Maybe we need to be disturbed

I guess I don’t listen to warnings very well… Most of the blogs I read yesterday said to stay away from the anime Magical Girl Site. So naturally just like with other darker anime I rushed right in and watched it. Amazon Prime is the platform for this (Thanks Lina) and they never show new shows for me so I probably wouldn’t have found it otherwise. I guess that is a good thing so children don’t stumble onto this anime.

This wasn’t easy for me to watch. Very rarely I get the urge to turn off an anime halfway because it gets too violent. Bullying is something that really hits home for me… I have heard stories from you all and I have my own. This anime shows the extreme side of bullying that most don’t want to believe is real.

There are stories like this, I know this is just an anime, but there are those who go through this physical violence at home or at school and they feel like they have no where to go or any power over the situation. There are some teachers who don’t care and don’t want to be bothered. There are classmates who think it is a joke or also they have their own problems. Sometimes those who stick up for those getting bullied also end up in that situation.

So maybe it is good for us to get disturbed every once in awhile. To remind us to not be passive. To remind myself to be more aware of my classroom.

I mean I really don’t expect people to go out and watch this violent anime and have the same thoughts as me. I think something hit me harder as a teacher than most.Once again the teacher did nothing to help and that is what maddens me.


I wanted the main character to fight but this story starts in the middle. She is already like an empty shell. This has been going on for who knows how long. Did it start with her brother? Was it always those three girls? From the anime we don’t know. We know that the bullying is the start, but what is the end all of this?

I was happy when those two died. I wanted her to feel a sense of freedom. Is that inhuman of me? I want her to become stronger and get revenge. There was just a sense of relief when she used her magic for the first time.

However, my feelings of relief didn’t pass onto her, she was scared she would get blamed… I don’t get that… She was nowhere near the bodies…. So yeah… The only one where she could get blamed for is the last one… Like they did nothing to make it look like an accident… So good luck there…


In this anime there are several disturbing images and it can border on the strange. That face creeps me out…

If anything is to be gotten from this is that the world can be unfair and cruel and I hope there are those out there that will do the right thing. I don’t think the bullying was over dramatic since I’ve heard of similar cases. Honestly, she wants the relief of death, but she still clings to what life she has, I will be interested to see her growth. I hope there is some, but this is also a magical girls show… so we may be in for a completely random ride after this. Expect death and blood. Hopefully no more dead animals :(.

In the end, I will watch this, I have that curiosity to see what happens and I think that I should be uncomfortable… Sometimes I forget what happens in the world and even if it is just animation there are real lessons to think about.

Also as a side note I think this anime wins worse closing credits in the history of anime… Giant sperm and weird live action dancing… What the heck was that all about? If anything just watch the closing… ha… Happy Watching!

Author: kimchisama

Anime for the soul.

17 thoughts on “Maybe we need to be disturbed”

  1. People really painted this one too negatively. The show has some pacing issues but it gets its point across. I’ve seen worse shows in terms of depicting this sort of thing so it is baffling why this one is suddenly a problem. Any way, I’m with you, this kind of media can be important because it promotes discussion and awareness of real problems.

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    1. Thank you, exactly, I hear stories worse than this everyday and sometimes I think we can get to numb towards issues like this since now they unfortunately are becoming more and more common. Now with cyber bullying it is harder to catch too. And that is a type of bullying that can go on for 24 hours a day.

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  2. I’ve heard a great deal about this anime, everybody’s talking about it on twitter and the feelings are mixed even if they mostly express the concern you described for its disturbing elements. Thank you for the review though, now if I want to give Magical Girl Site a try too at least I know what to expect

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    1. Yeah, I don’t know if they will continue with the issues of bullying in the future of this anime, but I think sometimes it is a good thing to see these things and relate them to our lives and how we can prevent such things from happening. It isn’t an easy watch for sure.

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      1. Definitely, it grounds you in the now and helps you see things more clearly. It’s hard sometimes to identify abuse when you’re living it, but the moment you step outside of the situation or see it from a different perspective then it’s finally clear and you can work on stopping or preventing it, or at least that’s how it was for me.

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  3. Ok. I’m glad that I always READ the posts that I like because I saw “maybe we need to be disturbed” and thought YES PLEASE! Then I saw “Magical Girl Site” and thought… So that’s what I need to check out then!! Then I actually READ the rest of the post and…. Wow! I love my dark and disturbing, but this seems dark and disturbing in a very REAL way… Funny, with “magical” in the title… A demented part of me still wants to check it out whispering “it can’t be THAT bad… We can handle it..” But, I don’t know. Thanks for the warning!

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    1. The only thing that I can think of at the moment that was darker than this is the manga killing stalking. Yeah, magical girl anime are getting darker and darker, but this one to me really hit home with the bullying.

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  4. I think people were disturbed because it happened all at once, so it felt extreme and in your face. The fun thing is that this is pretty normal when it comes to stories about bullying. At least she wasn’t raped here, because there are other stories where that ends up happening.

    I do think the story is still a bit of a mess, but I’ll be watching this till the end. If anything, I prefer this over Inuyashiki, which has even more insane violence there than here.

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    1. Very true it does have plotting issue, some reviews said that the bullying was unbelievable and sadly worse does happen daily. I was happy too that she didn’t have to go through the rape. It was very hard to watch already with the cat.

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  5. This is giving me the same vibes as LIFE.
    I will be reading this one though, just for trials.

    I loved the way you put it across Kim-san, awesome!

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