One Liner Tag


Accept and thank your challenger(s) by linking back to their post.

Thank you Irina!!

Make a post of one-sentence summaries/roasts of at least five anime.

 I will try ha!

 No spoilers!

If the show is old— No promises—

Link back to The Awkward Book Blogger so she can see your post.

Challenge as many or as little people as you want!

I just tagged a bunch of people in my last post so… I will go easy on you all

Have fun!

First I will start out with Yona of the Dawn since I’ve been writing weekly about it.


Yona of the Dawn

A Strong woman who doesn’t need a man- so how about five of them?


No one wants to masturbate alone…

Food Wars

Accidental Hentai

Yuri!!! on ICE


Magical Girl Shows

We don’t traumatize people, we just help them realize that they need a therapist.


Wait, were you watching for more than just the naked abs?

King’s Game

We like to make you laugh at how people die in horrific ways because it is too much work to think of a plot line that makes sense.

Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Someone spied on my life and then made an anime, but without the sweet romance part.


Look! Rape-y anime just isn’t for Boy Love!


So now that I offended everyone… haha

Happy Watching!



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Anime for the soul.

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