It’s raining men this spring

There seem to be an embarrassment of riches this spring and pardon the un-seriousness nature of this post. Or maybe it is serious… very serious. It seems there are quite a few new anime that are heavy on the hot anime characters. Now each of them have their own issues and if you just want to stare at hot guys you can watch them all… granted some have more plot than others… However, is this a blessing or a curse?


Butlers X Battlers

Being only two episodes in this one I think shows a bit of a promise of a plot. There seems to be some time travel things thrown in as well, along with the multiple males. This is one that I am still watching since it seems to have a prettying interesting set up and I still want to know the roles of the butlers and what happened to the mc’s sister. I am hoping there is no weird relationships there, but there are never any promises in anime. Also what world is this where your brothers become your butler? This seems to be any younger sisters dream who had their older brothers pick on them ;). In the end there is are a lot of boys to look at here so you can pretty much take your pick.


Yotsuiro Biyori

This is a nice calming anime that will make you hungry… For food… Get your mind out of the gutter… ;). Each episode seems to have its own individual plot and problems to solve. There is nothing better than men in traditional garb to help out people with their problems. This one also seems to have more of a plot than others, but there is no story arc as of yet. I think this one would be hard to marathon because it is so calming to watch you may fall asleep. Not because it’s bad, but it’s just relaxing. Men who can cook and who are gentlemen. This one is also another feast for the eyes.


Libra of Nil Admirari

This was one that I was pretty excited about. I loved how the art style looked a bit like old art sketches. Then as I was watching I realized that this was based on an otome game. There is nothing wrong with that… But sometimes when these games get turned into anime there is a huge plot deficit. So far it is pretty bland with a few pick up lines here and there that are… interesting… “Let me be your lover” okay then… Backs away slowly. I think I would rather play the game than watch the anime, but if you are just looking for an anime to look at the art style is very nice in my opinion, but that is all it has going for it. The anime I was looking forward too is pretty lacking with plot and romance so far. Which is sad the concept of the cursed tomes is pretty cool sounding, but this is a case where too many men hurt the plot since there is not focus on character so they are all kind of potato like… Also the OP is just bizarre.


Legend of the Galactic Heroes:  Die Neue These

I debated putting this one in since it is more of a battle anime, but but but- there are like a gazillion men in this… Just look in the closing credits and you see like two women. So it is packed full of military men if that is your thing. Also the plot seems to be getting very interesting. In the last episode it was mostly backstory, but it added depth to the mc plan to take over the empire. The art is very nice and if you are like me you watch and pretend that the blond and the red head are secretly lovers. Shhh no judgement here…


Kakuriyo – Bed & Breakfast for Spirits –

Okay this one… I’m still warming up to it. There is not a pack of men like in the previously mentioned anime, but there two very nice looking ones. So you know… This one so far has still got me interested the characters were a bit of a slow start, but I thing the ogre character will start to show more depth the farther we go into the anime. Also I’m still team fox all the way. It has to do with the past anime I’ve been watching haha. This one will have a bit more romance. The others seem to be lacking romance even with all the men. So this might be your choice if you want to actually see something develop. Also the female character is older which I’m a fan of older characters (these guys are probably super old) like her. It doesn’t seem as creepy since she is out of high school… Or is it? Who knows.


So there you go! There is a few feasts for the eyes this season. Now, if I had to pick a romantic pick out of all of these… I would say none. My romantic winner so far has been…


Wotakoi:  Love is Hard for Otaku

This one is only two episodes in and I’m loving it. The awkwardness is so dang cute. I love the characters and I think this one may be one of my top picks for the spring so far… More on this one later. The two guys in here are very good looking and if you got a thing for nerds… Here you go!

Any special choices for your male picks this spring? Or did you skip these all together? You know I don’t remember a season with so many anime having so many men… We might as well take advantage of it.

Very Happy Watching!

I will take my freedom

Happy Friday and welcome to another blog post going through characters from one of my favorite anime/manga Yona of the Dawn aka Akatsuki No Yona. I guess I’m going through all the dragons first haha! They are great characters and so unique which can be very rare for reverse harem anime.

