The purpose of playing

Okay, there are a few otome games out there I like and I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Cheritz games starting with “Nameless” and “Dandelion Wishes” I didn’t enjoy Dandelion as much as Nameless but when they came out with Mystic Messenger I enjoyed the routes and out they divided out the play time so much! (you can tell a lot of the characters are the same haha Okay I don’t play to analyze  characters and if you really like a character it is kind of nice to “see” them again).

So first, why do I play otome games? The romance of the story. The feeling of me getting to be in the game. I don’t really play for the other side plots. I guess they all have the mysterious thing happening in the background but I play to get the happy ending and have a sweet romantic conclusion.

In Nameless I really enjoyed all the endings (and some of the bad endings too haha!) and it was satisfying.

When I first played Mystic Messenger I really liked all the characters (except Yoosung sorry he was just too babyish for me) and the endings made sense and the after endings were very sweet. The best routes for me were Jumin and 707 and I see on many posts that they are generally the favorite. 707 is the final route and you see the whole story and all the background of mint eye and you get the whole plot, but if you are like me… I just care about the romance haha!


After playing other otome games I really missed Mystic Messenger I think they do things very well and I enjoyed the game play and waiting for the chats. So you can imagine my excitement when they came out with two new routes! V and Ray.




Okay, I don’t know what I was expecting… V’s route is disappointing. Mystic Messenger deals with a lot of mental issues of depression and suicide. Okay, that is completely fine, and I appreciate it when those themes are handled well. However, I don’t play otome games to be a councilor and a mean person to people who have mental issues.

I don’t enjoy being mean to Ray so I can get with V. I don’t enjoy the ending to V’s route since the MC turned into this “warm” person who apparently just lets two people go off in their mental trauma and does nothing to stop it. How in the F*** is that a good ending? Oh he goes off after two years after *MAJOR SPOILER* and people kill themselves. How the heck is that a good ending? “Oh a mentally ill person committed suicide but we all can be happy now.” Ugh. And HE GOES AWAY FOR TWO YEARS WITHOUT TALKING TO THE MC AND JUST COMES BACK AND SHE IS WAITING FOR HIM? WTF!!!!

Then in the end all we get is a picture of V’s face. No kiss. Okay am I acting like a spoiled kid? I think in the good endings you expect something…. kissing? allusions  to love making? a strong partnership? I don’t know. I was disappointed. I’m sad I spent 11 days being mean to people who needed professional help and then the ending sucked. I don’t even know if I want to play Ray’s route now. I’m just disappointed.

I may have to go back and play 707’s route to wash  my brain.8553132983e5b55355d2d566697b6495

Does anyone have a good otome game they like to play? I need something good since I don’t know if I can handle another route where I have to be a jerk to everyone and then get a unsatisfying end. I still want to like myself when I’m done playing! Anyway, happy watching or playing! Hope you enjoyed it more than I did…

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23 thoughts on “The purpose of playing”

      1. Well.. I don’t want to spoil anything of course… But I liked it way better that V’s. But, I have to be honest, I never cared for a route for V but really wanted one for him (I’m not going to say his real name, since it might be a spoiler for people who are new to this game?) But anyway, you really should play it! 😀

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      2. I’ll give it a try, I wanted to do it first but I thought I should go in order so I did V’s. I hear it is really hard to get the good ending though lol so it might take me awhile.

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  1. One of my favorite parts of Cheritz game is the unintentionally hilarious mistranslations.

    As for otomes – it depends what you are looking for. Oz Mafia is absolutely hilarious in it’s ridiculousness. Amnesia is beautiful and has a surprising main route but there are definitely elements that are not so sweet (like nameless). I always really liked Hussle Cat, it made me smile. Kindred Spirits on the Roof is an extremely sweet Yuri Visual Novel (not exactly an otome but still romantic)… There are a few others depending on how graphic you want to go.

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    1. I’ll have to look into those. I like the romance aspect but I also want to not feel like the MC is a horrible person and I never got that feeling from Cheritz games before V’s route. She is nice to V of course but I didn’t like that I either had to be harsh to Ray so I didn’t get his favor over V. I wish there could have been more sensitive selections and the end oof… I wouldn’t mind some hilariousness after what I played haha! I haven’t tried many of the Oz games.

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      1. Also – in the Cinderella Phenomenon ( which is completely free to play – yay!!) The entire point is for the MC to go from being a jerk to being a decent person, and she does…

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  2. V sounds like a terrible route! D: I never picked up MM after I finished the first playthrough (i loved 707 and jumin also!) BUT, Zen really stole my heart. he was just that hopeless romantic type. haha.

    Are you looking to play games specifically mobile? PC? Mac? 😀 I’d love to help you find a new one!

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  3. OKAY, I was excited to play V’s route but geez, now I’m glad I didn’t. What kind of person would enjoy being rude to someone suffering from mental illness, just to reach a “happy end”? Like geez, I’d rather get a bad end for another route than finish V’s.
    (And a random opinion but my favourite is Yoosung :p)

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    1. The happy end is just disappointing also I read up on the normal end and that sounds better than the happy ending haha! In my opinion if it is a true “happy ending” everyone comes out happy. No suicides or ignoring/being cruel to people who have a mental illness. They really missed the mark on this route.

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      1. *cough when the normal route is better than the happy route this is concerning cough* They really should have thought that one through. “Love”, in this case, doesn’t equal a happy-ever-after, or a happy ending. You’re right, they really didn’t pull it off well which is a shame.

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