An Issue of Class in Kdramas

I lost my way from anime land. I fell into kdrama land so I guess I can’t complain much. I’m having a hard time trying to focus on anime so I just let this happen.

Kdramas have their own weaknesses even though they deal with the same tropes over and over I find them more refreshing than normal TV shows. It may be to the fact that I didn’t grow up watching them so the tropes seem new… Well newer.

They tend to be very dramatic. A theme pops up in Kdramas often and I don’t find it dramatic at all. It deals with the difference between the characters “class” to be more specific the socioeconomic status.

This is a topic that is very near and dear to me. I’ve notice in all three series that I am writing that is a common theme. It gets to me when those who are born into more privilege seem to get away with anything. We’ve come to face facts that money is power. This is a common theme in kdramas. Those with money bascially can do whatever they want. We see it in the news and we see it on TV. The truly frustrating part is all I can do it seems is write about it. Those with the gold make the rules. Right?

Itaewon Class is a kdrama that is recently airing on Netflix (in the states at least) and it really hammers home the difference between those who are rich a poor. There is only one lesson that the heir of a corporation learns:  That he can get away with anything, including murder.

Life isn’t fair. I think this is something we learn at a young age. However, it tends to seem to be more fair to those with money. I think if you see this anime you will feel the injustice along with me. It is horrible but this is also an issue we see everyday. People get away with fraud, rape, murder, drug use… Mostly because they are born to a life we will never understand or have.

In the first episode I think I cried at least three times. This may be an old trope but the actors/actresses especially Park Seo-joon hit each note with perfection. Park Seo-joon portrays the main characters rage and secrets that you can’t look away from him. I want to know what is going on behind the mask that he puts on for the world. He has a plan and you hope that he completes it.

Each character is unique and they all have their own goals. Most of them you don’t know what is going on behind their eyes. I think that this one will keep me guessing until the end. My heart might just break a bit…

This drama isn’t finished airing but if you start watching be warned the week long wait is hard to handle. I hope for a happy ending with these characters but the great thing about kdramas is sometimes you never know what you will get.

Itaewon Class Run

Even though I miss anime land I’m in good company with my kdramas. Take a moment to check out Itaewon Class if you have time!

Happy Watching!


A Tragic Journey

I’ve branched out to being a bit obsessed with Kdramas. There is something very addictive about them so proceed with caution.

One Kdrama that I’ve been wanting to watch for a long time was Goblin or Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. I think to save my fingers a bit of pain I’m just going to stick with Goblin.

I only had Netflix for awhile and I couldn’t find anywhere to watch this show that was getting all these amazing reviews. Finally Viki came through and they have it on their streaming platform.

I heard it was good but I wasn’t prepared.

Goblin K drama

This drama hits all the notes of a good kdrama and then leaves you wrecked.

“Well dang Kimchi, I don’t know if I want to watch this if I’m going to be in tears.”

Let’s just follow the good advice of Aristotle who says it is good for us to purge our emotions. This drama doesn’t just have tragic moments but it also has so many humorous¬† ones as well.¬† I’ve always picked my favorite stories based on this balance. In my opinion good writing tries to hit all the different emotions.

Our souls need a break from the sadness in shows. We need to laugh and this drama is a perfect balance. Mainly due to the relationship between the Goblin and Grim Reaper…


I honestly cared so much for them and I found their relationship so sweet. It is the perfect bromance.

Also my favorite part…

Goblin Reaper gif

I may or may not have played this scene on repeat…

Then in the funny moments you meet these characters who are fragile all in their own ways. The life they have now is dictated by their past mistakes or trauma that happened to them not by their choice.

You want these characters to be happy. You the watcher forgive them for what they did. But they have to live with themselves and sometimes that is the biggest punishment.

Regret something? What if you had to regret it for hundreds of years? What if what you did not only hurt yourself but others? What if your choices caused the death of others?


There is a strong element of romance in this kdrama but for me it was more about how all these people/beings came together and formed a really strange family. One family where they were accepted for who they are. Then giving them a chance to forgive themselves.

I don’t want to tell you what to do with your life, but if you love a good story try this one. If you only ever watch one kdrama– let it be this one.


There is beauty in the characters brokenness but in also their redemption.

Happy Watching!

And Happy Halloween!