I think I may have a thing for foxes??

As I’m going through my To Be Watched list I’m getting through a lot of anime that I’ve had marked for ages. One of them was Inu x Boku SS, I tried watching this show before, but I fell asleep in the middle of the first episode… Yeah, so in my mind I thought that well, it must have been boring. I should know myself better and sometimes I’m just tired. People kept suggesting it to me so I put in on my list and in the end I really did enjoy it.


The main character Ririchiyo is so socially awkward that she pretends to be mean so she doesn’t get hurt. I can relate to pushing others away to protect myself. There are a lot of moments showing her being alone. This anime does a great job showing her growth and she sees that maybe she isn’t so alone after all.

She was born with magic and apparently that makes her so special that she was isolated from birth. In the end she decided to movie into this special apartment building with others like herself and they each get a special agent to watch over them.


Her agent is Soushi and he sparkles a lot… He likes to guilt trip her into letting him be at her service. Those moments are pretty funny and she doesn’t really know how to handle his undivided devotion to her.

So he slowly worms his way into her heart. Telling her that she saved him, but she has no clue what he is talking about. It makes for a nice reveal in the end and I thought it was tied up nicely in that aspect.


One of the great things about this anime is that there are a lot of unique character personalities and I wanted to know more about each of them. Sadly with only 12 episodes there isn’t much chance. I was satisfied with the ending and the manga is on my list to read.



Also with watching this and Kamisama Kiss and now that new anime about the hotel… I think I may have a thing for foxes…

Also with this anime I realized something about myself that I will probably make a whole entire post about in a bit… Soooo… Look forward to that….

In the end, this was a nice sweet romance and an enjoyable watch with a bit of humor. The characters all have pretty interesting backstories that make the world seem a bit tragic for those who are born with magic. This point is why I want to read the manga I think I want to see more of the characters and the world.

Happy Watching!


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Maybe we need to be disturbed

I guess I don’t listen to warnings very well… Most of the blogs I read yesterday said to stay away from the anime Magical Girl Site. So naturally just like with other darker anime I rushed right in and watched it. Amazon Prime is the platform for this (Thanks Lina) and they never show new shows for me so I probably wouldn’t have found it otherwise. I guess that is a good thing so children don’t stumble onto this anime.

This wasn’t easy for me to watch. Very rarely I get the urge to turn off an anime halfway because it gets too violent. Bullying is something that really hits home for me… I have heard stories from you all and I have my own. This anime shows the extreme side of bullying that most don’t want to believe is real.

There are stories like this, I know this is just an anime, but there are those who go through this physical violence at home or at school and they feel like they have no where to go or any power over the situation. There are some teachers who don’t care and don’t want to be bothered. There are classmates who think it is a joke or also they have their own problems. Sometimes those who stick up for those getting bullied also end up in that situation.

So maybe it is good for us to get disturbed every once in awhile. To remind us to not be passive. To remind myself to be more aware of my classroom.

I mean I really don’t expect people to go out and watch this violent anime and have the same thoughts as me. I think something hit me harder as a teacher than most.Once again the teacher did nothing to help and that is what maddens me.


I wanted the main character to fight but this story starts in the middle. She is already like an empty shell. This has been going on for who knows how long. Did it start with her brother? Was it always those three girls? From the anime we don’t know. We know that the bullying is the start, but what is the end all of this?

I was happy when those two died. I wanted her to feel a sense of freedom. Is that inhuman of me? I want her to become stronger and get revenge. There was just a sense of relief when she used her magic for the first time.

However, my feelings of relief didn’t pass onto her, she was scared she would get blamed… I don’t get that… She was nowhere near the bodies…. So yeah… The only one where she could get blamed for is the last one… Like they did nothing to make it look like an accident… So good luck there…


In this anime there are several disturbing images and it can border on the strange. That face creeps me out…

If anything is to be gotten from this is that the world can be unfair and cruel and I hope there are those out there that will do the right thing. I don’t think the bullying was over dramatic since I’ve heard of similar cases. Honestly, she wants the relief of death, but she still clings to what life she has, I will be interested to see her growth. I hope there is some, but this is also a magical girls show… so we may be in for a completely random ride after this. Expect death and blood. Hopefully no more dead animals :(.

In the end, I will watch this, I have that curiosity to see what happens and I think that I should be uncomfortable… Sometimes I forget what happens in the world and even if it is just animation there are real lessons to think about.

Also as a side note I think this anime wins worse closing credits in the history of anime… Giant sperm and weird live action dancing… What the heck was that all about? If anything just watch the closing… ha… Happy Watching!

Okay Caligula… You’ve got my attention…

So far this season I’ve watched three shows that were based of games (that I know of) and I think the one that has me the most interested is Caligula. I haven’t played the game and until I’m the lucky owner of a PSVITA I will have to just live in the anime world.

Most of the time when I watch anime that was a game I’m left with a slightly confused feeling like I’m missing something that the ones who played the game would only know. However, as I watched Caligula I really enjoyed the set up and I was confused but in a good way not the ‘something is left out that I should already know’ way. If that makes sense.

First off the visual reminded me of artwork which is always nice. The coloring was quite beautiful and it is a peaceful setting. There are some tidbits of information that seems like something it not as it seems and it keeps you curious as you watch.

In my mind the set up was perfect. Nothing was rushed in the climax of the first episode and it made me want to watch more.

This anime looks like it is going to be an interesting psychological ride something that I was hoping for last fall but wasn’t delivered.

I’m really enjoying the quotes from and the references to psychology I think that give this anime a sense of real-ness and legitimacy of what is happening.

