And Finally…

A couple years ago I started an anime blog. I met some amazing people and we all shared our love for anime.

Writing a blog did so much for me. It was good and bad.

The good?

It helped me write everyday and I started writing my books. I moved up from writing barely 100 words a day to somedays I would hit 4,ooo.

The bad?

I found myself incapable of keeping up with anime and writing. And I lost track of some of the dearest people I met on here.

As much as I wanted to do it all something had to give. And it turned out to be anime.

I still want to write about anime and I still think about what I can do to add this back into my schedule but I’m afraid of coming back only to disappear again.

But every now and then I stop by and read your posts and smile at what you are doing and accomplishing.

I wanted to share the product of my disappearance.

Through money problems and delays. It is finally ready. My first published book is up for pre-order.

I thought it would never happen. I look back at my trials to write everyday and part of it was just having fun writing about anime and what I loved.

I wanted to share the start of this new journey with you all since you all were here for the start.

Thank you, and keep doing what you do. I will still be around and I will stop by and check on you all. And also hope that I will join you again in writing about our love of anime.

Happy Watching!

Artwork Reveal

So this blog is still about anime… right? ha… ha… ha…

Okay I’m getting back into gear. But for now I’m excited to show you all the commissioned work I got done for my author page and blog page!

I had this wonderful work done by Tanya Hales

I wanted a plus size commission that had a bit of my sass… or sarcasm whatever you prefer. Also my bowl of kimchi is still in my photo which I was super excited about. She was great to work with and I’m excited to use this art for my author webpage and my blog!


I’m getting things organized the best I can. I will probably make posts on my journey to indie publishing next year and still blog about my love of 2D boys since that is something that I will be infected (I mean affected?) with for the rest of my life.

In the mean time I’m still enjoying every ones posts and I hope that some of my creative brain will go back to blogging. Not that it going to my books is a bad thing, but I need more anime in my life!

Happy Watching!