Dream Chaser

When I started this blog I never knew that something would take me away from it for so long.

Gosh, I love anime. I think you all can relate. Also I love all of those people who love anime. Like I said before when someone says they like anime it really is like an instant connection.

One of my writing friends talked about recently how sometimes in life he tries to keep things balanced. When he pays more attention to one thing the others start to fall.

I never related to that so much. I’ve been writing a book… Some of you may remember. I hope I haven’t been completely forgotten!

I finished it and edited it and this Friday I’m going to pitch it to an agent (the first of many probably). This book really flowed. It had rough days but in the end I really dedicated my time to it… Thus the other writing in my life, this blog, fell to the side. I lost my balance.

In the next weeks I hope to regain some of that and also catch up to what you all have been doing! I’ve missed you so much, and I can wait to read and see what’s been going on…

Also, I’ve really needed some Promised Neverland discussion in my life. Oh my word I sit and wait for that anime to upload.

Keep me in your thoughts this week as I go out to a conference and try to pitch this new novel. It is the best things I’ve written so far and I’m excited to see how I keep improving!Sarah Scribbles

Author: kimchisama

Anime for the soul.

25 thoughts on “Dream Chaser”

  1. Yay!! I know your pitch will be great! Keep me posted, doll. I’d say “it’s good to see you back!” but, as I’ve been gone to and this is me coming back from a random hiatus of my own… We’ve got some good timing!! Lol! I can’t wait to read your book!! 💖💖

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  2. I haven’t forgotten about you. I’m in the same boat missing out on WordPress when learning to draw offline…and training with a single pair of nunchunk that I didn’t break hahaha. Good luck with your pitch! I’ll be rooting for you!

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  3. “Keep me in your thoughts this week as I go out to a conference and try to pitch this new novel.”

    Good luck! Please don’t forget what an accomplishment that is — it’s huge!

    Please forgive me for being impertinent, but have you ever considered self-publishing? Don’t know if you’re even interested, but self-publishing can give you more freedom and potential success — at the potential cost of extra work!

    I got a lot out of Nick Stevenson’s site. I even bought his Your First 10,000 Readers course. I’m not an affiliate, so I don’t get anything out of suggesting it. but it might be something for you to check out. At the very least, it helped me understand just what was involved.


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    1. You are totally not being impertinent. I’m going to self pub my urban fantasy next year! This one is a ya and my end goal is to try and be a hybrid author. For now I can only afford to publish so many a year. That is a great resource and I’m going to check it out! Thank you!

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    1. In the end my end goal is to be a hybred author. I know it can take forever to get into the traditional market though…
      I hope you do pitch it! I found that most of my pitching experiences were so great! My first one was to the kindest guy and he really helped me feel comfortable.


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