Blood Shower Anyone?

I’ve been meaning to watch Akame Ga Kill for some time and I finally bit the bullet. This was the conversation at the start of the anime I had with my husband.

Me: Oh God is this a harem?

Him: Just watch it and find out.

Me: (sees blushing female) This IS a harem!

Him: Why do you write off anime because it is a harem. It is more than a harem.

Me: Do not!

Him: (Looks at me)

Me: Fine, I’ll give it a chance.

End verdict: It is a harem with a lot of blood showers.

However, I am proud of myself that I finished a harem. Usually I give up once girl number three falls in love with the male potato.

And it really wasn’t all bad. I’m a fan of darker graphic anime so bring on the blood showers! Spoilers ahead matey!

The Good


There were a lot of good things about this anime. I honestly think if they would have taken out ALL the romance it would have been fantastic. (I know weird to hear me say that. I just commented on another blog that another anime needed more abs and romance).

I mentioned this in my other blog about antagonists and I think some of the stronger parts of this anime were well developed “bad guys.” They had motivation and conflict and I found their reasons for fighting a lot more believable than Night Raid.

My major issue is that they have a freaking bad ass psychopath as the leader. Esdeath doesn’t even care about the minister just just wants the strong to survive. Then they make her get all blushy over a man? PLEASE GOD WHY??? WHYYYYYYYY?????? She is psycho just let her kill things! Character ruined.

Welcome to your fulfilled wet dream.

I guess we can’t have a crazy killer female have purpose unless she loves a man. *takes deep breath.

Another good thing I really liked about the anime is the magic. I thought the story behind the “weapons” and how they were used was quit unique. My favorite was Susanoo.

You ordered another blood shower?

I mean all is fair in love and fan service and it was about time we got a hot male. I loved the fact that he was probably my favorite character from Night Raid. I think I just wanted one for my own. This guy can build a house and cook dinner. Also with his OCD my house would be super clean. Whenever Susanoo appeared on screen I glared at my husband who sat on the sofa eating potato chips. I asked him if I could trade him for Susanoo and I don’t think he appreciated it.

Anyway…. The magic of organic and inorganic weapons and the bonding process was a hit for me. I liked the fact that if you insulted it or thought it was ugly it wouldn’t chose you. I mean that really does make sense.

So I liked the magic and most of the villains. And honestly I really liked what the plot could have been. I’m a fan of those who are trying to over throw a corrupt dictatorship. The conflict and motivation were really there. Then they had to add in all this romance. Sigh.

The Bad

I'm sorry

Cool characters focusing on a boy. This is honestly where all my hatred comes from for harems. Honestly, they are not my thing. If you love them I’m so happy for you. I don’t know if it is just because I’m a woman or I hate that a female characters agency is always taken away from her when she “falls in love.”

I think there are good harems out there I really did like Re: Zero. There are a few reverse harems that I honestly love (Host Club and Yona of the Dawn). When I look at those what they did right is that the male characters still had purpose and a story to tell besides their crush.

I would have been okay with most of it, but honestly there were a few moments that just ruined it.

They decide to risk their lives to go save him from his execution. Earlier in the anime they told him that he couldn’t run off and kill himself to save someone and now they run after him. Taking huge losses to save him. This was not a wise decision in a war and they should have let him die. Seriously. This rescue went against everything they preached up to that moment. Yeah they claimed it was to save moral… But they were okay with losing others before. WHY DIDN’T YOU CARE ABOUT MORAL THEN? Because it is a WAR people DIE.

Honestly I’m surprised that they were still alive at this point if they made choices like this.

Then another weakness is when there is so much death in an anime there needs to be more time for us to like the characters.

At one point you really just don’t care that they die. Then when you start hoping they will die so the anime will end you start to question your moral character.

We got some backstory but it wasn’t enough to make us care. We mostly got face in boobs and that left me not caring much about the characters in Night Raid. I was more sad when anyone in the jaegers died.


In the end it was a gory watch. Which I didn’t mind. I rate this 1000 eye rolls because that is all I did when another girl fell in love with Tatsumi. Or should I call him Tatsumi the promise maker. Because that kid kept promising that no one would die, and kid sorry to tell you people die in wars.


So this harem did not change my mind about harems. Do you have any suggestions that would?

Until then

Happy Watching!


Devilman Crybaby

I haven’t had a chance to watch a lot of “Netflix Original” anime. Which I find is a weird title to put on an anime that has other studios working on it, but I’m not sure how that works… I did see in the credits that MADHOUSE was involved so I was pretty interested to see what this was about. I’m going to try and not be too spoiler-y since the twists are what makes the ending so good.

First things first the title isn’t great. When I read it I thought that this would be more of a gag anime than the darker journey that this anime took me on. So be prepared for a very graphic anime with both sex and violence. I wish they would have named it “Devilman Cries” or something else… It just seems cheesy.


So in this world humans can get taken over by demons. Then they start eating humans. However, the main character Akira dubs himself as a “devilman” since he still has his human heart and I think he can sense the human inside the demons crying so that makes him cry thus the name “Crybaby”. His friend Ryo helps him fight demons not really telling Akira what the end goal is for his plans.

