Behold the power of the hamster!

One thing about picking anime for my TBW most of them were short… If I would have had a G in my name I might have put Gintama, I’m watching it, but there probably wouldn’t have be a post about it for ten years.

I gave the anime Himouto! Umaru-chan another shot. I started watching it last fall and I didn’t want to watch a spoiled main character for 12 episodes. In the end I watched a spoiled main character for 12 episodes…


In honor of watching this anime I decided to destroy my stomach (sorry no cola). My dog Casanova is modeling the food that would be my demise. I hope my food selection would make Umaru proud.


There are some really interesting things about Umaru I guess you can say- good for her for being honest with herself about her lazy habits. I mean I want to sit and eat chips and watch anime all day. Maybe I didn’t like her as much because I’m jealous of her life style. It is also funny in ways that anime can only be funny. We accept the fact that she shrinks when she gets home turning into a little creature with a hamster hoodie from the beautiful put together image she shows at school.


I can’t help but feel sorry for her brother, but in the end he does give into her demands so I guess he can be blamed for his own trouble. He is a really kind generous character and she take advantage of it, I think that is what ruined a bit of my enjoyment. Am I taking this comedy too seriously? Probably, but we all have the things that just hit us the wrong why even if they are supposed to be funny.


In the end I didn’t hate watching it and she did have moments where you could see that she did care for her brother. I think all I wanted was to see her appreciate what he does for her. She did try to help him cook and she even went as far as to agree to eat vegetables that weren’t hidden in her hamburger steak… Now that is progress!

I again do see a bit of myself in her…


I mean I do have books to read, but when the internet is down life gets scary…

All in all it was a pretty fun watch. I think it is for different tastes and it has some really cute and funny moments if you can get over the fact of her brother sacrificing everything so she can have what she wants.


Pretty cute huh? And who doesn’t want to snuggle up in a hoodie and roll around?

Happy Watching!

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Looking past an art style

After making a TBW list with my name I decide it was a good time to knock off a couple of anime that I’ve been wanting to watch while waiting for spring season to start. Now I’ve only really heard good things about Mob Psycho 100 and with a season two coming out I thought it was time for me too get past the art style and watch it. First, I want to be clear that I don’t think that art is horrible it just reminds me a bit of Saturday morning cartoons and less anime if that makes sense… I never really got into that type of style, but after giving other shows a chance it was time for me to get over myself and watch this anime.

If you are waiting to watch this anime I really recommend you give it a try. I watched it all in one sitting and the story is very good.

A bit of set up:  This is a world with some people who have powers and the main character Shigeo Kageyama (called mob by his “master”) has very strong powers that let him expel ghosts and spirits. His master who is training him Reigen doesn’t have any powers but pretty much uses Mob so he can claim he is a powerful psychic.


When he really doesn’t have a clue… So Mob works for him part time getting paid very little. He doesn’t do anything else. He isn’t popular but he dreams of being together with a pretty girl who he has a crush on.

So the story has Mob getting rid of various things with his power while his master claims to be training him but in reality does nothing.

Talking a bit about Mob, he is the character who doesn’t show much emotion, he learned early on that if he gets to emotional that he ends up hurting people. He has pretty much one rule and that is to not use his powers against people.


In the anime there are some great comment by Mob that are really funny. This particular one was during a torture scene with water and Mob was worried about the bad guy.

While watching you see him refuse time and time again to not use his powers against other, but then that would be boring. Things are always more interesting to see what it takes for a character to break their moral code. Mob will do it for family.

Mob Psycho 100 - 11 - Large 02

A bit of a spoilery information here….

Mob’s brother is jealous of his powers and he wishes he had powers while Mob wishes that he was like his brother. They both think that they got the short straw, but don’t really understand the problems the other faces.

Mob’s brother Ritsu starts a campaign in school to get rid of delinquents. It first has noble intentions of keeping his brother safe, but then him and another council member decide to frame the students. This gives Ritsu a lot of guilt and stress, through this he awakens his own powers and he doesn’t have the same rules as Mob. He starts to attack people and is getting out of control.

Ritsu’s story line is a bit weak, it could have used a little bit more build up and I will be interested to see what happens in the upcoming season two.

In the end they find themselves in a secret organization. Mob is there to rescue his brother from getting brain washed. The goal of the organization is world domination (original huh).

One of the messages that I really liked is that Mob always hits home that he is a normal person. His powers don’t make him special. Without them he is still unpopular, socially awkward, and weak.

I relate to how Mob runs on a spiritual level.

He tries to better himself without using his powers. That is a nice message for those who always wish they were like someone else but don’t want to put the work in.

I’ll say one more thing about the art style. It may take awhile to get into it, but the fight scenes…. Whoa… They are good. When Mob gets to 100%…


It looks pretty awesome in my opinion.

So if you like anime with unique characters, good moral lessons, and some humor. I would recommend you give this show a chance. I’m a bit sad it took me so long to watch it so you can bet I’m going to watch season two as the episodes come out.

Happy watching!




The warmth in silence

Last week I wrote a post about one of my favorite women characters in anime, Yona. After writing that post I decided to do a series (hopefully every Friday) and look at each of the characters in the anime Akatsuki No Yona aka Yona of the Dawn. One reason that I believe that this anime is so good is that all the characters are unique and you love them for different reasons. I’m going to start off with my favorite dragon, Shin-ah.

In Yona’s journey for protection she is traveling across her country to find the legendary humans who were given certain strengths by dragons. It is their duty to protect her, but she doesn’t want to force this on anyone. She merely wants to ask.

