Kimchi and the SCIENCE behind picking an anime!!!

So how about that spring season? Well, it turns out I ended up dropping quit a few anime. I’m glad to be back just as summer starts and I wanted to talk about my super scientific way of selecting which anime I watch…


Well that was a short post.

Ha! Oh I promise I’m not that shallow…

Step 1: It all starts with the picture and a summary


The truth of the matter is that we will always judge a book by its cover. As I scroll through crunchyroll, hulu, VRV, and Amazon Prime the first thing that will catch my interest is the picture.

As I saw Phantom in the Twilight I didn’t really stop but I took a closer look. “Oh there are three hot guys…” (Okay I am just shallow the end) That made me pause. Would this be something like Libra of Nil Admirari where yeah the guys where good looking but there is not plot? So the picture does draw me in then I read the summary.

Hmmm inhuman shadows, fear, guardians, London, and whoa… a cafe? (who can say no to a cafe? *snort)

So at this point I’m intrigued. This one has made the queue.

Automatic pictures that I will pass and not even read the summary… One guy surrounded by boobs. I’m sorry it is just not my thing…

Step 2:Β  Is this something I heard of before?


When it comes to anime we all have to admit that there are a lot of stories that are the same. Things that will happen in almost every show, but it sometimes is how those stories are told is what makes them fun.

For Cells at Work it is something I added to my queue right away. I don’t really like science (so great title Kimchi) but this is something that seemed to be pretty unique and I was always a fan of when the magic school bus went inside the body.

I mean now that I’m learning science and stuff I feel pretty smart…

Step 3: Title

Sometimes there are titles where I don’t even know what they mean, but if it has a fun title sometimes I won’t even read the summary but I will just add it to my list right away.


This was mentioned on a blog post (I believe Plyasm correct me if I’m wrong) and I was so excited to watch it!

Then I thought oh this is another yaoi? Okay. Still watching since I don’t turn down BL ha.

I was waiting and waiting for it on crunchy and it never came. Then the Gods of Amazon showed it to me (It is really hard to find new anime on Amazon. It is like they hide it on purpose or something). I was so excited!

I was not expecting this.


Oh this goes beyond your basic BL anime everyone. So far I love it. The plot is interesting, they reference J. D. Salinger which is super cool how they got the name.

I am looking forward to these characters so much and they have shown me complexities already that I’m super excited about. Good on you title for being awesome and I hope you all check it out. This is going to be your grittier anime that deals with tough themes. I will probably need to get the manga after watching.

I’m also excited that they are doing 24 episode apparently. My husband was not excited when I screamed, “NOOOOOO!” at the end of episode two because I didn’t want to wait another week for the next episode.

I am going to say this right now. This may be my top pick for Summer.

Step four: Genre

There are some genres that I will always add to my queue right away.

Comedy, Physiological Thriller, Romance, and Abs (totally a genre)


I love watching a darker anime. I can’t watch a lot of them at once so they need to be broken up with other types of anime. They are usually my favorite and it probably is the fault of Psycho Pass and Death Note.

So Angels of Death really fit the bill and My Sugar Life. I’m waiting to see how they both turn out. So far My Sugar Life is kicking Angels is the darkness battle. Eek.

In the end they are always auto adds but a lot of the time I don’t end up finishing them if the plot sucks.

Step five: You

I have gotten word of so many anime from you all that I would have missed otherwise (So my science isn’t perfect? dang). I love seeing your reviews and then reading them from those I trust. Sometimes I just want to watch a garbage anime with you all and then I get to enjoy your rage posts haha!

In the end if I passed over something because it had a bad summary or a stupid picture. I can always count on you to get me to the good stuff ;).

Story wins over all

So even if the anime made is past my super scientific method of picking it… If it doesn’t have a good story… Well…


In the end my methods will fail over and over again, but I’m glad you all are here to be along for the ride.

Happy Watching!

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32 thoughts on “Kimchi and the SCIENCE behind picking an anime!!!”

  1. I’m pretty sure I’m terrible at picking shows mostly because I rarely look at anything about them before I watch the first episode. I will admit, anything that looks like an idol show I tend to read the description of first and will just not bother if that’s what it turns out to be. Otherwise, I usually try the first episode and see if there’s anything that makes me interested.
    The titles that come up a lot before the season airs are certainly ones I look out for, but it is amazing how often these end up disappointing. Angels of Death is one this season that had a lot of chatter about it and two episodes in I’m already thinking about a drop.
    Then again, the mix of good and bad is what makes each season so interesting so I’m glad that there’s no exact way to know what a show will do until I watch it.
    Thanks for sharing some of your methods for choosing a watch list.

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    1. I agree I tend to skip most idol shows too. Yeah Angels of Death is getting boring already and for shows like that I hope so much that they pick up but it is hard to get back momentum.

