I removed my heart.

I’ve really enjoyed my Friday entries about the anime/manga Yona of the Dawn, and there are just two more that I wish to write and I saved them for the end. Best for last?

Before I get started I read a great blog post by Biblionyan on why you should read Yona of the Dawn. If I haven’t convinced you by now… Well, maybe they can!

So here we have it… Soo-Won

I picked this gif because *cough* uh reasons…

If you haven’t seen or watch it yet this does get a bit spoiler-y and I’m going to be sticking mostly to the anime.

Soo-Won is Yona’s cousin and a good friend of Hak they basically grew up together.

When he finds out the truth about his fathers death he does withdraw from seeing Yona and Hak as often and stays away from the palace for longer periods of time. It is during this time that he is groomed for his revenge. Not only does King Il get the blame for killing Soo-Won’s father, but Soo-Won also is trying to save the kingdom from the misguidance of the King.

So on the night of Yona’s birthday (timing dude…) he kills him.

Yona walks in on this and he seems like he is also about to kill her but in his hesitation she is able to run and get Hak.

If there is any doubt of Soo-Won’s skills it can be shown that he faced down Hak and put up a good fight.

Honestly I don’t think his heart was in it.

So in one night Soo-Won loses his two dearest friends. His desire for revenge and saving the kingdom won.

So what is the deal with him? I have to say that he makes a very interesting antagonist. You really can find yourself liking him often throughout the anime. Then you have to remind yourself that he killed Yona’s father… But then you see him actually doing good in the kingdom… Gosh what a great character.

I don’t think he was after the death of Yona and Hak. When he is told that Yona is dead you can see the look on his face. Even in the manga it gives a powerful image of regret.

It helps Yona and Hak have time to gather the dragons together since they are assumed dead, but it also helps Soo-Won realize that there is no turning back on what he did and he starts making real strides in the kingdom. Winning over the different tribes and not only helping with moral, but sometimes even economically.

I really love how sometimes he plays a fool so others don’t take him seriously at first…

Then he sneaks up behind them with a ball of whoop ass…

He is one of the best strategists in this anime and manga and it is awesome to see his plans come together for the good of the kingdom.

Like I said, it is hard to hate him.

He will make you feel conflicted throughout the whole anime. Then at the end of the anime there is a moment where he sees Yona again.

He hides her from his people.

This is shocking for Yona and she at that moment also is wondering if she should take the chance to kill him with his own sword.

He tells her she can’t kill him… yet… He still has more to do. Which in the end makes me have the theory that he will let her kill him. To give her the chance to avenge her father now.

She is confused by this new Soo-Won that she hasn’t met before. You can see that she still cares for him and I can’t imagine how confusing it would be to have the man you hate save you.

This also isn’t the only time he will save her or Hak. But lets leave that to the manga.

So what do you think of this amazing character? His motivations are real and you can see what he truly cares about.

Was the murder then justified? Or will we find out more truths from the manga about the murder? I honestly think there will be way more to the story of his fathers death.

He makes a great antagonist for this anime and there is never a black or white feeling about him.

I hope you’ve been enjoying these entries as much as I have! Next week will be the last. I’ll leave with a lovely image to brighten your weekend and a bit of a tease for next week haha!

Yes, Hak. We want you. 😛

Happy Watching!

Not really about anime…

Life, life, life.

This past week I feel like my face looked something like this…


I have some news and this is more of personal life than anime, I just wanted to mention that this weekend (starting today I get to leave after school lol) and next weekend (starting next Thursday) I will be going to pitch my book.


So yeah, even thought my first pitch isn’t until Friday morning, I can already feel the butterflies forming in my stomach.

To say I’m distracted it a bit of an understatement. I just wanted to put a quick note here to say I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth and I hope I don’t fall too far behind in reading your awesome posts. However, I will have to delay my Yona posts a bit since it didn’t get finished in time :/.

I think my mind was too busy thinking about the literary agents reactions…

Why did you pitch this nonsense to me?

I tend to be slightly super dramatic in my head…

So four pitches in two weeks. Whew, just typing that made me start shaking…

Well, in this life you never know what will happen. I’m prepared to the best of my abilities and in the end I hope I learn from it.

I will hopefully get a chance next week to catch up a bit more, but you know I’ll still be watching anime too haha!

