When you need something more

My weekly insight on Run With the Wind is late this week. I’m sorry about that but honestly it gave me a bit of time to think about what I wanted to say.

This episode six focused on King and I think this episode really could speak to a lot of those who are in their college or after college life.


We are often told that we can do or be whatever we want. Honestly I fall a bit into the dreamer side of the world. I also have a mean realistic streak. King is trying is hardest to interview and find a job after his time in the university. He wants to make money and he doesn’t seem to care what job he gets as long as he gets one.

This is honestly a fact of life. We want to have that security of a job.


I have pushed aside my dreams for most of my life. Make money writing and selling books? Nah. I needed to find a job to support my “hobby” and that led to me not writing. I like to do things always on the extreme side. All or nothing baby!

Now that I’m at the point where I can find a happy medium between writing and teaching. I’ve noticed that my depression has faded. There are some days where writing still gets cut out but I’m working to make it a priority. Writing isn’t easy and it is funny that I can find happiness in something that can be so frustrating.


Because seeing the reason that King decided to run really ran a bit true. He needed something else in his life. Running will help him handle the stress of the job and the job hunt. It is something to do that brings joy and a release of stress.

Now, I can argue the fact that running wasn’t really his own choice. However, it is a nice statement that we really need to have something in our lives that gives us happiness.

We can get wrapped up in our jobs and day to day stresses. Those thing never really go away. If you are in a job that is your dream hold onto that sucker until the day you die. I can hope that one day my my books will support me enough but until then I can enjoy the moments where I can set aside time to write. It is a frustrating wonderful thing, writing, but it really is fulfilling.

Now for your weekly prince update….


Hang in there Prince!

Happy Watching!

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18 thoughts on “When you need something more”

  1. As someone who’s life has just been turned upside down YET AGAIN with changes… I totally get this. I gave up a corporate management position with benefits to go back to school and work part time in a bar… Now, things are changing yet again… And none of these things are my “dream job” but, even though people say “you can be anyone you want to be” it’s not that easy. I couldn’t walk up to authors and say “hire me to edit your book, because my parents and my man said that I could do it” HA HA! (If only….) it’s not that easy, and sometimes it never works out.

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    1. Yeah it is hard on both end for authors and editors at the start you have to trust that you hired the right editor and as and editor you have to trust that the author is going to send the final payment.
      Soooo what type of editing do you do? Asking for a friend ;).

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      1. Ha ha! Well, I do any sort. From developmental to copy. I mainly focus on copy editing and proofreading. Developmental is a challenge because the author doesn’t usually have a true focus yet so it’s tough to have a 3rd party help figure out where they want to end up.

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      2. Oh nice! I will definitely need a proofreader next fall. As you see with my posts my self editing skills are nonexistent. I know that is farrrr away haha. Have you thought of adding a page to your blog with pricing?

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      3. Also, it’s so much harder to edit for yourself! As you can see by my blog posts I LOVE my run-on sentences and I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!! I should really start editing myself better so that people will trust me with their work! I swear I’m good at it… I just never look over my own work! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  2. I wish that I was good at sports. Sounds like a cool and healthy way to counter the stresses of work.

    King sounds like many of my friends. They went to university and studied things they enjoyed. All of them are however working in completely different fields. The pressure to get a job that pays the bills is too great. Sadly doing something you don’t enjoy can lead to depression.

    A former co-worker of mine became a badminton coach after getting laid off. Despite the lower wage he is so much happier doing that. Something you enjoy is better than getting rich on things that don’t stimulate you.

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    1. It really does and it took me a long time to bring writing back into my life. Yeah, sports are something I will probably never do for fun. When I finish an aerobics class I lay there during the stretches amazed that I am still alive. It is a miracle really.
      I always really hope that people find time to have things in their life that can bring them joy maybe in that regard I am a bit of a dreamer.

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  3. Sometimes I feel like I’m running in place. Between the blogging and writing, I have little time for else. It’s scary to leave the cocoon of college life and try to find a job you think you will be good at. The translation of knowledge to a skill can be daunting. Excellent remarks Mari! β€οΈπŸ˜†

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