’m in love. However, I don’t really watch anime “because it’s cute” I tend to like some sort of story line and a bit of a deeper thrill or a sweet romance.

“How to Keep a Mummy” is only 2 episodes in and much to my chagrin I’m enjoying it. Gosh it is just… so… dang… cute.


The main character Sora gets sent a mummy from his father. Apparently his father sends horrible gifts that try to kill him. So Sora opens the gift with a lot of trepidation. Out pops this little miniature mummy that he really doesn’t know what to do with or how to take care of.


I mean you aren’t going to get any major plot points. The episodes will probably each have a small crisis. It is only two episodes in and I don’t see this going any deeper than that, and it isn’t supposed to. It is just going to be a cute anime that makes your heart all warm inside.


Take a break from the winter chill and let your insides melt for a bit. Give your brain a break and bask in the cuteness of a little pudgy mummy. I think I will enjoy these episodes. Happy Watching!

Author: kimchisama

Anime for the soul.

19 thoughts on “Cause it’s cute?”

  1. I’m not really into cute and yet Mii-Kun is too adorable for words. I compared him to a kitten in my second episode review because he just reminds me of an awkward yet truly huggably adorable kitten and I’m going to maintain that I want one of my very own. Meanwhile my brain being distracted by cuteness overload is refusing to really deal with the fact that there isn’t really any kind of story here.

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  2. Who knew that the ancient Egyptians were so short? The father sends his son deadly gifts? Maybe this is one of those shows that appears cute to trick its audience. The mummy is a deadly gift who will go on a murder spree later on. What a twist!

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  3. There are shows that are cute, but it’s not done in a way that makes you enjoy it or overlook everything. But this show just hits all the marks. The story? Who cares! Mii-kun is just giving the right amount of cute that we can overlook everything else. I’m interested in seeing how everyone else gets a cute little monster thing too.

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