Looking past an art style

After making a TBW list with my name I decide it was a good time to knock off a couple of anime that I’ve been wanting to watch while waiting for spring season to start. Now I’ve only really heard good things about Mob Psycho 100 and with a season two coming out I thought it was time for me too get past the art style and watch it. First, I want to be clear that I don’t think that art is horrible it just reminds me a bit of Saturday morning cartoons and less anime if that makes sense… I never really got into that type of style, but after giving other shows a chance it was time for me to get over myself and watch this anime.

If you are waiting to watch this anime I really recommend you give it a try. I watched it all in one sitting and the story is very good.

A bit of set up:  This is a world with some people who have powers and the main character Shigeo Kageyama (called mob by his “master”) has very strong powers that let him expel ghosts and spirits. His master who is training him Reigen doesn’t have any powers but pretty much uses Mob so he can claim he is a powerful psychic.


When he really doesn’t have a clue… So Mob works for him part time getting paid very little. He doesn’t do anything else. He isn’t popular but he dreams of being together with a pretty girl who he has a crush on.

So the story has Mob getting rid of various things with his power while his master claims to be training him but in reality does nothing.

Talking a bit about Mob, he is the character who doesn’t show much emotion, he learned early on that if he gets to emotional that he ends up hurting people. He has pretty much one rule and that is to not use his powers against people.


In the anime there are some great comment by Mob that are really funny. This particular one was during a torture scene with water and Mob was worried about the bad guy.

While watching you see him refuse time and time again to not use his powers against other, but then that would be boring. Things are always more interesting to see what it takes for a character to break their moral code. Mob will do it for family.

Mob Psycho 100 - 11 - Large 02

A bit of a spoilery information here….

Mob’s brother is jealous of his powers and he wishes he had powers while Mob wishes that he was like his brother. They both think that they got the short straw, but don’t really understand the problems the other faces.

Mob’s brother Ritsu starts a campaign in school to get rid of delinquents. It first has noble intentions of keeping his brother safe, but then him and another council member decide to frame the students. This gives Ritsu a lot of guilt and stress, through this he awakens his own powers and he doesn’t have the same rules as Mob. He starts to attack people and is getting out of control.

Ritsu’s story line is a bit weak, it could have used a little bit more build up and I will be interested to see what happens in the upcoming season two.

In the end they find themselves in a secret organization. Mob is there to rescue his brother from getting brain washed. The goal of the organization is world domination (original huh).

One of the messages that I really liked is that Mob always hits home that he is a normal person. His powers don’t make him special. Without them he is still unpopular, socially awkward, and weak.

I relate to how Mob runs on a spiritual level.

He tries to better himself without using his powers. That is a nice message for those who always wish they were like someone else but don’t want to put the work in.

I’ll say one more thing about the art style. It may take awhile to get into it, but the fight scenes…. Whoa… They are good. When Mob gets to 100%…


It looks pretty awesome in my opinion.

So if you like anime with unique characters, good moral lessons, and some humor. I would recommend you give this show a chance. I’m a bit sad it took me so long to watch it so you can bet I’m going to watch season two as the episodes come out.

Happy watching!




Author: kimchisama

Anime for the soul.

13 thoughts on “Looking past an art style”

  1. Mp100 is one of my fav shows! I don’t even remember how i got into it but i liked the anime so much i picked up the manga. Now THAT is something i had to ignore the art style of. I’m really picky when it comes to art but i just really enjoyed the story. Plus it wasnt that bad xD personally i think the anime looks good but it is different. My brother still refuses to watch it bc he doesn’t like the style SMH. Great review! Glad you picked it up 😀

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    1. For me it was mostly the eyes ha… It took awhile to look past that, but good story is good story and I would have missed out if I would have kept ignoring it!


  2. This was just recommended to me by a friend just now when she saw I had One Punch Man on my PTW! Hmm.. Now I’m terribly curious about this one and I don’t mind the art style so much as long it doesn’t hinder my understanding of the story.

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  3. Sounds good. Shallow as it may seem, I will admit that the character designs aren’t my cup of tea and have been a factor in me not checking out this anime yet.

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  4. I always look at the art style and animation quality of a series before I invest time into it. If the animation isn’t good (based on my standards) I find that I can’t enjoy it. That said I really loved Mob Psycho’s animation.

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