Anime Review

I guess you could say that I was slow in coming to the Anime frenzy that is happening now in the United State. I was pushed into Anime by a guy I was dating and I was forced into watching my very first Anime series which was “Cowboy Bebop”. I’ll admit that I enjoyed the story but I didn’t really want to watch anymore anime. Then I meet my doom, in the form of “Full Metal Alchemist” not brotherhood which I would later watch and enjoy even more.

That series was my gateway drug into the world of anime and the stories they told. I do watch a lot more new anime than old, but I’m starting to finally get in some of the classics.

I moved from only liking to watched dubbed to now I prefer subbed. It is a slow dark rabbit hole dear anime lover, but your life will be enriched by the stories of anime that are unique and amazing.

My hope for this review site is mainly for me to look at the anime I watched and not be overly critical but to understand that overall the anime was enjoyable so it wasn’t a wasted effort. I think sometimes we forget to just enjoy things, but that is a different post.

If you somehow have stumbled here even with all the blogs in the interwebs I hope you enjoy my musings and maybe even find yourself a show that you will love!

Happy anime watching!