The sound of the bow

Sometimes you look forward to something so much that you are disappointed when you finally see it.

Well in my mind Tsurune delivered on my expectations.

First off I know this may seem a bit silly but I’m writing a ya fantasy right now and the main weapon is a long bow like the one they use in Tsurune. So now I can double my research for my blog and my book. WIN!

Second I’ve become a full blow sports anime fan and when I see interesting characters and a sport that I don’t know much about I really now am interested.

I want to learn about sports.


Who am I?

Sports anime really has a way to make even the smallest rule exciting. I guess they need to make and anime about going to the dentist or something.

What really made me excited is the start of a conflict from the very beginning between Minato and Takehaya. You get the impression that they were friends at one point. Minato isn’t openly hostile but you can tell that he really doesn’t want to talk to his old friend.

They meet on the opening day of their new high school and right away they are recruiting to revive the school archery club. This premise really isn’t new in sports anime but honestly it is the characters that really always sell it to me.

They are all different and from the start their personalities really shine.

You know and can relate to what Minato is going through. I think when you have suffered trauma it is always the things we love that struggle. Through this we want to see him be successful with something he loves and I’m looking forward to watching him grow and hopefully overcome his pain.

My favorite character so far is the guy with the sour face Kaito.

I really relate to him on a personal level.

And I really never say this in any of my blogs because it sometimes just adds to the emotion and I never think of it but the music… It was stunning. The simple notes played out while Minato when home and was alone. While he road his bike… I can’t really do it justice but I really am a fan of the score so far.


Look what I found…

Mhmm Beautiful draw there…

The owl is judging me.

In the end I’m really excited about this show and I hope it continues with making the characters and their personal conflicts engaging. This has topped my list so far with new anime this fall and I hope you give it a chance!

Happy Watching!

Author: kimchisama

Anime for the soul.

18 thoughts on “The sound of the bow”

  1. I have just finished an 26 episode anime series and I am now wondering if I am going to finally delve into a sports anime. Haven’t decided yet..but…I might give at least one a try.. As it’s the one genre of anime I have probably seen the fewest shows in. (Which of course has to do with the fact that I don’t like sports as I said before). But…everyone keeps telling me I should watch some sports anime…so…who knows…you might see a post about sports anime soon 😊😊

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  2. Yes! This anime absolutely fullfilled all my expectations. I love archery, it is such a beautiful sport. I have read plenty (well, some at least, I haven’t found that much) of manga but never seen an anime so it was a very pleasant surprise when they announced this. And it didn’t disappoint. I’d say Kacchan is my fav too. Also, that dude with the owl, oh boy. Let him have a big and important, and very recurring role.

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  3. I’m looking forward to catching the first episode of this later tonight so now I’m really looking forward to it. I’m not much into sports or sports anime but archery is something I’m kind of interested in (where I live has a pretty active archery club so even though I’ve only had one go at it, I’ve been to more than a couple of comps to watch at this point).

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    1. It is an interesting sport that we really don’t know about. I’ve seen it in past anime but I’m glad to finally have a whole show about it. Just learning about the process in the first episode was so interesting.

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  4. This anime had a really strong start for sure. It was interesting how Minato’s target panic was revealed. They showed him distancing himself from archery but not being able to let go of it followed by the symptoms before revealing what was actually going on. I think he’ll form an interesting character later down the line but the entire cast seems fun!
    I feel like recently a lot of the sorts anime I’ve watched are about sports I’ve dabbled in. First there was Hanebado (badminton) and now there’s this and Run with the Wind (marathon running). Makes me want to go back to being sporty again haha

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    1. Yeah, I have never ran for fun in my life but dang these sports anime have a way of making it so thrilling haha. Who knows maybe I’ll pick up running…
      I’m really also interested in his friendship since he seems to be distancing himself and he is not outright rude. I like the part where he was offered a towel then he just used his shirt. It was such a quiet way to fully reject him.

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      1. Hahaha running is great! Exhausting but also very rewarding. Yeah these shows just have a way at making it look pretty amazing.
        Ooo you should!
        Yeah it’s like his relationship with archery at this point; he wants to pull away but can’t so he keeps it close but at a safe distance. It feels like he’s doing the same thing with his friend.

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  5. Well I’m normally a sports freak, so sports manga freak is just an addition.
    And I have successfully added another series to my list haha

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