When you need something more

My weekly insight on Run With the Wind is late this week. I’m sorry about that but honestly it gave me a bit of time to think about what I wanted to say.

This episode six focused on King and I think this episode really could speak to a lot of those who are in their college or after college life.


We are often told that we can do or be whatever we want. Honestly I fall a bit into the dreamer side of the world. I also have a mean realistic streak. King is trying is hardest to interview and find a job after his time in the university. He wants to make money and he doesn’t seem to care what job he gets as long as he gets one.

This is honestly a fact of life. We want to have that security of a job.


I have pushed aside my dreams for most of my life. Make money writing and selling books? Nah. I needed to find a job to support my “hobby” and that led to me not writing. I like to do things always on the extreme side. All or nothing baby!

Now that I’m at the point where I can find a happy medium between writing and teaching. I’ve noticed that my depression has faded. There are some days where writing still gets cut out but I’m working to make it a priority. Writing isn’t easy and it is funny that I can find happiness in something that can be so frustrating.


Because seeing the reason that King decided to run really ran a bit true. He needed something else in his life. Running will help him handle the stress of the job and the job hunt. It is something to do that brings joy and a release of stress.

Now, I can argue the fact that running wasn’t really his own choice. However, it is a nice statement that we really need to have something in our lives that gives us happiness.

We can get wrapped up in our jobs and day to day stresses. Those thing never really go away. If you are in a job that is your dream hold onto that sucker until the day you die. I can hope that one day my my books will support me enough but until then I can enjoy the moments where I can set aside time to write. It is a frustrating wonderful thing, writing, but it really is fulfilling.

Now for your weekly prince update….


Hang in there Prince!

Happy Watching!


Running Together

We are back again to see the weekly tribulations of Prince.

At least he had a cute dog as a running partner now. He still runs like I would run, but as of last week he can now pass a butterfly. Progress.

To be fair dogs really are understanding.

Most of the forced teammates are now on board. The lawyer is still holding out and mostly just complaining but he is still running. King is the one who we got to see a bit more development from this week. I can understand the pressure he is under in trying to find a job after the university.

We can see the tension from him as it looks like he is going to job fairs and getting rejections from jobs. I have a idea that the next episode will focus on his explosion that happened towards the end of the episode.

After all he is right. He can’t just shift everything around for running. King has his own future goals for a career and I don’t think he should have to give that up to run.

So I’m happy to see that we are getting to know more about the other characters and it is done in really small moments that can connect well to an audience. All the while they are trying to get better at running.

Good Luck Prince!

Happy Watching!

The sound of the bow

Sometimes you look forward to something so much that you are disappointed when you finally see it.

Well in my mind Tsurune delivered on my expectations.

First off I know this may seem a bit silly but I’m writing a ya fantasy right now and the main weapon is a long bow like the one they use in Tsurune. So now I can double my research for my blog and my book. WIN!

Second I’ve become a full blow sports anime fan and when I see interesting characters and a sport that I don’t know much about I really now am interested.

I want to learn about sports.


Who am I?

Sports anime really has a way to make even the smallest rule exciting. I guess they need to make and anime about going to the dentist or something.

What really made me excited is the start of a conflict from the very beginning between Minato and Takehaya. You get the impression that they were friends at one point. Minato isn’t openly hostile but you can tell that he really doesn’t want to talk to his old friend.

They meet on the opening day of their new high school and right away they are recruiting to revive the school archery club. This premise really isn’t new in sports anime but honestly it is the characters that really always sell it to me.

They are all different and from the start their personalities really shine.

You know and can relate to what Minato is going through. I think when you have suffered trauma it is always the things we love that struggle. Through this we want to see him be successful with something he loves and I’m looking forward to watching him grow and hopefully overcome his pain.

My favorite character so far is the guy with the sour face Kaito.

I really relate to him on a personal level.

And I really never say this in any of my blogs because it sometimes just adds to the emotion and I never think of it but the music… It was stunning. The simple notes played out while Minato when home and was alone. While he road his bike… I can’t really do it justice but I really am a fan of the score so far.


Look what I found…

Mhmm Beautiful draw there…

The owl is judging me.

In the end I’m really excited about this show and I hope it continues with making the characters and their personal conflicts engaging. This has topped my list so far with new anime this fall and I hope you give it a chance!

Happy Watching!


It is always good to have healthy obsessions. Right?


Wait why does this gif keep popping up in my blogs?


In the second episode of Run With the Wind we are really getting a dose of Haiji’s obsession with making the team commit so they can run.

