And Finally…

A couple years ago I started an anime blog. I met some amazing people and we all shared our love for anime.

Writing a blog did so much for me. It was good and bad.

The good?

It helped me write everyday and I started writing my books. I moved up from writing barely 100 words a day to somedays I would hit 4,ooo.

The bad?

I found myself incapable of keeping up with anime and writing. And I lost track of some of the dearest people I met on here.

As much as I wanted to do it all something had to give. And it turned out to be anime.

I still want to write about anime and I still think about what I can do to add this back into my schedule but I’m afraid of coming back only to disappear again.

But every now and then I stop by and read your posts and smile at what you are doing and accomplishing.

I wanted to share the product of my disappearance.

Through money problems and delays. It is finally ready. My first published book is up for pre-order.

I thought it would never happen. I look back at my trials to write everyday and part of it was just having fun writing about anime and what I loved.

I wanted to share the start of this new journey with you all since you all were here for the start.

Thank you, and keep doing what you do. I will still be around and I will stop by and check on you all. And also hope that I will join you again in writing about our love of anime.

Happy Watching!