I like what I like… Until…

There is that genre that we tend to avoid. You know when the story sounds pretty cool then you see that it’s a certain genre… It can be an automatic pass. You know there is no judgement from me since I am a serial abuser of the “I don’t like_____ .”

Mostly it has to do with harems. I really don’t like them. I also should mention that I am a super hypocrite since I like some reverse harems. So I’ll just lay it all out there that I am a super hypocrite. Or I could argue that there is a bit of difference and that to me it is the personality of the main character… blah blah blah.

But I’m actually want to write about those few harems that snuck through my instant reject and turned into something that I enjoyed.

Something that frustrates me is my own lack of research. So I’m the only one to be blamed here. When I’m watching an anime and it is okay but I stop watching once girl number two falls in love with potato boy. At that point I’m done. The anime already failed me in the fact that the main character is not a believable love interest. For any harem to work (for me) I have to believe that one person would be awesome enough to have multiple love interests… (I had to rage quit Accel World)

accel world
He is cuter as a pig but the constant crying… Thank you, next.

So it in the end I’ve only watched very few harem anime all the way to the end. Also if I see one male surrounded by women in the picture I tend to pass.

Now for the ones that I found myself enjoying. These I guess have a darker themes and I think a way stronger male lead.


This anime will be getting a second season soon which I’m pretty excited about. However, Re: zero was a hard sell at first. When I first watched it I didn’t make it through the first episode. Then for some reason I tried it again and I think the darker elements really drew me in. I also started to like the how the main character grew with each rebirth. He didn’t stay the same and and that really sold me on him as a harem leader lol.

I did also like that he had to earn one of his love interests loyalty. He never knew if they were going to kill him or not. Pretty fun. Nothing like keeping your man on his toes.

Shield hero


The Rising of the Shield Hero is a recent anime that I’m really enjoying. For me Naofumi is a great character. He is a bit refreshing to me as an harem lead. For one I don’t see him crying all the time and also he isn’t awkwardly blushing all the time. I really like that. He was the typical nerd but I like that he is more hardened and that he really changed and grew as a character.

It really is a story line that makes sense. Normally I would be done at the first lollicon (something that makes me insta quit… sorry just not my thing) but the story and mc (for now) is overriding something I really don’t like … Now that is a powerful story to do that.

I think it is also due to the fact that he is acting more like a father or brother figure and that may be what is working for me.

So these two harems broke my own standards and I’m really happy that they did. It is hard to put out a blanket statement saying that you don’t care for a genre. In the end though, life is too short to watch something you don’t like. But I guess you have to stay open to finding that next thing that will bring you joy.

Any anime that changed your mind about a genre?

Happy Watching!




Blood Shower Anyone?

I’ve been meaning to watch Akame Ga Kill for some time and I finally bit the bullet. This was the conversation at the start of the anime I had with my husband.

Me: Oh God is this a harem?

Him: Just watch it and find out.

Me: (sees blushing female) This IS a harem!

Him: Why do you write off anime because it is a harem. It is more than a harem.

Me: Do not!

Him: (Looks at me)

Me: Fine, I’ll give it a chance.

End verdict: It is a harem with a lot of blood showers.

However, I am proud of myself that I finished a harem. Usually I give up once girl number three falls in love with the male potato.

And it really wasn’t all bad. I’m a fan of darker graphic anime so bring on the blood showers! Spoilers ahead matey!

The Good


There were a lot of good things about this anime. I honestly think if they would have taken out ALL the romance it would have been fantastic. (I know weird to hear me say that. I just commented on another blog that another anime needed more abs and romance).

I mentioned this in my other blog about antagonists and I think some of the stronger parts of this anime were well developed “bad guys.” They had motivation and conflict and I found their reasons for fighting a lot more believable than Night Raid.

My major issue is that they have a freaking bad ass psychopath as the leader. Esdeath doesn’t even care about the minister just just wants the strong to survive. Then they make her get all blushy over a man? PLEASE GOD WHY??? WHYYYYYYYY?????? She is psycho just let her kill things! Character ruined.

Welcome to your fulfilled wet dream.

I guess we can’t have a crazy killer female have purpose unless she loves a man. *takes deep breath.

Another good thing I really liked about the anime is the magic. I thought the story behind the “weapons” and how they were used was quit unique. My favorite was Susanoo.

You ordered another blood shower?

I mean all is fair in love and fan service and it was about time we got a hot male. I loved the fact that he was probably my favorite character from Night Raid. I think I just wanted one for my own. This guy can build a house and cook dinner. Also with his OCD my house would be super clean. Whenever Susanoo appeared on screen I glared at my husband who sat on the sofa eating potato chips. I asked him if I could trade him for Susanoo and I don’t think he appreciated it.

