Cause it’s cute?

I’ll be the first to admit I like sparkly and cute things, yeah I know… My bag has mermaid sequins and I’m in love. However, I don’t really watch anime “because it’s cute” I tend to like some sort of story line and a bit of a deeper thrill or a sweet romance.

“How to Keep a Mummy” is only 2 episodes in and much to my chagrin I’m enjoying it. Gosh it is just… so… dang… cute.


The main character Sora gets sent a mummy from his father. Apparently his father sends horrible gifts that try to kill him. So Sora opens the gift with a lot of trepidation. Out pops this little miniature mummy that he really doesn’t know what to do with or how to take care of.


I mean you aren’t going to get any major plot points. The episodes will probably each have a small crisis. It is only two episodes in and I don’t see this going any deeper than that, and it isn’t supposed to. It is just going to be a cute anime that makes your heart all warm inside.


Take a break from the winter chill and let your insides melt for a bit. Give your brain a break and bask in the cuteness of a little pudgy mummy. I think I will enjoy these episodes. Happy Watching!