A bit of cuteness to brighten your day

In my Yona posts I would be remiss if I forgot to mention one of the cutest characters from Yona of the Dawn.


The Blue Dragon’s companion Ao! I’ve already mentioned that she was named after the Blue Dragons “mentor” the true hilarity of that choice is that squirrel Ao is very cute and full of cuddles where as the former blue dragon was well… very prickly.

This is a character who loves to eat…


Anything from Yona’s earrings to meat. Ao warmed up to Yona before the blue dragon and I think it was some of the reason why he trusted her. I mean if an anime likes someone that really does say a lot about their character in my opinion.


You can’t always say that eating is a skill but she rescued Yona and Yoon when they were tied up and helped them with their plan to overthrow the sex trade in one of the final story arcs of the anime.

“Who’s this little creature with swollen cheeks? She’s stuffed too much in there!”

Ao remains one of my favorite animal characters in anime. Do you have any favorites?

Happy watching!