So the honor this week goes to the green dragon Jae-Ha the self claimed heartthrob…


I’ve mentioned this before but all the dragons have different feelings about the powers they are born with and Jae-Ha is no different. He looks at his ability (which is in his leg) as a jail sentence. Something that he didn’t choice but was force upon him. It also could have something to do with the fact that his village kept him chained up since he kept trying to run away. So it is no wonder that when he senses the dragons and Yona that he doesn’t want anything to do with them.

His power gives him great jumping abilities and strength in his leg, but it is also ugly to him so he keeps it covered. He is very obsesses with beauty and loves women. One of the best parts is that he tries to get Hak to join in on womanizing.


He and Hak also have an interesting relationship. Jae-Ha sees how Hak and Yona are around each other and loves to give them no end of grief and teasing about how they feel. Sometimes he can push Hak too far with his flirtations with Yona and his teasing.

One thing that keeps him around is that he wants Hak to join his crew on the ship since he admires Hak’s fighting skills.


He also wants to protect his found family that he made and the more fighters that he can get to join the safer they all will be. Not only does he have strength in his leg he also has great skills with throwing knives. Something that he picked up with his time on the ship.

I admire his desire for freedom. He does spend his childhood chained down and just sees Yona as another chain. Jae-Ha wants to make his own choices with his life. Once he sees what Yona stands for he decides to join for a “little bit” to see what happens. I think part of the reason is so he can tease Hak about liking Yona…


An odd member for sure, but I think he fits in well with this motley assortment of characters. One thing is that I don’t think he would have joined if he would have meet Yona in her early stages.

One thing that this anime does well is that Yona slowly learns how to fight and become braver. This is towards the end of the anime where she can show off her skills and her bravery. I think Jae-Ha seeing her willing to risk herself for others was a great factor in him deciding to travel with them. She isn’t weak, and he needs to follow a strong leader that won’t enslave him.


He cares and protects others and now he finds two families to be with. Another great character.

Thank you for reading another post about Yona of the Dawn, if you are curious about my other character posts please check them out!

White Dragon

Blue Dragon


As always Happy Watching!

Responsibility – Duty – Honor

Happy Friday! I’m excited to make my third entry in my series about the characters in Yona of the Dawn/Akatsuki No Yona.


Blue Dragon

This post will be about the first dragon who joined Yona:  The White Dragon- Kija.


I have to confess I thought that his story and character would be the easiest to tell, but looking deeper into the character I found myself in awe once again at the intricate details of these dragons.

I want to mention that they all feel the burden of their responsibility to be loyal and fight for the Red Dragon (which is Yona, not really a spoiler, but you kind of figure it out from the intro and Yona having red hair). They were born into this role. The dragons never got to chose to have these powers and were chosen at random. In the Blue Dragons case the village tried to not let the former blue dragon -for lack of a better term- breed, but they blue dragon was still born to a random family. The white dragons village was a bit more… Well… Cult like…


They revered the white dragon and made sure that the line continued. I wanted to say that Kija’s childhood was a bit happier than the Blue Dragons, but in the beginning you get the shot of his back…


This was explained further in the manga…


I again already mentioned in the last entry that the old dragon loses their life and power, but where as Ao the former blue dragon saw his death as freedom in the white dragons case it was a sense of not fulfilling your purpose in life. In the white dragons village they were born to do only one thing and one thing only so they lived their whole life waiting for the Red Dragon who never appeared. Talk about a recipe for severe depression.

Kija is very dedicated to fulfill his duty and seems to have no regrets on the outside. This is all he knows. He was sheltered in the same way that Yona was sheltered from the outside world. Raised to give his life for someone he never met, he rises to the challenge and really does give up himself.

I also see his joining with Yona as a sense of freedom to see the world and feel like he has a purpose in his life. It is saddening to think of all the other white dragons who felt like failures and useless. Can you imagine questioning your very existence?


