Go forward in time and lose half a shirt.

I have a feeling I picked another anime that is a continuation of something or a remake. Since I have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on…

I only wish…

So first off there are a bunch of guys. They all have kind of shadowy halos in their hair and wearing something that it looks like period clothing but with an anime twist. Also they are all hot guys.

They are running around on a boat. These two guys run around a lot. They are in good shape and maybe should join the running club in the anime Run with the Wind.

Then they get this really cool pocket watch. Suddenly the one female in the world who is wearing a cat suit steals the watch and a bunch of numbers fly around in the air.


Then they run around some more and see a guy who is like trapped in a some sort of kinky bondage. We don’t know why but the two run around boys leave him there.

Then more numbers flash around and they are dun dun dun IN THE FUTURE! Also they get new clothes. Apparently in the future they wear crop tops and sometimes not even a shirt. I feel bad for these people who don’t have shirts. Must get cold.

I guess this is pretty  handy that your clothes change since I think that is some of the worry about time travelers. Can’t be caught dead in last years fashion.

Then there is a super old historical character. Wow.

Yeah, I think I messed up and maybe I flashed forward into the future where I missed the whole set up of this anime. If you want to watch men run around in period cloths give BAKUMATSU  a good watching. I honestly found the sword innuendo worth it.

Yeah, I make everything dirty.

Happy Watching.

Son Hak

In my writing of this wonderful anime/manga I’ve re-watched and re-read and I found myself loving it just as much as the first time. With strong backstory and characters you really can’t go wrong with watching this anime. Also I found that I indeed have the biggest 2D infatuation on my last entry of this series.


Hak Rain

I’m actually finding this entry really hard to start! I’ve done a lot of thinking and research (don’t worry it wasn’t just looking for picture of him) and this is the entry I’ve been looking forward to the most yet dreading the most as to what to say about this character.

Hak Gaze

He is the adopted grandson of the chief of the wind tribe Son Mundok and at a young age rose in rank and at the start of the anime he is a general and the chief of the wind tribe. Although I was always a bit confused on how he could be both since it seems like he spent most of his time at the castle.

At first he isn’t really impressed by King Il and thinks that his ideals are silly at best. However, Hak one day got to see a side of the King that no one else will probably ever know or understand. The king stopped a blade with his bare hand and made no complaint. Just smiled.

From then one the King had Hak’s loyalty and Hak vowed to protect the princess.

Hak Arrow

At the start of the journey Yona was basically helpless and once Hak was severely injured that was her turning point and the start of her own personal journey to improve and grow stronger.

Hak Shield

This was very frustrating for Hak he wanted Yona to use him, “Keep your mouth shut and hang on, Princess. Think of me as a tool. Use me so that you can live! That’s what I’m here for!” This was his understanding of his new job. Just to keep her safe and still in her bubble.

She is a princess and he had a vow to keep.

He doesn’t like the fact that she makes her own vow. To protect him.

Hak tongue

He is the first reason. The reason they travel all over the country to gather the dragons. She sees how hard he fights and his willingness to die for her. So she decides to get others to protect him.

He has really unique relationships with all the dragons. I really enjoy him and the white dragons interactions also the green dragon…. (Any ships sailing there there?)

Hak Bye
“I don’t swing that way pal”

This is a bit of a source of humor with the dragons. Especially the white dragon. Hak is just as strong as they are, but she wants them to protect him.

Hak fighting

But he still follows her.

She asks him for training and he refuses at first because the king never liked weapons and after all he was there to protect her. Finally he agrees to help her learn to shoot and makes an off comment to Yona that his men would start off shooting 200 arrows a day but that she wouldn’t be able to.

So every night she does just that.

He jokes with her about her shooting and then asks her to shoot him.

Hak Silly

He is trying to prove a point that she is unable to take a life. He is still fighting to save the old Yona and to protect the King’s wishes.

Then he stops trying to hold her back even though there are some cases where he wants to. He lets her grow.

