Growing up – Fighting Back- A Badass Woman

This is a post that I’ve been thinking about all month. A post in honor of National Women’s month. I wanted to focus on a character that was not only a strong woman but had an amazing story. The character Yona from one of my favorite anime kept coming back into my mind and I’ve been wanting to write about this anime for awhile, but I think I will need to give each character their own post and since it is National Women’s Month I will do my best to honor a great character.


Yona is very much the typical spoiled princess who needs others to look after her. She is sheltered and has no idea what is going on in her own country that she will someday help rule. All that is on her mind is clothes and her friend Soo-Won who she is in love with and wants to marry someday.

In her small world she is happy and can throw spoiled fits when her father tells her she can’t marry Soo-Won. Although later that night after her birthday she walks in and see the body of her father he has been murdered.

In the start she is very much helpless if it wasn’t for her bodyguard Hak she would have died that night along with her father. She couldn’t move she couldn’t function she was only raised to be pretty.

Time to cut the hair.

In the first part of the story she sees herself as a burden to her protector Hak and he is constantly having to save her getting arrows in his back and nearly die it was at the point where those who were trying to capture her grabbed ahold of her beautiful long hair- the hair that her love Soo-Won said was the color of the sunset.


This is were we see the first signs of the fierce women within Yona. The one that is ready to battle to save the ones she loves. So in a swift motion she cuts her hair to free herself not only from those who are trying to capture her, but from her own childish ways of being a princess.

This is her turning point.

Now she is on a quest to find the four dragons to not save herself but to protect her dear friend (in her eyes) Hak. She doesn’t want Hak to die from always saving her so she figures if she has these dragons they will be able to stay alive.



I will save the awesome backstories of each dragon for another post. They are so good and well done. This is not your typical reverse harem. Yes, she is surrounded by hot guys, but she is learning to fight and learning to be come a leader in her own right. As much as they try to protect her she learns to fight and protect herself so in my mind that makes her one badass woman.

She goes and sees her country and helps those in need. Standing for the downtrodden becoming a true leader.

My favorite moment in the anime… Gives me chills every time

Yona is a great example of someone who steps out of the path they were given and sees that she has to make a change. It happens slowly over the course of the anime, but it is worth it seeing her journey.


In this month I hope you have had a chance to see some of the amazing tributes to women. If you haven’t check out some post by Ignitedmoth there are some drawings an tributes to women in history.

Have a great weekend and go thank a strong powerful woman that is in your life.

Happy watching!

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22 thoughts on “Growing up – Fighting Back- A Badass Woman”

  1. Awesome post! I was wondering where it was going when you said you loved Yona, and then, in the next breath said she was quite the spoiled princess! Lol! But, I get it now! This is a character I don’t know, but I’ll have to look into it more!

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  2. A spoiled princess who is forced to get tough reminds me of Cross Ange. I think this series would appeal more to females (due to the hunky Dragons) whilst Cross Ange has more eye candy for the guys.

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    1. I haven’t seen Cross Ange, I’ll have to give it a try. The best thing I like is that the dragons have their own unique story and personality (and hunkyis always a bonus ha!). I’m planning to hopefully write about each of them every Friday.

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      1. You are not killing people you are killing dragon monsters that will kill you unless you kill them first.
        What if it turns out, you are not killing dragons you are actually killing people?

        Thus one of the philosophical turns in the great “Cross Ange” series.
        So many great moments. You should read The Otaku Judge’s review.

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  3. Thanks for calling attention to this under-appreciated series and protagonist. I think you’re right on about her character growth. My only gripe is that the series didn’t go long enough.

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