OMG What is that thing? Oh it’s the worst CGI in history….

Also my longest title… haha

So, I’ve given out my own random awards that don’t even matter for the worst closing (Magical Girl Site) and now for worst random CGI to Golden Kamuy. Don’t worry my power is limited and not very serious and I’m sure we’ve all seen horrible CGI… (Also I need to be careful I’ve been debating the use of worse vs worst I mean this could be the worst CGI and there will be nothing that is more terrible).

Sometimes when a really cool moment is ruined by a flying fur CGI pelt it gets annoying.

Okay, I will probably watch the second episode. It has a really cool looking plot with the gold and the main characters background in the war was a nice set up. The story really seams solid and I hope they have some interesting adventures trying to find the pieces of the map. In the beginning it seemed a bit of a convenient plot point to get him started on the quest but I’m willing to look past that… Now onto the animation….


See he looks “normal”

All I’m saying is maybe the creators could have taken a lesson from AoT and how they did their horses. Or from LoL and how they did their hair.

Look ma! It looks like an actual horse!

The rest of the anime looked fine and the wolf may be a bit sketchy but you didn’t get to see it up close.

I’m ready to die to get away from this horrible CGI. Take me now!


Just look at it… God, it is like a back wallpaper for SIMS.

Do I belong in this anime? I thought this was Berserk.


This looks like a case of bad photo shop…

There is some weird CGI going on over here… Hope I don’t get sucked into it.

Okay did I post enough?

Like I said, the plot seems really interesting and I was pretty excited to watch it. I will keep watching it, but dang someone help them… Anyone… I can draw a nice stick figure for them!



Well, maybe all the bears will be gone next week…

Happy Watching!

Author: kimchisama

Anime for the soul.

25 thoughts on “OMG What is that thing? Oh it’s the worst CGI in history….”

  1. It was bad, but I read that the anime director wanted the bear to seem otherworldly. He also said he and his staff will do better next time, so let’s hope we don’t get this in the following episodes XD

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  2. Wow, this really does look like a quick photo shop job. It’s really sad when an alright looking anime chooses to shoehorn in some bad CG. Did we learn nothing from Berserk?

    Liked by 1 person

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