Story Vs Life: Going into the darkness

Ever love someone so much that you would kill for them? How about  manipulate them so they start to get isolated?



Cause that is some crazy S*** right there.

However, in our watching a reading I find that these kind of manipulative romances are a huge draw for readers (*cough cough Twilight). And that is 100% okay! Reading about it and saying that it is healthy are two different things.

To get to the point one of my favorite Webtoons recently is “My Deepest Secret.” It is about a guy named Elios who will do anything for his girlfriend Emma.

Elios Deepest Secret Kill

See here Emma things he is being hyperbolic…

Now this is were sometimes stories make me feel like I am crazy. I read this webtoon and I LIKE Elios. I like this guy who is manipulating her to be alone and hurting others for her. Does this mean I want a sociopath boyfriend? No, it does not.

I like the story. I like his character. In real life this would be a run for the hills situation. But Emma doesn’t know this yet. She doesn’t know what he is doing and only the reader does.

Deepest Secret hug

This is something the writer really does well. We can feel frustrated at Emma and yell at our screen for her to get out but she doesn’t see it. She only sees the side of him that cares about her.

I think that is something we need to remember when we want to judge others to harshly. When you are in that situation of manipulation you really don’t see it.

Elios and Emma

When she sees this Elios is just a kind caring boyfriend. When we see it we think “Oh god he is gonna kill someone.”

I think my point is that stories like this are great when they are just stories. I think there is a fine line to walk when we romanticize  abusive relationships. I think it is harder to see the manipulation sometimes. I didn’t think Edward in Twilight was manipulated the first time I read it as a young woman. Now as an adult my brain screams “Warning Warning Danger!”

However, like I said before there is nothing wrong with enjoying it as a story. Hopefully in your life relationships like this just stay in the story and not in your real life.

I think this post got away from me a bit. I didn’t want it to be a discouragement to read this webtoon. I really want you to! I think it is a great story with great characters! It is very thrilling and honestly every week I’m frustrated since I want to find out what happens!

I just also find it fascinating that I find this character sympathetic. Which is honestly… Hats off to the writer. If you can make me love a killer… Well, you did your job.

Elios Deepest Secret

This scene didn’t hurt either.

Since I’m shallow like that 😉

In the end this is an interesting story and I think we are all waiting for the ball to drop when Emma finds out who Elios really is…

Happy Watching!

(Warning:  This webtoon has harm happen to an animal at the start, just to warn you. That was hard for me to read).

Author: kimchisama

Anime for the soul.

15 thoughts on “Story Vs Life: Going into the darkness”

  1. I love this Webtoon!! Elios in real life would be terrifying, but as a fictional character there is an appeal to him… I mean at least you know he is willing to do ANYTHING for the girl he loves lol

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  2. I really love this webtoon! I’m a long fan of the author. I followed her Instagram page even before she started this series. And when she announced that she got featured in Webtoon, that was a very exciting moment.

    I can’t like Elios though. I hate him from the start. And the latter chapters make me despise him even more. His manipulation towards Emma is unforgivable at this point. But I have to agree he’s a really interesting character. I guess I hate him as a person but like him as a character.

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    1. I agree he really is a good character! There are a lot like those for me. Where their character is just so good but I would not want to be around them in real life.
      Yeah I keep that scene my mind when he hurt the cat :(. I almost couldn’t keep reading.

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  3. Ooo…. Harm to animals is a no go for me. But, those abs?? Well…. I can deal with those! 😂 I understand what you’re saying though. I actually just started watching a K-Drama called “Another Miss Oh” and one of the characters (the main Miss Oh?) talks about how she wants to love someone so much that she’ll “take their beating and won’t ever let them go” and asks “don’t I deserve love like that?”…. WHAAAA?? It’s funny how they make it sound cute even if it’s super messed up! Lol! Of course, I’m still watching. But, K-Drama’s are a thing in and of themselves.. Actually, a lot of anime has the same weird relationships. Guys who treat girls like crap, guys who say things like “you should eat so much/fast or you’ll get fat” etc… Yet I love them all… Maybe there’s something wrong with us?? 🤔😂😂

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    1. K-dramas– the biggest jerk wins haha. I loved Another Miss Oh! I’m glad you are watching it. We may need years of therapy to find out what is wrong with us…
      Don’t worry I’ll save you spot next to my padded room. 😀

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      1. Ha ha!! Well, as long as we’re crazy together, I don’t mind! 😂 I figured I’d try Miss Oh on your recommendation! So far, so good!! I LOVE the crazy CEO chic. She has to be my favourite character by far… Pretty sure she’s my spirit animal…

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      2. Which one?!? Lmao! Where hae-young is on the toilet asking God to look out for Do-Kyeung? Where she’s meditating on the toilet? Where she’s listening to the other Ha-Young on the phone? When the crazy chic was yelling about how she has to poop, in French?? They really like toilets in this show! 😂😂💩

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  4. Like what someone said before me, I can’t like Elios as a person. His character, however, certainly seems like there’s a lot beneath the surface (Why is he so protective of Emma anyway? How did he get like this? Etc.), and in my opinion that’s what makes him so interesting.
    Sometimes I do worry about the younger audience and how they view Elios as just a hot boyfriend and how that perspective might transfer over to the real world. I mean, when I was younger I certainly thought things that inhuman buff guys on TV were things I could do. Then again, it’s not like people can’t learn from their younger selves.

    You make a good point in this blogpost. I’m seriously engaged with this story, and I often re-read parts to see if there’s anything I missed. It’s stupidly good.
    Plus, although it was hard to read, I think the whole thing with the cat in the beginning set the tone well for how the webtoon was going to be like from then on. Classic trope, I like.

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