It is always good to have healthy obsessions. Right?


Wait why does this gif keep popping up in my blogs?


In the second episode of Run With the Wind we are really getting a dose of Haiji’s obsession with making the team commit so they can run.

I think in  episode two you can laugh it off as humorous. Honestly the way he goes about getting these nine guys to commit to running can be funny. Then there is the part of me that does think that his obsession is really going to the extreme… I mean we are also talking about running, like physical movement…

Wait how cheap is the rent?

I would not feel great if someone would make me run. I’m joining the prince in his pile of books and hiding out.

Part of me is starting to wonder. Is there more to this obsession and selection of guys? Is he just doing it for himself or is he trying to help them too?

My hope is still that he is trying to help the other characters in some way other than giving them great food and physical activity.

He knows more than he is saying

Just what is his goal? What does he get from all of this? Why are these certain guys needed?

This anime still has me wondering and asking questions. The right kind of questions where I’m getting more invested.

I want to see these characters come together in a way that gives them a supportive community. I want to see that they are chosen not just because they were athletic in someway (except you literature guy sorry man, good luck).

If this show gives me these things this could really be a great payoff.

Also speaking of obsession… I’m working on my birthday post for tomorrow. Stay tuned for some of my healthy *cough* obsessions 😉

Happy Watching!


So you Wanna Watch a Shonen?

What do you expect when you watch a shonen anime? You got to have that world set up and the plucky lead character am I right?

Don’t be fooled we are cows.

Well now I’m going to expect something like elephant cows from here on out.

So the main character Asta oh oops I mean Seth wants to be the very best sorcerer and he likes to steal grimoires from his mentor/guardian Alma.

Now he does have power and Natsu oh oops I mean Seth sometimes ends up destroying things with his power when he is showing off for his young friend. It makes the villagers pretty angry with him and you may understand why they don’t care for sorcerers.


In this world we do have a set up that Naruto oh oops I mean Seth is going to face discrimination because he can manipulate the power just like the bad guys called the Nemesis that infect others. Apparently he is immune? So he is on his journey to be the best.

It looks like we are going to follow Luffy oh oops I mean Seth on his journey to find out if he can find where the nemesis are created.

So buckle up for one heck of an adventure and honestly just be happy that the yelling is at a minimum.

Happy Watching!

One Liner Challenge Part II

Besides the Harem tag this is probably one of my favorites to read and partake in! Thank you Keiko for tagging me! Also check out their blog for some awesome reads!

The Rules:

  • Accept and thank your challenger(s) by linking back to their post.
  • Make a post of one-sentence summaries and/or roasts of at least five books anime
  • No spoilers!
  • Link back to The Awkward Book Blogger so she can see your post.
  • Challenge as many or as little people as you want!
  • Have fun!

Made in the Abyss


If you don’t have any childhood trauma this will make up for it.

Happy Sugar Life



Future Diary


Compared to this, Hunger Games is just child’s play.

Himouto! Umaru-chan


When you are a d*** to someone they give you what you want.

Banana Fish


If you are watching for BL you’re watching the wrong show.

(Asexual love all the way!!! My theory… I never read the manga lol)

Love is Hard for Otaku


Otaku nerds prove once and for all that they are the most socially awkward.



The only time volleyball will be exciting.

Space Battleship Tiramisu


Proving that once and for all that cockpit is a dirty word.

Zodiac War


When a psycho rabbit can pull of heels better than you.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes


Will these two just kiss already?

Kamisama Kiss


Probably not a great example of consent.


Well I did wayyyy too many but I had fun! I will tag three people but once again no pressure to do this tag.


The Anime Almanac



Happy Watching!


Go forward in time and lose half a shirt.

I have a feeling I picked another anime that is a continuation of something or a remake. Since I have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on…

I only wish…

So first off there are a bunch of guys. They all have kind of shadowy halos in their hair and wearing something that it looks like period clothing but with an anime twist. Also they are all hot guys.

They are running around on a boat. These two guys run around a lot. They are in good shape and maybe should join the running club in the anime Run with the Wind.

Then they get this really cool pocket watch. Suddenly the one female in the world who is wearing a cat suit steals the watch and a bunch of numbers fly around in the air.


Then they run around some more and see a guy who is like trapped in a some sort of kinky bondage. We don’t know why but the two run around boys leave him there.

Then more numbers flash around and they are dun dun dun IN THE FUTURE! Also they get new clothes. Apparently in the future they wear crop tops and sometimes not even a shirt. I feel bad for these people who don’t have shirts. Must get cold.

I guess this is pretty  handy that your clothes change since I think that is some of the worry about time travelers. Can’t be caught dead in last years fashion.

Then there is a super old historical character. Wow.

Yeah, I think I messed up and maybe I flashed forward into the future where I missed the whole set up of this anime. If you want to watch men run around in period cloths give BAKUMATSU  a good watching. I honestly found the sword innuendo worth it.

Yeah, I make everything dirty.

Happy Watching.

You Like Running?

There is that moment in story or anime. It is those few seconds and that is all they have to hook you. To give you the overall tone of the anime. It is a promise that this anime will match the opening.

When I started watching Run With the Wind the few seconds of the darkness of the street. The steady breath of the runner. The blinking of the street lights. The quiets shouts of “Stop thief!” That is all it took me to buy into this sports anime.

Like all first episode the potential is there for another inspirational sports anime.

There is an interesting cast of characters.


You get a brief introduction to them and I think the Literature major is my new soul mate. His book collection at least is… Also I think all of you shippers out there will enjoy the endless combinations of college men… Just saying…

Also this may be the English Teacher in me but I really love the title. I like the inclusion of the word “With”. You usually hear it as the simile “run like the wind,” but I like how the Wind becomes a character that is running along side these characters. I’m really hoping from some awesome imagery with the wind in the anime.

So for me this anime had a strong start. The quietness of the opening you could really see the passion for running. The solitary of the sport and the freedom that comes from speed.

Now will the rest of the anime hold up?


Well, I really hope so!

Happy Watching!