Tasty Food and Sunshine

Now is where I have to stray a bit from the anime. Into OVA and Manga land so if you only watched the anime the Yellow dragon just joins the group. You won’t get any of his background. Some is on the OVA and obviously the rest in in the manga. So this is very spoiler-y if you haven’t seen the OVA or read the manga.

So without further explanation! On to Zeno the hungry dragon/yellow/Ouryuu!


He is a character that will relate to Ao for love of food. Zeno first tells them that he was attracted to their campsite by the scent of the meat. Later we come to find that he as been following Yona since she left the castle. It was his way of watching over/testing her to see if she was worthy.

Zeno medallion

It is rare to find him without a smile on his face, but some could say that he went through the most. He keeps with him the medallion from the first ruler King Hiryuu it is something that keeps him calm and maybe you could say sane.

I think sometimes we wish to live longer, but I think having to be the one that is always left behind can hurt you the most. Zeno has lived over 2,000 years. All his friends have died, his wife, and he has tried to move on himself. Some power like this could really cause madness. Even his wife told him, “May we meet in Heaven again” but that is something that may never be true from him.

Zeno gif

So in part I think what he shows to the others is also a way of protecting his mental state. If he had to constantly look at his past and everything he has lost he couldn’t be the sunshine to Yona.

In being part of the original group he also has more insight to some of the mythology that was lost along the way.

One instance is that the dragons are weaker the farther away they are from the castle. So they all come down with an illness and Zeno is the one who has to treat them. They never knew this bit of lore as they grew up in their various villages.

Also his power of healing is more than just that, whatever part of his body heals scales grow back over the area.


He found that on his feet and hands it gives him similar powers as the White and Green Dragon. Zeno actually ripped out his eyes to see if he could get the Blue Dragons power, but he said it only made his vision stronger no killing effect.

Zeno Fight

So all in all he is quite the powerhouse for the group.

Also a brother.

And a shield.

Yona of the Dawn Zeno

Also he is the rest of the families warmth or should I say:  “The Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungary Bunch” which is a pretty interesting title for their gang. (made by Hak and Zeno lol)

The last to join, but the quickest he fits in nicely and slowly reveals things to the group. He is the one who wants to know Yona’s intentions. Will she keep running or will she fight?

In the end, they are all there for her. They all believe in her.

I really recommend that you check out the manga. This was actually one of the very first manga’s that I’ve read since I was dying to find out what happened after Zeno joined. Also you will really miss out on a lot of his character development.

Hope you enjoy my small post about the amazing Yellow Dragon!

If you missed any of my past entries for my Yona of the Dawn series feel free to check them Out!

Happy Watching!


Blue Dragon

White Dragon

Green Dragon

King Il




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13 thoughts on “Tasty Food and Sunshine”

  1. I’m still surprised that we haven’t heard anything about a second season. I’ve heard there might be something this year, but I don’t know and I can’t check MAL to find out lol. Since you’ve been reading the manga, is there enough chapters to warrant a second season?

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  2. I keep thinking I need to read the manga of this because the anime is clearly not continuing at this point and I really wanted to know what happens with these characters. Thanks for sharing a fun post.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh gosh! Reading this review I was reminded of that scene in the manga where Xeno freakin saves everyone from a thousand soldiers. I was sobbing in my bed for hours because of that chapter. lol The yellow dragon is a power house of the group indeed and one very deep character. :’)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He is and out of all their backstory his to me is the most tragic. It sounds weird to say because he cant die, but to watched everyone else die around you it would be so horrible.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I am tempted to check out the manga, The only turn off is the time investment. From what I hear the series is over twenty volumes long and still going.

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