The warmth in silence

Last week I wrote a post about one of my favorite women characters in anime, Yona. After writing that post I decided to do a series (hopefully every Friday) and look at each of the characters in the anime Akatsuki No Yona aka Yona of the Dawn. One reason that I believe that this anime is so good is that all the characters are unique and you love them for different reasons. I’m going to start off with my favorite dragon, Shin-ah.

In Yona’s journey for protection she is traveling across her country to find the legendary humans who were given certain strengths by dragons. It is their duty to protect her, but she doesn’t want to force this on anyone. She merely wants to ask.

Later in the series they are searching for the Blue Dragon and come across a strange village that has moved into the mountains. They seem to be afraid and they claim to not know anything about the Blue Dragon. So they stay the night and Yona gets separated and lost in the caves and is saved by the Blue Dragon.


She feels a connection to him and notices that his hands are warm. While everyone fears him she trusts him call it a 6th sense I guess :).

Now, this is the backstory that will make me cry every single time I watch. From a young age The Blue Dragon must wear a mask to protect others from his power. He can not only see far, but kill people with his gaze. So he lives isolation with the former Blue Dragon until he grows up and his powers get stronger. Here is the kicker, the stronger he gets the weaker the Former Blue Dragon, Ao, gets.


Ao is already bitter about being an outcast and takes his anger out on the new Blue Dragon. He teaches him to fight and tells him to never take of the mask and never talk to anyone or go near anyone. At first watching you tend to hate this man who is treating this young child so harshly. In the end you see that he is preparing him for the world of loneliness, it isn’t the best way mind you, but Ao cares for him in his own way.

Gradually Ao loses his eye sight and there is a moment where the new blue dragon puts on bells so Ao can find him. It is a sweet moment of a young child finally getting some affirmation from the man he admires, then Ao loses the last of his powers and dies. Leaving the new blue dragon complete alone. Not well versed in the sword yet the Blue Dragon stops a group of invaders using his powers.


He saves his village, but now the village fears retaliation and they move to the mountains.

The Blue Dragon child lives alone, in the dark, protecting those who hate him.


Yona finds him and in my mind it is a rescue from the people he is protecting. The moment he goes with her and leaves the bells behind that he found with Ao behind is a sweet moment of him getting a chance to live and be loved.

He always stays a quiet member of the group, but he finds his own place and way. There are some very cute and fun moments with him and his pet squirrel (he named Ao after his mentor).



However, the most touching moment is when he finally gets to sit in the moonlight and Yona gives him a name (since no one ever bothered to) and calls him Shin-ah which means moonlight.


This portion of the anime and story are some of the best moments in my opinion. It is a well crafted backstory and the character is strong and unique. It is filled with tragedy and hope.

That is what makes the Blue Dragon one of my favorite characters in the story and I hope you come to love him too!


I hope you all have a good weekend and Happy watching!

Author: kimchisama

Anime for the soul.

17 thoughts on “The warmth in silence”

  1. I really love his name out of all four dragons not only because Yona gave it to him but the way it sounds and of course its meaning. ^^ Great post. Will be looking out for the others! I’m especially anticipating Zeno for some reason …

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    1. Thanks! I thought one post wouldn’t be enough for this anime. Zeno’s character entry will get to be based off the manga mostly haha. He got only a few seconds of screen time poor guy. Although I did enjoy how he entered the group. “Hey, I’m here.”

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  2. Not to underestimate Shin-ah but half of his brownie points come from bringing Ao the squirrel to the team. The other half – for his silent but always friendly and protective presence that adds much stability and peacefulness.

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  3. Naming Shin Ah was a beautiful arc…
    I’m so glad you’ll be doing the dragon posts every Friday!!
    Kim-san, this was awesome. A favourite character and the poetic explanation put together was really great~
    I was anticipating this post!
    Really looking forward to the other ones too! (You will be talking about Hak too right?)

    P.S- That pic in the starting is ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! When so many characters have great stories I just had to break them up and tell them. Oh yes, Hak will get his own! Hopefully his post is not just me drooling over him haha!

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  4. Thank you for this post! Shin-ah was one of my fav characters in Akatsuki No Yona. I love all of the dragons tbh but I’ll always have this soft spot for Seiryu. NYAN!!! ~ It’s a shame they’ve decided to discontinue this anime though. T_T will be looking out for more of your post! nyan!

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