Black Clover First Reactions


Every year there is that anime with all the hype surrounding it. “Attack on Titan” gets this claim to fame whenever the creators deem that they will grace us peons and make a new season. Sometimes the waiting can be brutal and then in the end the anime is just not worth it (Don’t get me wrong I love AoT).

This fall “Black Clover” has been getting all the ads and the hype. The trailers looked promising and the manga readers, “Read the manga or you’re not a real fan” (I don’t care if you read the manga or watch the anime do what makes you happy. Seriously) came out of the woodwork and then rejoiced at their beloved manga getting a show.

Maybe I will have to check out the manga because the first episodes were disappointing. It is the curse of the hype. We expect such amazing things and then it isn’t delivered. I am sticking with it and I was very pleased with the ending of the 4th episode and I’m hoping that it will get into a nice grove.

The first few episodes are very rushed and you can tell they want to get the plot moving. Things seemed jammed and are disjointed. Okay here’s a random villain, Okay there are special clover grimoires, okay he likes a nun, no magic, super magic, wizard kings, magic knights, orphans, discrimination, tatoes, and yelling oh my! It is a lot to take in and with the annoying yelling voice of the main character and the bland personality of the rival, one just wants to give up.

I like to give anime a 3 episode try and I gave this one 4 and I think I will keep watching it. I do hope that the yelling tones down because that is annoying and I really hope the pace slows down and they stop adding in info dumps to the exposition. I get it that some don’t like anime with slow starts, but if you dunk us under a waterfall and tell us to drink, the world won’t make sense and we won’t like it.

In the end there are other fall animes that are first on my list this year. I’ve enjoyed them more than “Black Clover” however, I will continue to watch and hope that it will live up to its hype. “Not giving up is my superpower!” (when it comes to anime haha)


Bungo Stray Dogs


BungouI saw a lot of hype about “Bungo Stray Dogs” in my news feed and I put off watching it for a long time. I regret that. This anime has turned into one of my favorites. As mentioned in the last post I love strong characters and “Bungo Stray Dogs” delivers on vastly unique characters with really awesome magical powers.

When you watch the first episode it doesn’t seem unordinary then a few minutes the character Dazai floats in, hopefully you will begin to love him as much as I did. He in fact is my favorite character and as you watch there is an era of mystery about him. No one knows what he did in his previous job and there is such a slow build to this plot point and then when you hit season 2 there are 3 backstory episode just for him. They even have a special intro just for those episodes which are amazing and stand on their own.

I’m an English Lit major and their abilities, character traits, and names all have to do with classic authors in Japan and eventually other countries including the United States. How cool is that? I found myself pausing the anime so I could get a full description of their power and catch the authors name that they were referencing. It was a really cool use of mixing old authors with anime. Their powers were clever and the way their were drawn also references the authors work.

There are plenty of characters to love but it also has a rich world and the mystery behind why everyone is chasing after the main character, Nakajima. We won’t realize why until later in the season.

Nakajima at the start of season one has just been kicked out of the orphanage that had been plagued by a mystical white tiger. He doesn’t understand why he was singled out and throughout the anime he deals with the mental abuse he faced while he grew up. Nakajima tries to find worth in himself and then joins a motley crew that investigates cases that the police are not equipped for or can handle.

This is where you get to meet a rich assortment of characters that have different personalities and are lovable in their own way.

The art work is beautiful and the story is rich! I hope you enjoy “Bungo Stray Dogs” as much as I did!