My First

Hey I want to join in on the Valentines train and talk about the first time I fell in love with a 2D anime boy? man? I don’t know but it was a moment that I will remember. Then it became the end for me.

So what is the deal with falling in “love” with fictional characters. Honestly, it is the fantasy that is presented. We get to see something that is perfect to us and as humans we are probably never going to find a perfect person. That is all a part of wishing that character was real.

Then we all know if they did exist they would annoy the spit out of us.

I remember in high school the first 2D men that showed interest in were Captain Lee Shang, and Adam from Beauty and the Beast. Maybe this was only the start. Since I didn’t start watching anime until later these two men live fondly in my heart for my teenage years.

And what do you call those characters in books? 1D? So many characters that are easy to fangirl over. Char from Ella Enchanted won over my heart each time I reread that book. Then I was one of those who was team Edward, but in my adult mind I realize that Jacob would have been the healthier relationship. haha.

So anime entered my life and I watched a few but then I found this anime called Fairy Tail. This show gets a lot of flack because it is pretty repetitive and really no one can die (it seems at times). Then some characters seem super strong then are weak after they are defeated and join Fairy Tail… Yeah this anime has a lot of problems but it is something I still enjoy watching.

So in episode one I can blame this character for starting my love for 2D anime boys.


Natsu Dragneel.

Seem odd? Maybe.

When he came in at the end of the first episode suddenly muscles appeared on his arms. Then fire. Yeah, fire makes everything hot. Literately and figuratively.

My eyes widened and I let out a small intake of air. It didn’t help that my husband noticed too. He did not let me live it down.

Since then I’ve had many love affairs but Natsu will always be my first.


Hope you all have a moment to talk to someone you love today. I think I’ll go re watch episode one…

Happy Watching!