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  2. That was an interesting post. I certainly agree with Step 2. If any show, movie, or book has a unique concept, that makes me want to check something out. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why Haibane Renmei is one of my favorite series ever because I can literally think of no other anime that’s like it that predated that series. Haha!

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Aw, thanks! Hahaha! I guess one of my goals of Iridium Eye worked even though I’m on a hiatus from reviews. It’s fun checking out the most unique and obscure media out there and I want to make my creative works (fiction, videography, music) to be unique, too.

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  3. Haha..really enjoyed reading this post! Especially the beginning of it where you said β€œ well that was a short post” lol. I used to never watch seasonal anime but always waited until a show was totally finished so I could bingewatch it. Now though, because of blogging one of my favorite things is just watching along with everyone, so nowadays I just base my choices on what everyone seems to be looking at. The problem is though that I have very little spare time, so I only choose about 3-4 shows max. Cells at work and Angels of Death are in my current list, and of course Attack on Titan season 3 which is going to start this week. As for the 4th show..still debating about that.
    Great post…and have fun watching this season πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


    1. Thank you! Sometimes abs get in my way too much when picking lol. I’m so excited about AoT and I can’t wait. I’m really hoping for some more Levi action since he just sat around injured last season.
      Hmm fourth show… *slides over a copy of Banana Fish
      I have a good feeling about this show… But of course I never read the manga so I have no clue. As you know I picked it based on a solid scientific method…

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      1. Haha…Yes that is so true. Lol…Well…I will see if I’m going to go with that one 😊😊 Let’s see if I can use some science to help me with that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚).
        Ps…thanks for rescuing my comment from spam hell πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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  4. Here is my deal:

    If the show’s an above average romcom, guess what, I’m watching it!

    If the show is an absolute classic in the making, expect me to be watching the equivalent of Eromanga that season instead, because I’m trash.

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  5. Nice one! I usually jump from step 1 (and sometimes I skip the summary) to step 4… and it had got me into nasty traps sometimes… like school days, which was listed as romance πŸ™ˆ

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  6. Well, hello, Brain Twin! I’m all in for titles as well. First, I skim the list by looking for something WTF. My favorite WTF title from this season that isn’t Banana Fish is Back Street Girls: Gokudolls, because I still love the Backstreet Boys. My favorite title from a show in my backlog is Mermaid Forest, because growing up when The Little Mermaid was still a thing made me love mermaids. And where is this forest? Is it underwater? Are the mermaids growing from the trees, or are they just there to camp? Second, I stop skimming, because the goal is to find stuff I already know about (sequels and continuing and shows). Third, I look for girls, because I want to watch people like me playing sports (Hanebado!) and hanging out with giant robots (Planet With) and kicking ass in ancient times (Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki) and taking naps (Happy Sugar Life has the sparkliest nap I’ve ever seen) . Basically, I want to see an anime girl do ANYTHING that isn’t having a bad date with a tentacle. Fourth, I learn who wrote what show, because I’ve noticed a trend in the anime that hasn’t worked for me. Aw man! My science has less science than your science. I guess it’s back to the lab for me!

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    1. I think your science is amazing! haha! I would totally pick the backstreet one also because I too still love the backstreet boys and I haven’t even heard of mermaid forest but is does sound fun.
      Yeah I haven’t seen too much tentacle porn and is is good to be wary about that stuff… But they can be sneaky.


      1. *3, 2, 1…Let’s Fangirl* Sempai noticed ME! Like, how do I even begin to show my appreciation for the kind words of a fellow connoisseur of boy bands and boy abs…with an apparently tragic bun-related past (messy hair is sexy hair, so you’re fine *virtual head pat*)? I don’t have enough Science for this! But, for serious, thank you. By the way, just know that I’m waiting for your next post that inspires me. So, if I said “No pressure” I’d be lying.


  7. This is mostly the thought process I go through for picking a show. Especially the reviews. There have been a bunch of anime I checked out and enjoyed that I only discovered due to bloggers.


  8. Ooh, I never even realised that I had my own formula for choosing what I watch every season until I read this! You’re probably not interested, but I’m likely to watch a show if it’s a genre I love, like psychological, sports, and/or horror, if it’s being produced by SHAFT, Bones, or Brains Base, or if it’s about a really unusual subject matter (which is why I picked up Hanebado! this season). Big turn offs are anything with harems or too much skin in the promo art or anything with the word Isekai in the title.

    Nice post. Abs should definitely be a genre.


  9. I’m definitely the sort of person who get’s drawn in to a show purely for the visuals and the plot summary. Not that I think that’s a bad thing. Some of the best things I’ve ever watched I only discovered because I came across the artwork and it piqued my curiosity. Whether or not I hang about to see it through ultimately depends on the plot and the characters, but ‘judging a book by it’s cover’ can actually sometimes be a good place to start.

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