So Happy Watching and I hope you find something good this week!


Why am I alone?

Thanks to a wonderful review by Irina on her blog I watched the hilarious anime Watamote yesterday. Now, I guess the title can be confused with the term hilarious. This anime has wonderful notes of humor that directly relate to social anxiety and just the plain awkwardness of puberty. However, there are some pointed notes of the characters loneliness and confusion on why people don’t like her even though the audience may understand, the mc believes in her unique charms.

I took a lot of screenshots while I watched. I noticed after I finished with the last episode the moments I picked were mostly focused on the quiet times in the anime. The times where she began to doubt her wonderfulness and felt the keen loneliness of not having friends around her. It is easy to see myself in this character when I grew up I had a small handful of friends (who I am very thankful for) but there was always that need to feel “popular” to be the one that everybody liked since I believed myself to be a good person. I think I was lucky in the fact that I wasn’t a target for bullies. The only time I was was bullied was by people who didn’t even go to my school. (That is a story for a different day). This character isn’t bullied she isn’t made fun of she is just merely left alone.

In a way that can be just as saddening as being picked on. It is like she doesn’t exist to her classmates. I honestly really like the fact that she isn’t bullied and the classmates are not seen as the villain. In a matter of speaking the main character is the one who gets in her own way half the time. She comes up with these crazy plots to make people or boys notice her and they backfire in strange ways. Half the time she can’t even talk which over the course of the anime shows how crippling her social anxiety really is and you watch and you just want her to “SAY SOMETHING!” But she can’t it isn’t something you can just get over.

Time and time again she tries to get people to realize how wonderful she is but in the end she goes back to her room and plays otome games. That is the only way she can have that human and sexual interaction that she desires.

Also there are so many references to anime and otome games it is pretty fun to see if you can spot them all. Being and English Literature major I enjoyed this one a whole bunch.

There are some golden humorous moments with her parents during these times of her sexual awakening. One with her father that involved a personal massager and a BL otome game and one with a recording and her mother.

Kudos to the parents for just acting normal. I think that is a great moment of showing those lovely years where our parents don’t understand us, but then they still love us. The way the creators us the pauses for humor is on point and it gives laughter to a lot of moments that could be considered very sad. I think this is an anime that does very well with dealing with the tragic things of being lonely but adding in humor. In my mind it doesn’t make fun of her, but I think if it just focused on her loneliness it would be a very hard anime to watch.

These two image are from one of the moments that really begin to show her isolation. She wants to form a club and be with people in the first image it shows this dream happening. There are two other students who joined her club and they are having a peaceful moment just being together. Then after the song is over you see that she was having tea with her two stuffed toys all along. The club was never formed and she is still alone.

The sadness from her isolation shows up more and more towards the end of the anime. Now when I watched I really wanted for her to find that awkward friend that she could be with but I don’t think that this will be that kind of anime.

Given a choice she will always choose to be on her own. She finds these safe places where she feels at home and clings to them. It is hard for her to talk and meet new people. So when we see the funny. Moments of this anime we also get those moments that we can relate to as an introvert or a person with social anxiety. Some will never understand why we can just go and “make friends” it is never that easy. When we do step out of our comfort zone we have one thought in our minds…

I hope to see a season two for this anime. I hope to see some of her growth and still have the humor shine through. This was a great balance and if you had those awkward teenage years this will be very relatable… maybe more so for women, but I think most will enjoy this anime.

Sometimes I think that while we live and grow we have a habit of hoping that things will just happen to us. That change will be easy. We need to go out and do things ourselves and build those relationships with those close to us instead of hoping to be popular.

I wanted to end this post with a challenge. The way the mc is alone all the time really spoke to my heart. I know what it is like then and now to sit, eat, and be alone. It isn’t easy. So maybe this week if you see someone who is alone say hello, smile at them, maybe sit next to them if you know them. I’m not saying go forth and harass people, but there are those out there who go days without any meaningful human interaction. In this anime for a long time the only person who talked the the mc was the teacher who said goodbye to her at the end of the day. That moment meant something to her and trust me… coming from someone who is alone a lot… A hello can mean the world to someone. I’m going to do my best this week and I hope you all will reach out too.

Happy watching!

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