With his powerful arm he protects Yona, and she in turn protects him too. The fun thing about the white dragon is that he has a very funny personality. It is a mixture of a fanatic with someone who has never gotten down and dirty in nature. He tends to fight too hard when they have their first confrontations and his stamina isn’t great and he passes out after many battles. He doesn’t know how to hold back.


The repertoire between him and Hak is pure gold. Kija is consistently jealous of Hak’s relationship with Yona and Hak loves to tease Kija. His favorite nic name is White Snake. Hak doesn’t understand why Yona wants to gather these dragons, but she is doing it to protect him… More on that later ;).


Since Kija was raised with people who showed him respect he actually knows a bit more about the other dragons and helps Yona find them. Apparently all the dragons can sense each other and that is what first leads them to find the Blue Dragon.

Kija says goodbye to the woman who raised him. Another tear worthy moment in this anime.

The dragons never have an easy past, but they all find a family together with Yona. She doesn’t force them to join, and wants them to find their own happiness. The burden like I said is great, but in the end the White Dragon finds meaning in his life and doesn’t get stuck in the endless cycle of waiting.


If my former entries haven’t convinced you yet to watch this anime I hope you give it a chance. Until then Happy Watching!

Growing up – Fighting Back- A Badass Woman

This is a post that I’ve been thinking about all month. A post in honor of National Women’s month. I wanted to focus on a character that was not only a strong woman but had an amazing story. The character Yona from one of my favorite anime kept coming back into my mind and I’ve been wanting to write about this anime for awhile, but I think I will need to give each character their own post and since it is National Women’s Month I will do my best to honor a great character.


Yona is very much the typical spoiled princess who needs others to look after her. She is sheltered and has no idea what is going on in her own country that she will someday help rule. All that is on her mind is clothes and her friend Soo-Won who she is in love with and wants to marry someday.

In her small world she is happy and can throw spoiled fits when her father tells her she can’t marry Soo-Won. Although later that night after her birthday she walks in and see the body of her father he has been murdered.

In the start she is very much helpless if it wasn’t for her bodyguard Hak she would have died that night along with her father. She couldn’t move she couldn’t function she was only raised to be pretty.

Time to cut the hair.

In the first part of the story she sees herself as a burden to her protector Hak and he is constantly having to save her getting arrows in his back and nearly die it was at the point where those who were trying to capture her grabbed ahold of her beautiful long hair- the hair that her love Soo-Won said was the color of the sunset.


This is were we see the first signs of the fierce women within Yona. The one that is ready to battle to save the ones she loves. So in a swift motion she cuts her hair to free herself not only from those who are trying to capture her, but from her own childish ways of being a princess.

This is her turning point.

Now she is on a quest to find the four dragons to not save herself but to protect her dear friend (in her eyes) Hak. She doesn’t want Hak to die from always saving her so she figures if she has these dragons they will be able to stay alive.



I will save the awesome backstories of each dragon for another post. They are so good and well done. This is not your typical reverse harem. Yes, she is surrounded by hot guys, but she is learning to fight and learning to be come a leader in her own right. As much as they try to protect her she learns to fight and protect herself so in my mind that makes her one badass woman.

She goes and sees her country and helps those in need. Standing for the downtrodden becoming a true leader.

My favorite moment in the anime… Gives me chills every time

Yona is a great example of someone who steps out of the path they were given and sees that she has to make a change. It happens slowly over the course of the anime, but it is worth it seeing her journey.


In this month I hope you have had a chance to see some of the amazing tributes to women. If you haven’t check out some post by Ignitedmoth there are some drawings an tributes to women in history.

Have a great weekend and go thank a strong powerful woman that is in your life.

Happy watching!

Kamisama Kiss

There are some great romance anime out there and I have a couple of favorites. Kamisama Kiss is probably one of the anime that I’ve watched the most. It is very sweet and has good character growth and if you read the manga the story does get a lot deeper and has a somewhat satisfying ending since right now there are only 2 seasons and so far it doesn’t look like a 3rd is coming since they did a few OVA’s. (side note, I watched this series in dubs and the voice acting is very good).

At the start of the anime you will notice right off that there is a quirky narrator. I haven’t quite seen something like this before in anime and sometimes it gives a nice lighthearted feel to the show. It gives it a bit of an old home video vibe sometimes.