Anyway…. The magic of organic and inorganic weapons and the bonding process was a hit for me. I liked the fact that if you insulted it or thought it was ugly it wouldn’t chose you. I mean that really does make sense.

So I liked the magic and most of the villains. And honestly I really liked what the plot could have been. I’m a fan of those who are trying to over throw a corrupt dictatorship. The conflict and motivation were really there. Then they had to add in all this romance. Sigh.

The Bad

I'm sorry

Cool characters focusing on a boy. This is honestly where all my hatred comes from for harems. Honestly, they are not my thing. If you love them I’m so happy for you. I don’t know if it is just because I’m a woman or I hate that a female characters agency is always taken away from her when she “falls in love.”

I think there are good harems out there I really did like Re: Zero. There are a few reverse harems that I honestly love (Host Club and Yona of the Dawn). When I look at those what they did right is that the male characters still had purpose and a story to tell besides their crush.

I would have been okay with most of it, but honestly there were a few moments that just ruined it.

They decide to risk their lives to go save him from his execution. Earlier in the anime they told him that he couldn’t run off and kill himself to save someone and now they run after him. Taking huge losses to save him. This was not a wise decision in a war and they should have let him die. Seriously. This rescue went against everything they preached up to that moment. Yeah they claimed it was to save moral… But they were okay with losing others before. WHY DIDN’T YOU CARE ABOUT MORAL THEN? Because it is a WAR people DIE.

Honestly I’m surprised that they were still alive at this point if they made choices like this.

Then another weakness is when there is so much death in an anime there needs to be more time for us to like the characters.

At one point you really just don’t care that they die. Then when you start hoping they will die so the anime will end you start to question your moral character.

We got some backstory but it wasn’t enough to make us care. We mostly got face in boobs and that left me not caring much about the characters in Night Raid. I was more sad when anyone in the jaegers died.


In the end it was a gory watch. Which I didn’t mind. I rate this 1000 eye rolls because that is all I did when another girl fell in love with Tatsumi. Or should I call him Tatsumi the promise maker. Because that kid kept promising that no one would die, and kid sorry to tell you people die in wars.


So this harem did not change my mind about harems. Do you have any suggestions that would?

Until then

Happy Watching!


My lovely lovely Harem!

Here’s the rules before I start:

1. Link back KingDylbagblog Thanks for the nomination!

2. Use the ‘build a harem’ logo in your post.

3. Thank the person that nominated you.

4. Pick 5 anime characters (any show and any gender) that would be in your harem if you were in a harem anime. Explain (if you want) why you chose them.

5. Make sure each character you pick falls into some of the following harem character types: Childhood friend, tom boy/girl, genki girl/boy, loli/shota, trap, tsundere, yandere, kuudere, dandere, etc. (If there’s a character you’ve picked that doesn’t specifically fall into one of these types or falls into multiple types that’s fine too!)

6. Nominate 5 people to continue the tag

  1. Childhood Friend:  Son Hak


There is so much I could say about this character and I will have to keep it brief since my post on Friday will be all about him. Soooo, lets just pretend that I’m Yona and I got a childhood friend that is as awesome and protective as Hak. I wish. He is funny and poor guy is in the permanent friend zoned. He is also a beast…

Hak fight

Lightning beast that is…

I hope your minds weren’t in the gutter… Mine certainly wasn’t…


Anyway, Yes, I will always pick Hak. Number One Husbando!

2. Kuudere:  Shinya Kogami

Kougami hair

So it has been a bit since I’ve seen his face on a screen (not counting my screen saver on my phone *cough*) (sorry for all the coughing in this entry). He fits the cynical, quiet, darker type of man. Someone you want in a fight and also very strategic.


He has a strong sense of justice and he would probably break my heart in the end. I think he is one of the few anime characters that I really really wish I could see in real life haha…


God, Kogami save some sexiness for some of the other men…

3. Genki:  Takumi Usui


This guy can be way to perfect. He does have a lot of energy, but does pretend to sleep a lot when he’s up to something. Very lovable and you can’t always see the truth of what is behind his character or what he wants.

Usui Gif

Plus he is a stalker pervert alien and who doesn’t want one of those in their harem? I know I need one!

4. Sports/kind of Tsundere:  Shou Naruse


I’m kind of cheating a bit… He is kind of hard to read and comes off a bit cold and uncaring. He does however, get very jealous and acts out when he thinks that he is being ignored.

Also it is always good to have a sports guy in your harem… cause facts… yeah…

5. Yandere:  Jumin Han


So here is the favorite Fifty Shades of Jumin *cough*. Well, he does have the yandere tendencies, but I guess that depends on how you play the game. He can be still pretty lovable despite his robotic nature. Also… if you and your harem are in ever any need of money… Well… He’s pretty loaded.



So I hope you enjoyed my lovely lovely harem! Again no pressure if you are tagged!






Happy Watching or *cough* looking…