It is always good to have healthy obsessions. Right?


Wait why does this gif keep popping up in my blogs?


In the second episode of Run With the Wind we are really getting a dose of Haiji’s obsession with making the team commit so they can run.

I think inΒ  episode two you can laugh it off as humorous. Honestly the way he goes about getting these nine guys to commit to running can be funny. Then there is the part of me that does think that his obsession is really going to the extreme… I mean we are also talking about running, like physical movement…

Wait how cheap is the rent?

I would not feel great if someone would make me run. I’m joining the prince in his pile of books and hiding out.

Part of me is starting to wonder. Is there more to this obsession and selection of guys? Is he just doing it for himself or is he trying to help them too?

My hope is still that he is trying to help the other characters in some way other than giving them great food and physical activity.

He knows more than he is saying

Just what is his goal? What does he get from all of this? Why are these certain guys needed?

This anime still has me wondering and asking questions. The right kind of questions where I’m getting more invested.

I want to see these characters come together in a way that gives them a supportive community. I want to see that they are chosen not just because they were athletic in someway (except you literature guy sorry man, good luck).

If this show gives me these things this could really be a great payoff.

Also speaking of obsession… I’m working on my birthday post for tomorrow. Stay tuned for some of my healthy *cough* obsessions πŸ˜‰

Happy Watching!



Author: kimchisama

Anime for the soul.

7 thoughts on “Obsession”

  1. Happy birthday! That gif is a fine example that anime fan service isn’t limited to well endowed girls. If you look hard enough there are shows out there that provide eye candy for everyone haha. For the record, I hate running. Save a hiding place for me, the book guy and you.

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