When you meet main character Nanami she is sitting on a bench since she just got kicked out of her home. Her dad gambled away their rent money and now she is out at night without anywhere to go. Her back story is very tragic and she doesn’t talk about it much, the viewer doesn’t get an inside view of her story until almost the end of season 2. You get hints but not the whole story.

She meets a man called Mikage who is stuck up a tree by a dog, she “saves his life” and then in turn he lets her live in his shrine (and makes her a God). Here is a nice message to help others (haha) then you get promoted to Godhood! Not really, but that would be cool.

There at the shrine she meets Mikage’s familiar, Tomoe, who is a Yokia who has been “tamed” by having a familiar contract with Mikage and he serves the shrine. However, he is furious about a human taking Mikage’s place as the God of the shrine, and decides to go on a drinking binge in the underworld.

Nanami is trying to keep up the shrine without Tomoe but is failing miserable so the shrine spirits tell her that she needs to make Tomoe her familiar by kissing him. She goes to hunt him down in the other world and gets into trouble. The manga and anime differ a bit at this point but in the end she tricks a kiss out of Tomoe thus making him her familiar and now he has to serve her.0417965d7bcb51cc51d591070dc2c3ab--first-time-kitsune

One of my favorite things about this anime is Tomoe and Nanami’s dynamic. They are both snarky and sweet to each other making mistakes and having misunderstandings.  There are some great laugh out loud moments with these two and their banter.

This anime does have a bit of “Oh now Nanami needs Tomoe to come rescue her” which can get a bit old, but there is a nice character growth in Nanami where she recognizes her weaknesses and then is determined to grow and get stronger. She doesn’t want to just sit around and depend on Tomoe as much as he wishes she would. Nanami brings a lot of change to the God world and helps them relate to humans in a new way. She doesn’t always understand the traditions but is willing to learn and break old ones that are outdated.

If that last paragraph was a bit vague I apologize, I’m trying to avoid too many spoilers :).


If you classify this anime it would be considered a reverse harem, in which there is one female character and a group of males are around her who do show romantic interest. The other “romances” are not the main focus of the story arcs which is nice. Otherwise, this would get too “Bella, Edward, Jacob.”

She is kidnapped by a familiar who lost his God and Nanami showed him kindness so then he decidescebe93b9b92f9565c067a96415f5128e to marry her… Which is a bit awkward. However, you learn a bit about his backstory and it is quite sad. In a later episode Mizuke becomes her familiar and him and Tomoe do not get along very well. In the manga there is a sweet scene with Nanami and Mizuke her familiar when he is afraid that he will be along again abandoned by his new God Nanami. It isn’t in the anime which is disappointing but I recommend the manga if you want to figure out a few of the plot holes that were left in the anime.

Tomoe also has a dark history of blood with him and his best friend Akura-Ou.tomoe_and_akura_ou_by_thepunk619-d8x0dcp

This story line hints at the past and Tomoe for some reason can’t remember any of it. All of this is explained in the manga. The anime hints at why he can’t remember, but the manga finishes the story line. He has to face a past where he was more of a killer than a protector.


As the anime goes on the shrine filled with spirits, familiars, and friends. There is a sweet moment that reflects on the fact that Nanami always had to be on her own and care for herself and now she has a family. It is a nice moment for the main character to see her get a unique and loud family. A place where she belongs.

There are a few of what I would call “squee” scenes in this anime and I posted my favorite one and I may or may not have a zillion screen shots of this scene in my iPad…


Sometimes the will they won’t they vibe of the romance can get a bit old and you just want Tomoe to admit that he loves Nanami. The wait is worth it and the sweet moments get you by until the end.

This is a very sweet anime if you like romance. I did wish that they had a third season, but check out the OVA’s and the manga. The manga also ties up the plot nicely. I do have one complaint that the last volume seemed a bit rushed, but I know how sometimes when a manga gets canceled they kind of shove everything into the last chapters.

Hope you enjoy this sweet anime like I did! Happy watching!