So you Wanna Watch a Shonen?

What do you expect when you watch a shonen anime? You got to have that world set up and the plucky lead character am I right?

Don’t be fooled we are cows.

Well now I’m going to expect something like elephant cows from here on out.

So the main character Asta oh oops I mean Seth wants to be the very best sorcerer and he likes to steal grimoires from his mentor/guardian Alma.

Now he does have power and Natsu oh oops I mean Seth sometimes ends up destroying things with his power when he is showing off for his young friend. It makes the villagers pretty angry with him and you may understand why they don’t care for sorcerers.


In this world we do have a set up that Naruto oh oops I mean Seth is going to face discrimination because he can manipulate the power just like the bad guys called the Nemesis that infect others. Apparently he is immune? So he is on his journey to be the best.

It looks like we are going to follow Luffy oh oops I mean Seth on his journey to find out if he can find where the nemesis are created.

So buckle up for one heck of an adventure and honestly just be happy that the yelling is at a minimum.

Happy Watching!

Author: kimchisama

Anime for the soul.

18 thoughts on “So you Wanna Watch a Shonen?”

      1. Nosebleed, idiotic main character, the hairstyle, teenagers, and typical of “I’m letting you live and I’ll wait for you until become even stronger.”

        Is there still something I didn’t say?

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  1. Lol…gotta love Asta…I survived about 13 episodes of Black Clover….and then I just couldn’t handle his voice anymore😂😂 I really enjoyed this post. Haven’t seen this series…probably won’t considering I’m at my limit right now for seasonal anime…and not a huge fan of these kinds of animeseries. Great post though 😊😊

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      1. Haha…naw…it most certainly wasn’t. It’s just not an anime that I enjoyed, and I’m glad I dropped it, as the episode count has now gone over 50! 😶😶 So…yeah….😂😂

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  2. I just couldn’t with this one. After sitting through 13 episodes of Black Clover I made the decision that unless something really interested me in the first episode of a shounen, I wasn’t going there, and this one gave me nothing that made me think it was going to be worth a time investment at this point. I may come back to it depending on reviews later, but for now this one hit my drop list pretty fast.

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