From the first episode I was on board. It had a nice set up an the OP theme is still stuck in my head (man man man man human it gets ya). Like I said earlier this anime is very graphic and in episode one you start out with a huge sex/death orgy so yeah…

I think in this anime only having 10 episode hurt the flow of the beginning set up. There is a loss of the grove in episodes 2-4 I think they could have used another episode before the one with Akira’s mom to have more of a set up with what their relationship was or wasn’t.

The plot feels rushed and scattered and I was tempted to call it quits. I didn’t feel like watching a bunch of people die that I didn’t care about (I already watched King’s Game for that). Then this anime really hits its grove in the last episodes and things start to make sense and the relationships and the tragedy is real and heartbreaking.

The message that humans are the real monsters hit home. I’ve been watching a lot of “Black Mirror” as well and to see the mob mentality is something that is real. People killing people. This anime takes you to the darkest depths that humans can reach when we lose our humanity.


The fact of this anime is you don’t know who to trust. You see people make choices and those choices are “right” to them. Friends are divided without warning and do things in the end that make your stomach turn. A sweet moment can be wrecked in flash. We have the power of choice and that is what this anime shows.

This anime won’t give you a lot of faith in humans but there are always a few bright moments. (Spoiler) I really enjoyed the scene where Akira is protecting the humans. Then the children put down their rocks and hug him. Children leading the adults and who aren’t born to hate. That was nice message that sometimes a child can see more truth and wisdom than adults can when we are riled.

The final turning point was tragic the last two episode are the best in the whole series in my opinion. It shows the good and the bad and the full impact of the relationships between Akira and those who he loves and what keeps him human.

My favorite moment is after the credits start rolling.  I think it is episode 9 there is a scene between Akira and Miki that is beautiful.Devilman-Crybaby-Season-1-Episode-9-Go-To-Hell-You-Mortals-Akira-and-Miki

The music and the peace of her riding behind him on his motorcycle is a nice moment after all the tragedy that happens. It is a dream and a hope another world that they can live in together without the death that surrounds them. This is the only time, I believe, that there is something after the credits so make sure you watch them and don’t skip ahead.

The art in this anime is unique and the music is perfect. I really enjoyed the rapping also. It was more “Old School” when rap tells a story and doesn’t just repeat the same sexual innuendo over and over. It really gave an interesting break and vibe to the story telling. I honestly didn’t like it at first but then it grew on me after a sweet moment between two side characters.


The way he couldn’t speak to her but then he could express himself through rap was very cute.

In the end this isn’t an easy anime to watch. The first episodes are weaker than the final, but once it gets in the grove it really takes off. The battle scene at the end is probably one of the best that I have seen in a long time.

Hope you give this anime a chance it was a good watch. Happy watching!

“I am a Devilman!”

How plot organization ruined Juni Taisen

This post is one big spoiler…

This fall I was the most excited to watch the anime Juni Taisen. It is from the same creator as Future Diary which I also really enjoyed and is one of my favorite anime. The things I enjoyed about Future Diary were not in this anime which became very predictable. However, I did enjoy the backstory of each character, but the fact of how it was organized ruined the surprise of who would die next. Yes, I guess we never knew how they would die but by then it was usually a let down.

First off I want to say that after the first episode I was so excited. It was extremely good and the shock of Boar getting the huge set up only to die right away was just awesome. When I watched I was like, “Yes, this is the ride I want full of surprises” then came episode two…

We got Dog’s backstory and right away I knew he would die. Did the brilliance that led the first episode to being awesome ruin it for the following episode? In a way yes, from then on we could predict who would die next based on whose backstory we heard. This was a major failure with the organization since the backstory wouldn’t let us get attached to any character.

Don’t get me wrong each backstory was actually amazing but if fell flat with the viewer already being in the mindset that that character was going to die. It is unfortunate to have so many awesome unique characters and we couldn’t appreciate the sadness of their deaths or even cheer for our own zodiac because by then it didn’t take long to figure out another failure with the organization of the anime… The closing theme.

After about 2-3 episodes a viewer could see that the order of the zodiac in the closing theme matched the order of the deaths (except for snake) that was the truly disappointing thing about this anime. From the beginning you already knew that Rat would win. I don’t know why they did that, that seems like a stupid way to give away everything and it made me sad since I’m year of the Ox and I wanted him to win haha.

I was truly proud of my zodiac character and honestly he was pretty badass. His and tiger’s backstory was so sweet also and still the thought that I knew he was going to die wrecked the feelings I was supposed to have at the death of tiger and ox.

With their backstory they had more interaction with each other and I would have like to see more of that in the other characters. They knew OF each other but ox and tiger where the only two who had a movement before the Juni Taisen where he rescued her and she had a goal to one day fight him.

I think it would have been interesting to see the conflict of more characters facing people who they actually knew before they had the Juni Taisen. That would have even given more depth to their backstories.