I think inΒ  episode two you can laugh it off as humorous. Honestly the way he goes about getting these nine guys to commit to running can be funny. Then there is the part of me that does think that his obsession is really going to the extreme… I mean we are also talking about running, like physical movement…

Wait how cheap is the rent?

I would not feel great if someone would make me run. I’m joining the prince in his pile of books and hiding out.

Part of me is starting to wonder. Is there more to this obsession and selection of guys? Is he just doing it for himself or is he trying to help them too?

My hope is still that he is trying to help the other characters in some way other than giving them great food and physical activity.

He knows more than he is saying

Just what is his goal? What does he get from all of this? Why are these certain guys needed?

This anime still has me wondering and asking questions. The right kind of questions where I’m getting more invested.

I want to see these characters come together in a way that gives them a supportive community. I want to see that they are chosen not just because they were athletic in someway (except you literature guy sorry man, good luck).

If this show gives me these things this could really be a great payoff.

Also speaking of obsession… I’m working on my birthday post for tomorrow. Stay tuned for some of my healthy *cough* obsessions πŸ˜‰

Happy Watching!



I’ve seen some people have a love/hate relationship with sports anime. I honestly avoided it for years. In my mind I thought, “I don’t want to watch live sports, so why would I sit through an anime about sports.” Well, I tend to stumble onto amazing anime by accident. I was joking around on crunchyroll not knowing what to watch and I was mocking an anime that was about male volleyball. I was like, “Who would watch an anime about volleyball?” I clicked on the first episode as a joke meant to annoy the person I was with and it turns out the joke was one me. Before I knew it I devoured the first two seasons and then was watching the simulcast of season 3 waiting anxiously week by week to find out what happened in the volleyball game.


“Haikyu!!” (or I’ve seen spelled Haikyuu!! I went with the crunchyroll spelling) turned out to be one of my favorite anime and one that I try to get people to watch. It is a hard sell to tell someone to watch an anime about male volleyball. Most people don’t watch a lot of volleyball where I’m from anyway. However, I have managed to convert a few and if you give it a shot you will find an anime that has some intense emotional moments. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in an anime or cheered so loud.

“I may be small, but I can jump!”

Enter the main character Hinatatumblr_static_e80ufjnv5eog844cwwgcwggog

He has been told constantly that he is too short to play volleyball or get better at sports since everyone else is so much taller than him. He is the type of character that you will love. How relatable is someone who has been told they can’t do something? Yeah, I’m sure you have never faced that in your life. He never gives up. Even if he suffers loss after loss he proves to others that if you work hard you can improve and fulfill your dreams. Normally, a short player won’t spike or be a blocker but he has strength in his legs and a desire to keep playing. He is constantly surprising everyone with what his body is capable of even though he is short.

Then the other character that is the direct rival of Hinata is Kageyama


He is an amazing setter and was the upcoming star on his middle school team. He doesn’t like Hinata and the feelings are mutual. They constantly get in trouble and don’t want to play with each other on the volleyball team. Seeing their relationship grow through out the series and to see Kageyama open up to the team is a fun emotional ride. Finding that they are stronger together is a nice lesson for anyone to learn.

There are so many amazing characters in this anime. I just mentioned two, if you watch you will slowly grow to love them all and their backstories are told with great thoughtfulness and it doesn’t drag down the flow of the anime at all. You began to feel their loss when they lose a game and you rejoice when they have an amazing move on the court.

“Haikyu!!” does something amazing with the rival teams also. You began to see more into their characters and then you don’t even know who you want to win! The whole third season is basically one match and it is amazing and intense.


The think I like most about this as someone who doesn’t play sports is that the focus isn’t just solely on winning. They just want to keep playing. How it works is that basically if they lose at the tournaments they are done. I guess the seniors graduate from the team at that point and are no longer a part of the club. I mentioned before that you will get attached to all the characters and the thought of any of them not being on the team anymore is heartbreaking. I love that the focus is on the relationships and that they want to play together it makes it about more than just winning.

It also makes it about the characters caring about something beyond themselves. The volleyball scenes are more like a fight scene and they are loaded with intensity. Check out this video from the crunchyroll facebook page. Just watching it makes my heart pound. You want them to not be held down, but to rise up. They have to face a lot of tough teams and they don’t always win, but they have those moments where they will fight until the very end of the game.


Maybe sports anime isn’t for you, but if you love a good character and story give it a chance. “Haikyu!!” will surprise you! Happy watching!