Hak worried

But he never stops her. Hak always lets her know that she is taking risks when she shouldn’t, but he never holds her back because she is a woman or a princess.

I think that is one of his best attributes. He shows his belief in her and what she can become.

There are many things that I can say about this character. Mischievous, loyal, funny, strong… etc… We can go on all day, but in the end he is always there for her.


One of my favorite parts is this scene. Where he tells her that he doesn’t want to hide her away, but he wants to show the world the princess who cut her hair and who grew so strong. To show the world that she is fierce and loving and loyal.

There friendship is something I think everyone desires. That mutual trust.

Sometimes it can be hard to watch since we all know that Hak has feelings for Yona, but he never admits them to her. We do however get the honey scene… Heh… (let me silent my squeeing for a bit)


The Thunder/Lightning Beast. Loyal friend and shield. He will continue to follow Yona and to see more of their relationship… Well, you may just have to read the manga ;). Meanwhile here is some fan-service….

Hak Fan service

Even if you are not a fan of romance, that really isn’t what this anime is about. It is/has always been about the characters and how they have grown and changed and it is really amazing to watch.

So I hoped you enjoyed my series!

Happy watching!



Also I’ve included a picture that I commissioned from one of my students from my favorite moment in the anime. It is the first picture I hung up in my office :).



I removed my heart.

I’ve really enjoyed my Friday entries about the anime/manga Yona of the Dawn, and there are just two more that I wish to write and I saved them for the end. Best for last?

Before I get started I read a great blog post by Biblionyan on why you should read Yona of the Dawn. If I haven’t convinced you by now… Well, maybe they can!

So here we have it… Soo-Won

I picked this gif because *cough* uh reasons…

If you haven’t seen or watch it yet this does get a bit spoiler-y and I’m going to be sticking mostly to the anime.

Soo-Won is Yona’s cousin and a good friend of Hak they basically grew up together.

When he finds out the truth about his fathers death he does withdraw from seeing Yona and Hak as often and stays away from the palace for longer periods of time. It is during this time that he is groomed for his revenge. Not only does King Il get the blame for killing Soo-Won’s father, but Soo-Won also is trying to save the kingdom from the misguidance of the King.

So on the night of Yona’s birthday (timing dude…) he kills him.

Yona walks in on this and he seems like he is also about to kill her but in his hesitation she is able to run and get Hak.

If there is any doubt of Soo-Won’s skills it can be shown that he faced down Hak and put up a good fight.

Honestly I don’t think his heart was in it.

So in one night Soo-Won loses his two dearest friends. His desire for revenge and saving the kingdom won.

So what is the deal with him? I have to say that he makes a very interesting antagonist. You really can find yourself liking him often throughout the anime. Then you have to remind yourself that he killed Yona’s father… But then you see him actually doing good in the kingdom… Gosh what a great character.

I don’t think he was after the death of Yona and Hak. When he is told that Yona is dead you can see the look on his face. Even in the manga it gives a powerful image of regret.

It helps Yona and Hak have time to gather the dragons together since they are assumed dead, but it also helps Soo-Won realize that there is no turning back on what he did and he starts making real strides in the kingdom. Winning over the different tribes and not only helping with moral, but sometimes even economically.

I really love how sometimes he plays a fool so others don’t take him seriously at first…

Then he sneaks up behind them with a ball of whoop ass…

He is one of the best strategists in this anime and manga and it is awesome to see his plans come together for the good of the kingdom.

Like I said, it is hard to hate him.

He will make you feel conflicted throughout the whole anime. Then at the end of the anime there is a moment where he sees Yona again.

He hides her from his people.

This is shocking for Yona and she at that moment also is wondering if she should take the chance to kill him with his own sword.

He tells her she can’t kill him… yet… He still has more to do. Which in the end makes me have the theory that he will let her kill him. To give her the chance to avenge her father now.

She is confused by this new Soo-Won that she hasn’t met before. You can see that she still cares for him and I can’t imagine how confusing it would be to have the man you hate save you.