The explanation of why rat won and his struggle for the wish was actually pretty nice. However, his power was a bit OP for this and seemed like a cop out for why someone who slept though everything would win. I think it would have been better if the others knew his power so they could try and find its blind spots (like they did in Future Diary) then it would have made it more interesting. Everyone was more concerned with rabbit than to notice the rat. Rabbit was enjoyable to watch even for just his awesome outfit ha.

When the main threat of rabbit died it was a bit disappointing but then the necromancy let it to drag out a bit and had a few surprises there, but again we all knew by then that rat was going to be the winner.

All in all I like the backstories and the way they had to introduce themselves before every battle.

However, it is too predictable so it lost those heart wrenching moments that we want from an anime like this. Also I would have like to see some fallout for the people who were betting on the battle. What was their deal? The warriors just let this keep going? I feel like if ox won he would have killed them :D.

Hope you all are enjoying the new year (year of the dog) and Happy watching!


Ever have that anime where you get to wait anxiously for news of a season 2 that may never come? That is the life of an anime watcher. There are many on my list that I hope to see a season 2 or 3, in the end I read the manga so I can get some closure to the anime.

I do try to avoid anime that I’ve heard just drop off after 12 episodes with no clear resolution and “Btooom!” was one of those anime. However, I ignored my warning that I was about to watch something that would leave me unfulfilled and started watching.

This anime has your usual NEET that is 22 years old and lives with his mother. Ryouta does excel at a game called Btoom! He is ranked 10th worldwide and then gets invited to play in a real life Btooom! game. This kind of reminds me of SAO but for adults. The characters are there in their actual bodies unlike SAO (as far as I know).

All the people are on the island and they need to kill each other and collect the green chips that are in their hands. If you get 8 you get to go home. This is your usual kill people and survive anime.

I know there are a lot of these anime out there that pit characters against each other to the death but once again it is the unique characters that make this anime great. Maybe people just like to watch the struggle of people who have never killed before be forced into situations. It is like a psychological study of human nature.

The backstory of the characters is what makes it worth it *some spoilers ahead*

Ryouta ends up forming a small band of people together to see if they can get off the island alive. He eventually teams up with Himiko who turns out to be his “online gaming wife” she has trouble trusting men which is understandable from her backstory of seeing her friends get raped. We do find out from her back story that she was nominated to partake in the game probably because she ran instead of helping her friends.

We learn through each backstory why the characters were chosen for the game someone had to just nominate them to disappear. The characters don’t know why there are there and have to figure out what their bombs are for and how they work.

Somethings I like about this anime is that there is a different strategy for each type of bomb and not everyone gets the same type. Before people attack they have the draw back of not knowing what type of bomb they will face.

Another thing I like is the backstory of the characters. You get a lot of tragic characters that you root for and then there are those where in your mind you believe they are worthy of their fate on the island (what does that say about us the watcher… 🙂 ). There is also a lovely crazy who gets to enjoy all the killing. Hey, there’s gotta be one in every anime right?


Yes, this is a very graphic anime, but if you enjoy SAO and Future diary it is like a mixture between the two.

We can always hold out hope for a season 2 but from the looks of it the game didn’t sell well so we may be stuck with the unsatisfying ending of season 1. Happy watching!

King’s Game


There are a couple of darker anime this fall and King’s Game is a brutal blood bath. I have to admit I was excited about this anime and I’m finding myself to be a bit disappointed in its execution (pun intended).

In this anime a group of students get texts at midnight giving them orders from the king to follow and if they don’t they die in horrible ways. Sometimes the orders are to kill others or do various things with other students. There is that period at first where everyone thinks it is a sick joke then people start dying and then they all freak out and go after each other instead of trying to work together.

I love the idea and I may have to find the manga and see if it is done better than the anime. One thing I don’t like is that so far the first episodes are flashbacks to when the main character Nobuaki went through the King’s Game already at his old school and survived (obviously). I really wish that season one would have just been about his first time in the King’s game then maybe season 2 would be about his new school. The flashbacks are annoying and I don’t care about any of the characters since there are so dang many of them. The only reason to watch is to see how many horrible ways that people die. There is a hint of backstory about some of the characters, but it is rushed and you still don’t care about them.

In episode 6 last week it finally came together with the plot and maybe a hint of what the King’s Game actually is, but once again why the flashbacks? I’ll say it again, I really wish that season one would have been about Nobuaki’s first school since it basically is doing that, but we know Nobuaki survives and we can assume that his girlfriend dies although we technically don’t know that yet.

And can I say random yandere warning? That part was weird and didn’t even make sense, if we would have gotten to know the character more it would have been a cool surprise but whoa right out of the gate just seemed odd.

The concept of this anime is so interesting and rushing it just makes it hard to get into the psychological aspects of “All these people are dying around me and I’m powerless to stop it.” This would have been so good! However, the audience needs to care about these characters, at this point their deaths aren’t don’t carry an impact.

Yes, I will continue to watch it. My anime life this fall seems to be just watching these new anime and hoping that they get better. Here’s hoping!