Later in the series they are searching for the Blue Dragon and come across a strange village that has moved into the mountains. They seem to be afraid and they claim to not know anything about the Blue Dragon. So they stay the night and Yona gets separated and lost in the caves and is saved by the Blue Dragon.


She feels a connection to him and notices that his hands are warm. While everyone fears him she trusts him call it a 6th sense I guess :).

Now, this is the backstory that will make me cry every single time I watch. From a young age The Blue Dragon must wear a mask to protect others from his power. He can not only see far, but kill people with his gaze. So he lives isolation with the former Blue Dragon until he grows up and his powers get stronger. Here is the kicker, the stronger he gets the weaker the Former Blue Dragon, Ao, gets.


Ao is already bitter about being an outcast and takes his anger out on the new Blue Dragon. He teaches him to fight and tells him to never take of the mask and never talk to anyone or go near anyone. At first watching you tend to hate this man who is treating this young child so harshly. In the end you see that he is preparing him for the world of loneliness, it isn’t the best way mind you, but Ao cares for him in his own way.

Gradually Ao loses his eye sight and there is a moment where the new blue dragon puts on bells so Ao can find him. It is a sweet moment of a young child finally getting some affirmation from the man he admires, then Ao loses the last of his powers and dies. Leaving the new blue dragon complete alone. Not well versed in the sword yet the Blue Dragon stops a group of invaders using his powers.


He saves his village, but now the village fears retaliation and they move to the mountains.

The Blue Dragon child lives alone, in the dark, protecting those who hate him.


Yona finds him and in my mind it is a rescue from the people he is protecting. The moment he goes with her and leaves the bells behind that he found with Ao behind is a sweet moment of him getting a chance to live and be loved.

He always stays a quiet member of the group, but he finds his own place and way. There are some very cute and fun moments with him and his pet squirrel (he named Ao after his mentor).



However, the most touching moment is when he finally gets to sit in the moonlight and Yona gives him a name (since no one ever bothered to) and calls him Shin-ah which means moonlight.


This portion of the anime and story are some of the best moments in my opinion. It is a well crafted backstory and the character is strong and unique. It is filled with tragedy and hope.

That is what makes the Blue Dragon one of my favorite characters in the story and I hope you come to love him too!


I hope you all have a good weekend and Happy watching!

Living in the middle of nowhere

There are a lot of anime that I really love and enjoy. The story is on point and the characters are just awesome. So you can imagine my excitement that for the past few days Crunchyroll is talking about a movie night for Bungo Stray Dogs! Whooo! I’ve been waiting forever! (Okay not forever but a year and in anime terms that is like forever)

I click on the advertisement and surely it will come to a big city that is at least close to me…


Not even close. Sadness.

So yeah, now I guess I wait for a DVD? How long does that take?tumblr_oh7xbfFGCg1t2sdbno1_500

So for now, I wait some more. Life of an anime nerd right?

Happy Watching!


My Name TBR and TBW

First if I want to say I am so thankful for all the tags and awards that I have been nominated for, you all warm my heart that you think of me. Second I want to say sorry that I suck at answering them. I just got nominated by The Moyatorium and at this moment I have time to answer so I’m excited! This one seems a bit hard so lets see if I can do this!

So for every letter of my name I’m going to list a To be read book/manga or a To be watched anime… It looks like I have some repeat letters in my blog name so hopefully I can wake up my brain cells…



K – King’s Game JK JK I’ve already seen that mess and I’m good… For this I’ll put Kuroko’s Basketball since I’m still in the middle of watching (I just started season three) and that is also a manga that I would like to read. I’ve never been a sports anime fan, but Haikyu!! has changed my life and I really like this anime so far.

I – InuXBoku Secret Service, Wow this has been on my que for a long time… I’ve only heard good things but I have never watched it… It isn’t that long and I may need to just take a few hours and knock it out.

M – Mob Psycho 100. This is another anime that I’ve heard good things about and I’ve held back watching because the art style looks like it will take me awhile to get into.

C – Court of Thorns and Roses a book by Sarah J. Maas. I own the dang thing I just haven’t read it yet… I get distracted by shiny things often.

H – Himouto! Umaru-chan – Due to a review by another blogger- and I’m a jerk and forgot the name- I want to give this anime another chance. I made it about three episodes in if I remember and I didn’t care much for the main character but I hear she shows some growth, so I want to give it another go!UmaruChibi

I- (Yikes another I?) Um… How about The Inexplicable Logic of my Life – It is another book that is in my kindle – that I don’t remember buying- But I own it for some reason and I’m sure it’s good… I just haven’t read it.

S – Sound! Euphonium- I’ve heard also a lot of good things about this anime and one reason I wanted to watch it is because I have a friend who is musical and I’m trying to bring her to the dark side and watch anime so I was looking for a gateway drug for her to enter our world… Muwhahaha!

My success at converting all my friends to watch anime! AHHH HAHAHAHA

A – Angel Beats – Again I hear great things… I just need to sit my butt down and watch it.

M – (Okay my name has too many letters that are the same…) – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya- I heard a youtube clip one day of a song on the show and I really liked it so I added it to my Queue and I still have yet to watch it. I really want to, yeah yeah, sit down watch, yada yada 🙂

A – Angels’ Blood – I got this book from a book club member that recommended it. Looks pretty cool nice cover… yeah… haven’t read it yet.


So there you go! My list of things that I need to read or watch and now I feel panicked to watch all the things! JK I’ll get to it 😉 Someday… Maybe when there are less shiny things…

I’m going to tag others now and you all know that I’m not great at answering these so don’t feel like you have to, but do check out their blogs for some great content!

The Maniacal Book Unicorn

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-The Book Worm Drinketh

So there you go!

Happy Watching!