I like what I like… Until…

There is that genre that we tend to avoid. You know when the story sounds pretty cool then you see that it’s a certain genre… It can be an automatic pass. You know there is no judgement from me since I am a serial abuser of the “I don’t like_____ .”

Mostly it has to do with harems. I really don’t like them. I also should mention that I am a super hypocrite since I like some reverse harems. So I’ll just lay it all out there that I am a super hypocrite. Or I could argue that there is a bit of difference and that to me it is the personality of the main character… blah blah blah.

But I’m actually want to write about those few harems that snuck through my instant reject and turned into something that I enjoyed.

Something that frustrates me is my own lack of research. So I’m the only one to be blamed here. When I’m watching an anime and it is okay but I stop watching once girl number two falls in love with potato boy. At that point I’m done. The anime already failed me in the fact that the main character is not a believable love interest. For any harem to work (for me) I have to believe that one person would be awesome enough to have multiple love interests… (I had to rage quit Accel World)

accel world
He is cuter as a pig but the constant crying… Thank you, next.

So it in the end I’ve only watched very few harem anime all the way to the end. Also if I see one male surrounded by women in the picture I tend to pass.

Now for the ones that I found myself enjoying. These I guess have a darker themes and I think a way stronger male lead.


This anime will be getting a second season soon which I’m pretty excited about. However, Re: zero was a hard sell at first. When I first watched it I didn’t make it through the first episode. Then for some reason I tried it again and I think the darker elements really drew me in. I also started to like the how the main character grew with each rebirth. He didn’t stay the same and and that really sold me on him as a harem leader lol.

I did also like that he had to earn one of his love interests loyalty. He never knew if they were going to kill him or not. Pretty fun. Nothing like keeping your man on his toes.

Shield hero


The Rising of the Shield Hero is a recent anime that I’m really enjoying. For me Naofumi is a great character. He is a bit refreshing to me as an harem lead. For one I don’t see him crying all the time and also he isn’t awkwardly blushing all the time. I really like that. He was the typical nerd but I like that he is more hardened and that he really changed and grew as a character.

It really is a story line that makes sense. Normally I would be done at the first lollicon (something that makes me insta quit… sorry just not my thing) but the story and mc (for now) is overriding something I really don’t like … Now that is a powerful story to do that.

I think it is also due to the fact that he is acting more like a father or brother figure and that may be what is working for me.

So these two harems broke my own standards and I’m really happy that they did. It is hard to put out a blanket statement saying that you don’t care for a genre. In the end though, life is too short to watch something you don’t like. But I guess you have to stay open to finding that next thing that will bring you joy.

Any anime that changed your mind about a genre?

Happy Watching!




Author: kimchisama

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18 thoughts on “I like what I like… Until…”

  1. Well…it’s funny that you should mention harem animes, as I’m actually watching my very own first harem show: The Quintessential Quintuplets. It was a recommendation from Ayano, and honestly it has to be said, I find myself enjoying it a lot. I think it has a lot to do with the characters themselves who are just great. So….guess that one has changed my mind on the genre. (Although to be fair I never really watched harem animes, so I don’t know a lot about them 😅😅). Fun post! 😊

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    1. It is really hard to get me to start a harem anime now and if I do it is because someone on here said it was good.
      You know me, I’m always biased about characters and a good character can save a lot of stories.

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      1. Definitely true. One of the most important things (but I guess I have said that many times as well) is characters. Good characters can definitely make up for what might otherwise be a bland, or typical story. So totally agree with you (and well…never knew that I would enjoy a harem anime at some point…but hey….it happened 😊😊)

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  2. I’m generally not a fan of harems either. One “harem” anime that I enjoyed was Lord Marksman and Vanadis, which I didn’t even realize was a harem anime until I had finished it, because it focuses more on the story than anything.

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    1. Yeah, when they focus on the story it helps so much more. Most harems tend to turn into never ending fanservice and it gets tiring when the plot is constantly interrupted by nose bleeds.

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  3. Yeah, I’m in the same boat when it comes to not liking harems. As cliche as this sounds as an anime fan, I and many others gave Tenchi Muyo a pass since it was actually funny and had a decent plot. Some people have called Comic Party a harem, but I disagree since there was only one real love interest for the main character despite the large female cast while the other relationships are quite platonic.

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  4. I’ve noticed that I don’t like harems either, but reverse harems bother me less. *shrugs* It’s a weird dynamic lol. Also, not all harems make me want to bang my head against a wall. Some of them can be very good, but there are few and far in between.

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    1. Yeah, I’ve gotten so mad when I started an anime and I didn’t know it was a harem. The plot tends to get really boring after all the girls start to appear and then it is more about all the “awkward moments” between the boy and all the girls.

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  5. I’m in a similar boat to Biblionyan (although I don’t think they’re rock bottom in my ranking of genres, they’d be fairly low). It’s probably a low tolerance for fanservice (the kind catering to those that like girls) plus the fact the main character tends to get better characterisation in reverse harems, but I do tend to know what’s a harem and what’s not through research or intuition.

    I would argue Shield Hero is just a fantasy that looks like a harem, but only someone who’s seen the show (more than 1 ep) could make a judgement on whether I’m right or not…

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    1. Yeah, fanservice really just rubs me the wrong way. In my opinion it really ruined some good plots.
      I would agree with that assessment of Shield Hero it has less of a harem feel mainly because of the mc personality. Although girl three looks like she is about to join lol.


  6. I’m not a harem fan as well, during my early anime days I didn’t really know the genres and ended up watching sister x sister, which counts as a harem I think… The protagonist wasn’t even that interesting and I have no idea how he got people liking him…also INCEST is not my type of wave…definitely not a good one to introduce the genre. The only “harem” I like is when the shounen anime protagonist has multiple people in love with him, because at least it makes sense for them to have that many fans lol.

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    1. Yeah it is always strange when the main character is so weak. Okay he is nice to the girl… that doesn’t really mean anything or develop any long lasting feelings. Niceness is always a good thing but it can up being very flat when that is their only trait.

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  7. I’ve never watched a harem anime. But I pretty much watched what my brothers did in the beginning. I’ve learned that there is never a hard no about any genre. I’m more eclectic now and have found jewels where I thought none existed. Happy watching! ❤️❤️


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