In the end, I’m curious about this anime and I’m excited to see the next episode. I hope it pays off since I was disappointed last year. I’ve seen a lot of good first episodes this season but this was the first one that really had my full attention. Sometimes with turning games into anime it is lackluster so I hope they keep it up. This has an interesting world and set up with a bit of a matrix feel.

This looks like this anime should be an intense ride… Hopefully… Happy watching!

My Spring so far

For once I’m not a millions of episodes behind on anime. I actually got to sit down and watch a good run of first episodes. So I’m making a short little post of my first reactions to the ones I watched so far.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These

Going to get a glass of wine together… hehehehe

This is some that was waaaay out of my normal watching. It felt like it was over before it started (in a good way) and the person I was watching it with was annoyed that I kept wanting it to have BL… Is anyone else feeling the vibes between these two? or am I just crazy… Lina back me up here lol. Oh well there were battles in space and I might watch the next one it ended on a really nice cliff hanger (I’m really sorry this is a super serious show with super serious content…. I’m a weirdo).

Space Battleship Tiramisu


Naked man, food problems, and a good laugh. This spring there is a lot about space now. Would this count at the first mecha anime that I will watch? It is only 7 minutes so if you like a bit of humor it isn’t bad. Pretty enjoyable.

GeGeGe no Kitaro


Okay the OP was really catchy and so was the closing credits. I’m really curious about this anime and I want to know more. I really hope we get a good backstory for Kitaro and I hope the female character Mana gets a bit better. Something always annoys me when someone wants to “help” then ends up causing problems. Oh and she falls and then helps accidentally. That was a bit of a reach for me… Doing the same gag twice… eh…

However, I’m really going to look forward to this one and probably keep up with it. All my questions about this show are good ones so here’s hoping!

Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits-


Okay, this one so far is at the top of my list. I hope it has a bit of a good romance and that we get to learn more about the ogre. I’m also excited that the female lead Aio is an adult. It was refreshing last fall when MMO Junkie had more of an adult romance and I always like a bit of difference than the characters always being in school.


And I’m a sucker for a cute character… Sue me.

Tokyo Ghoul Re


Flashy blood battles interesting start, but I don’t really know what is happening. I hope things will get cleared up but not get weighed down with backstory. That will be a tricky thing to pull off. Also this already has high expectations since people have been waiting for this anime for a long time… So we will see if it holds up!

I am super excited to finally get another Tokyo Ghoul just hoping I didn’t get too hyped up.


That is what I watched so far! I really wanted to watch Devil’s Line but I don’t have HiDive and I may need to get it for the season… yay… money…

What are your favorites so far? Any high hopes?

In the meantime, Happy Watching!


Responsibility – Duty – Honor

Happy Friday! I’m excited to make my third entry in my series about the characters in Yona of the Dawn/Akatsuki No Yona.


Blue Dragon

This post will be about the first dragon who joined Yona:  The White Dragon- Kija.


I have to confess I thought that his story and character would be the easiest to tell, but looking deeper into the character I found myself in awe once again at the intricate details of these dragons.

I want to mention that they all feel the burden of their responsibility to be loyal and fight for the Red Dragon (which is Yona, not really a spoiler, but you kind of figure it out from the intro and Yona having red hair). They were born into this role. The dragons never got to chose to have these powers and were chosen at random. In the Blue Dragons case the village tried to not let the former blue dragon -for lack of a better term- breed, but they blue dragon was still born to a random family. The white dragons village was a bit more… Well… Cult like…


They revered the white dragon and made sure that the line continued. I wanted to say that Kija’s childhood was a bit happier than the Blue Dragons, but in the beginning you get the shot of his back…


This was explained further in the manga…


I again already mentioned in the last entry that the old dragon loses their life and power, but where as Ao the former blue dragon saw his death as freedom in the white dragons case it was a sense of not fulfilling your purpose in life. In the white dragons village they were born to do only one thing and one thing only so they lived their whole life waiting for the Red Dragon who never appeared. Talk about a recipe for severe depression.

Kija is very dedicated to fulfill his duty and seems to have no regrets on the outside. This is all he knows. He was sheltered in the same way that Yona was sheltered from the outside world. Raised to give his life for someone he never met, he rises to the challenge and really does give up himself.

I also see his joining with Yona as a sense of freedom to see the world and feel like he has a purpose in his life. It is saddening to think of all the other white dragons who felt like failures and useless. Can you imagine questioning your very existence?


With his powerful arm he protects Yona, and she in turn protects him too. The fun thing about the white dragon is that he has a very funny personality. It is a mixture of a fanatic with someone who has never gotten down and dirty in nature. He tends to fight too hard when they have their first confrontations and his stamina isn’t great and he passes out after many battles. He doesn’t know how to hold back.


The repertoire between him and Hak is pure gold. Kija is consistently jealous of Hak’s relationship with Yona and Hak loves to tease Kija. His favorite nic name is White Snake. Hak doesn’t understand why Yona wants to gather these dragons, but she is doing it to protect him… More on that later ;).


Since Kija was raised with people who showed him respect he actually knows a bit more about the other dragons and helps Yona find them. Apparently all the dragons can sense each other and that is what first leads them to find the Blue Dragon.

Kija says goodbye to the woman who raised him. Another tear worthy moment in this anime.

The dragons never have an easy past, but they all find a family together with Yona. She doesn’t force them to join, and wants them to find their own happiness. The burden like I said is great, but in the end the White Dragon finds meaning in his life and doesn’t get stuck in the endless cycle of waiting.


If my former entries haven’t convinced you yet to watch this anime I hope you give it a chance. Until then Happy Watching!