This also isn’t the only time he will save her or Hak. But lets leave that to the manga.

So what do you think of this amazing character? His motivations are real and you can see what he truly cares about.

Was the murder then justified? Or will we find out more truths from the manga about the murder? I honestly think there will be way more to the story of his fathers death.

He makes a great antagonist for this anime and there is never a black or white feeling about him.

I hope you’ve been enjoying these entries as much as I have! Next week will be the last. I’ll leave with a lovely image to brighten your weekend and a bit of a tease for next week haha!

Yes, Hak. We want you. 😛

Happy Watching!

A bit of cuteness to brighten your day

In my Yona posts I would be remiss if I forgot to mention one of the cutest characters from Yona of the Dawn.


The Blue Dragon’s companion Ao! I’ve already mentioned that she was named after the Blue Dragons “mentor” the true hilarity of that choice is that squirrel Ao is very cute and full of cuddles where as the former blue dragon was well… very prickly.

This is a character who loves to eat…


Anything from Yona’s earrings to meat. Ao warmed up to Yona before the blue dragon and I think it was some of the reason why he trusted her. I mean if an anime likes someone that really does say a lot about their character in my opinion.


You can’t always say that eating is a skill but she rescued Yona and Yoon when they were tied up and helped them with their plan to overthrow the sex trade in one of the final story arcs of the anime.

“Who’s this little creature with swollen cheeks? She’s stuffed too much in there!”

Ao remains one of my favorite animal characters in anime. Do you have any favorites?

Happy watching!


I will take my freedom

Happy Friday and welcome to another blog post going through characters from one of my favorite anime/manga Yona of the Dawn aka Akatsuki No Yona. I guess I’m going through all the dragons first haha! They are great characters and so unique which can be very rare for reverse harem anime.

So the honor this week goes to the green dragon Jae-Ha the self claimed heartthrob…


I’ve mentioned this before but all the dragons have different feelings about the powers they are born with and Jae-Ha is no different. He looks at his ability (which is in his leg) as a jail sentence. Something that he didn’t choice but was force upon him. It also could have something to do with the fact that his village kept him chained up since he kept trying to run away. So it is no wonder that when he senses the dragons and Yona that he doesn’t want anything to do with them.

His power gives him great jumping abilities and strength in his leg, but it is also ugly to him so he keeps it covered. He is very obsesses with beauty and loves women. One of the best parts is that he tries to get Hak to join in on womanizing.


He and Hak also have an interesting relationship. Jae-Ha sees how Hak and Yona are around each other and loves to give them no end of grief and teasing about how they feel. Sometimes he can push Hak too far with his flirtations with Yona and his teasing.

One thing that keeps him around is that he wants Hak to join his crew on the ship since he admires Hak’s fighting skills.


He also wants to protect his found family that he made and the more fighters that he can get to join the safer they all will be. Not only does he have strength in his leg he also has great skills with throwing knives. Something that he picked up with his time on the ship.

I admire his desire for freedom. He does spend his childhood chained down and just sees Yona as another chain. Jae-Ha wants to make his own choices with his life. Once he sees what Yona stands for he decides to join for a “little bit” to see what happens. I think part of the reason is so he can tease Hak about liking Yona…


An odd member for sure, but I think he fits in well with this motley assortment of characters. One thing is that I don’t think he would have joined if he would have meet Yona in her early stages.

One thing that this anime does well is that Yona slowly learns how to fight and become braver. This is towards the end of the anime where she can show off her skills and her bravery. I think Jae-Ha seeing her willing to risk herself for others was a great factor in him deciding to travel with them. She isn’t weak, and he needs to follow a strong leader that won’t enslave him.


He cares and protects others and now he finds two families to be with. Another great character.

Thank you for reading another post about Yona of the Dawn, if you are curious about my other character posts please check them out!

White Dragon

Blue Dragon


As always Happy Watching!