A bit of romantic fun

So for better or worse I have started to watch kdramas. I am finding them about as addicting as webtoons so this can be considered a warning of sorts.

However, you would be doing yourself a great disservice if you never watch the kdrama “Oh My Ghost”. It is really delightful, funny, and a pretty sweet romance.

It looks like this story had been remade a few times. I found a Thai version that is also on Netflix but honestly I can’t say if it is better or worse than the Korean version. I did find the acting superb in the Korean version. In other kdramas sometimes the acting is a bit overdone, but honestly that is part of the genre. I didn’t find really any of that in this series and if there was it came from the side characters and it really made sense with their character.

These guys were the true stars

So in this story a ghost named Soon-ae is a virgin and is holding a grudge. She has to stay on earth until it is resolved. The answer to her grudge? Well, she has to have sex. The problem? Men can’t handle her negative energy so when she possess a girl to have sex with a guy the guy ends up passing out.

Then she finds Chef… A man loaded with positive energy… (mhmm energy).

She possess Bong-sun a woman who can see ghosts but then she gets stuck in the body sense their energies are to similar. I did find this part of the plot a bit silly since later on it seems likes she could leave whenever she wanted.

So Soon-ae in Bong-sun’s body tries her hardest to seduce the chef. Kind of scaring the guy in the process.


Everyone around her thinks that she is going crazy from going from the shy quiet Bong-sun to the loud and brash Soon-ae. The guys in the restaurant are pretty funny and adorable in their reactions to her. They didn’t treat her very well at the start but it is funny to see how they act when she starts talking back.

oh my

Soon-ae is now building a relationship with Chef and it is adorable. I just love the Chef’s characters. He is such an awkward sweet character. I really think the actor did a fantastic job of portraying him. I think with this type of guy it could have come off as him being a stuck up jerk. The way that he would deliver the lines “Of course I am. Or I am handsome” came off really well since you could see the insecurities behind the characters. Really such a great acting job.

And there is a bit of eye candy too šŸ˜‰

Chef is taken? How about this sweetheart?

I don’t really want to give away anything in the show since there are quiet a few plot twists. I did find parts of it truly tragic and it is a sign of a good show that can make you laugh, cry, and go awww.

Another great thing is that is is all wrapped up. No waiting for season two! Another great thing about kdramas!

This moment was my favorite. I about died laughing.

Take some time to watch this little gem. You won’t regret it.

Happy watching!


Author: kimchisama

Anime for the soul.

27 thoughts on “A bit of romantic fun”

  1. Well…. say goodbye to your life and all of those you hold dear. You belong to the K-Dramas now.
    I thought “Oh my Ghost” was super cute. I was glad that I watched is since, for some reason, Netflix had only rated it at 2 stars for me…. strange. But, just wait until you fall futher down the rabbit hole because there are WAY BETTER ones than this one! So, goodbye, dear friend, it was nice knowing you. Ha ha ha!!

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  2. Oh boy, even here, huh?

    My house has turned to old reruns of some classic kdramas for nostalgia purposes (specifically Full House and Stairway to Heaven).

    Fiiiine, I’ll watch some already. I watch romcoms anyway, this is gonna be a smooth transition.

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  3. Ooohohohho you got bitten by the kdrama bug XD
    I watched “Oh my Ghost” few years ago and indeed, it was a fun watch. Its been awhile since I had seen a kdrama, so seeing a fellow aniblogger enjoying the genre is refreshing. I might make a return to kdrama soon ooohohohohohho…

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  4. One of my fave kdramas… And yes, the kitchen staffs are the trues stars, and yes, kdramas are addictive… haha..

    i recommend Healer… šŸ™‚ a bit confusing at first but one of the best dramas I’ve watched aside from famous ones…:)

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  5. Well, that sounds like quite the predicament hahaha. I’ve only completed two K-Drama; one called City Hunter, and another one called Last which I liked, but the romance took it down a notch for me. Almost every K-Drama I tried to watch always has some kind romantic subplot it’s ridiculous. I have a few friends that have gotten bitten by the K-Drama bugs, and can’t stop themselves. I’ve been told they can be quite addicting.

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    1. They really are, I too can find the romance a bit draining in kdramas. This one I found to be really sweet and not the norm. Honestly I think it was the actor who played Chef who made all the difference. He spoke to my little awkward nerd heart.

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  6. I have heard good things about kdramas from other bloggers I follow. They seem to have an edge over anime in that they are usually complete stories, which have a proper ending. I must however resist the urge to watch them. With all the other hobbies I have it would be a nightmare to find enough free time.

    Could this series work in the west? I’m not sure the MeToo movement would approve of a ghost possessing people with the intentions of having sex. What happens to the host when she wakes up and finds she slept with someone without giving consent? Maybe my dark mind is overthinking a show that is meant to be sweet/funny.

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    1. Oh yeah my mind did cross that. The men would tend to pass out before they could do the deed. But you are right it probably wouldn’t work well in the west. There is quite a bit of sexual humor. Also the ghost was more of attacking the guy so it was honestly an interesting turn around that you don’t often see. Something to think about we may think of it as funny when a guy is sexually harassed but man it would be a different story if it was the male ghost harassing a woman to have sex.
      Yeah I think sometimes we can over think things… ha.

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  7. I’m not going to lie!! I scrolled past all the words just to see what you wrote about the sous chefs and you’re ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Everyone needs to watch this Kdrama. I want to watch it again even.


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