I keep coming back to you…

Oh boy did I have plans to watch new anime over spring break… So. Many. Plans. Then it happened… It all started with a manga I’ve been following for awhile… Damn you Namaikizakari… Then I fell into the show hole of just watching and reading manga and anime that I have already seen… Why do I keep coming back? I just can’t find their equal…

First the ongoing Manga Namaikizakari….

I have a confession, when it comes to manga I mostly read romance and I’m always looking for that next one, but sometimes I keep rereading the same ones haha! Unfortunately for me Namaikizakari is not finished so by the time I can get my hands on the next chapter I forget what happens then I reread it… It is okay… I really enjoy this manga and the main character is well…tumblr_static_tumblr_static_filename_640Be still my beating heart… haha. I really like how he is drawn. For me I love how the mangaka does the eyes. You don’t see those often in manga and it really adds a nice appeal to how he looks.

Okay I could go on all day and probably lose all my readers haha… He isn’t just a pretty face, he is a growing changing character which I love to see! Starting as someone who doesn’t care and moving to finish goals with a lot of determination. Him and the MC Yuki have great chemistry and I like the flip of the boy being the one interested first.


It is a really sweet manga and the problem with it is that once I read it… I go on the hunt for more manga and I don’t find a lot that I haven’t read yet so I decided to go back to old faithful Skip Beat.


If you haven’t read or watched Skip Beat I hope you give it a chance. The romance is sweet but it is also secondary. The growth and development of the main character is what makes this anime and manga amazing. Kyoko starts of as a clueless girl which frustrated me in the first chapter, but soon the betrayal sends her on an amazing journey to find herself.


She has to deal with her inner demons (literally haha) from being throw out like trash. It is what motivates her at first, but you will love the path that it takes her on. She truly starts to find her own way and what she wants with life. The main factor is that she doesn’t find it in another guy… Whaaaaat!? ha! She realizes that she is strong and starts to see that she has her own talents. The anime stops about one forth of the way through and then manga is still… ongoing! So I don’t know the end of her journey yet, but I keep rereading and if you have a manga that is like Skip Beat please let me know! I love the side romance and the awesome strong main character. It is funny it is sweet and it leaves me wanting more!


So after spending time trying to find another manga that is as good or similar to Skip Beat I once again just fell into another old faithful… Maid Sama.


This anime and manga trap me every time. Two strong main characters. Yes, there is a point where you can be frustrated with Misaki and her cluelessness but she isn’t a weak character she wants to get things done on her own and no one fights her battles for her. There are sweet moments where Usui helps her out but in the end she isn’t helpless.


I’m a fan of the mixture of comedy and romance. It makes it fun to watch to you aren’t just frustrated by constant miscommunication like most shojo manga and anime. It has great backstory and the characters overcoming their past with help from each other. The manga is finished! yay! The anime is only part of it though.

So dear readers, I have watched nothing new. I’m in the middle of the Maid Sama re-watch and I’m loving it.

Are there any good romances out there that you like? What about manga? Let me know!

Happy watching!

Author: kimchisama

Anime for the soul.

24 thoughts on “I keep coming back to you…”

    1. Thanks! I actually just finished silent voice since I watched the movie last week and I really liked it! I haven’t heard of Gods Lie so I’ll have to check it out!


  1. Ongoing manga is a curse LOL
    I’m following 37 ongoing manga at the moment XD
    For romance manga have you read Taiyou no Ie or Rere Hello? They’re SoL as well though.
    Horimiya is cute too, if you haven’t read that (it is ongoing though)

    Namaikizakari and Skip Beat~
    I love them!

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    1. Ooo! Thank you so much! I haven’t heard of either of those!
      I am about to start Horimiya ha! I was debating it because I hate waiting but it seems like it will be so good! So I will have to add it to my list to check every now and then.
      Yes it is a curse, you want to find the ending but if you love it you want it to never end! What will I do when Skip Beat ends? or Namaikizakari?

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  2. Ah, I’ve read Namaikizakari, I need to read the updated chapters soon since I’m falling behind on it a bit. Plus a couple of other manga’s that I enjoyed. It’s so hard to keep up with ongoing manga sometimes, especially when life gets in the way. And I should watch skip beat soon, I have heard about it, but have yet to watch it.

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    1. I hope you do! Yeah it is hard to keep up when sometime there are months between chapters and you you don’t even remember what happened. So I just keep rereading the thing. Skip Beat is so good the romance is sweet and the growth of the mc is what makes it so good.

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      1. I’m a sucker for sweet and fluffy romance, Ao no Haru, Horimiya and Nozaki Kun being three of some of my favorites. And yea, it is hard to keep up, especially when the mangaka needs a break for a while. Which is understandable, but it makes it harder to remember everything once they update… *stares at Noragami.

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      2. Same here, sometimes it is just so nice to read something light and sweet. I watch a lot of thriller anime so it is nice to have something to give my brain a break. Yeah, after watching Bakuman it really does a good job showing what they go through and the stress. Ao no Haru is so sweet!!! Ahhh!

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      3. I know right? I’m a big fan of mystery and action, so it’s a really nice reprieve when you open a good romance or shoujo manga. Ao no Haru is a classic from what I heard and it’s good. Fruit’s basket being another.

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  3. Taiyou no ie as someone else said, Lovely Complex, Kamisama Kiss, webtoons have some nice romance but yeah, ongoing stuff πŸ˜› (I love Yoo and My Dear Cold Blooded King and omg so many from Discovery, hahahaha!)

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