A bit of romantic fun

So for better or worse I have started to watch kdramas. I am finding them about as addicting as webtoons so this can be considered a warning of sorts.

However, you would be doing yourself a great disservice if you never watch the kdrama “Oh My Ghost”. It is really delightful, funny, and a pretty sweet romance.

It looks like this story had been remade a few times. I found a Thai version that is also on Netflix but honestly I can’t say if it is better or worse than the Korean version. I did find the acting superb in the Korean version. In other kdramas sometimes the acting is a bit overdone, but honestly that is part of the genre. I didn’t find really any of that in this series and if there was it came from the side characters and it really made sense with their character.

These guys were the true stars

So in this story a ghost named Soon-ae is a virgin and is holding a grudge. She has to stay on earth until it is resolved. The answer to her grudge? Well, she has to have sex. The problem? Men can’t handle her negative energy so when she possess a girl to have sex with a guy the guy ends up passing out.

Then she finds Chef… A man loaded with positive energy… (mhmm energy).

She possess Bong-sun a woman who can see ghosts but then she gets stuck in the body sense their energies are to similar. I did find this part of the plot a bit silly since later on it seems likes she could leave whenever she wanted.

So Soon-ae in Bong-sun’s body tries her hardest to seduce the chef. Kind of scaring the guy in the process.


Everyone around her thinks that she is going crazy from going from the shy quiet Bong-sun to the loud and brash Soon-ae. The guys in the restaurant are pretty funny and adorable in their reactions to her. They didn’t treat her very well at the start but it is funny to see how they act when she starts talking back.

oh my

Soon-ae is now building a relationship with Chef and it is adorable. I just love the Chef’s characters. He is such an awkward sweet character. I really think the actor did a fantastic job of portraying him. I think with this type of guy it could have come off as him being a stuck up jerk. The way that he would deliver the lines “Of course I am. Or I am handsome” came off really well since you could see the insecurities behind the characters. Really such a great acting job.

And there is a bit of eye candy too 😉

Chef is taken? How about this sweetheart?

I don’t really want to give away anything in the show since there are quiet a few plot twists. I did find parts of it truly tragic and it is a sign of a good show that can make you laugh, cry, and go awww.

Another great thing is that is is all wrapped up. No waiting for season two! Another great thing about kdramas!

This moment was my favorite. I about died laughing.

Take some time to watch this little gem. You won’t regret it.

Happy watching!


I think I may have a thing for foxes??

As I’m going through my To Be Watched list I’m getting through a lot of anime that I’ve had marked for ages. One of them was Inu x Boku SS, I tried watching this show before, but I fell asleep in the middle of the first episode… Yeah, so in my mind I thought that well, it must have been boring. I should know myself better and sometimes I’m just tired. People kept suggesting it to me so I put in on my list and in the end I really did enjoy it.


The main character Ririchiyo is so socially awkward that she pretends to be mean so she doesn’t get hurt. I can relate to pushing others away to protect myself. There are a lot of moments showing her being alone. This anime does a great job showing her growth and she sees that maybe she isn’t so alone after all.

She was born with magic and apparently that makes her so special that she was isolated from birth. In the end she decided to movie into this special apartment building with others like herself and they each get a special agent to watch over them.


Her agent is Soushi and he sparkles a lot… He likes to guilt trip her into letting him be at her service. Those moments are pretty funny and she doesn’t really know how to handle his undivided devotion to her.

So he slowly worms his way into her heart. Telling her that she saved him, but she has no clue what he is talking about. It makes for a nice reveal in the end and I thought it was tied up nicely in that aspect.


One of the great things about this anime is that there are a lot of unique character personalities and I wanted to know more about each of them. Sadly with only 12 episodes there isn’t much chance. I was satisfied with the ending and the manga is on my list to read.



Also with watching this and Kamisama Kiss and now that new anime about the hotel… I think I may have a thing for foxes…

Also with this anime I realized something about myself that I will probably make a whole entire post about in a bit… Soooo… Look forward to that….

In the end, this was a nice sweet romance and an enjoyable watch with a bit of humor. The characters all have pretty interesting backstories that make the world seem a bit tragic for those who are born with magic. This point is why I want to read the manga I think I want to see more of the characters and the world.

Happy Watching!


I keep coming back to you…

Oh boy did I have plans to watch new anime over spring break… So. Many. Plans. Then it happened… It all started with a manga I’ve been following for awhile… Damn you Namaikizakari… Then I fell into the show hole of just watching and reading manga and anime that I have already seen… Why do I keep coming back? I just can’t find their equal…

First the ongoing Manga Namaikizakari….

I have a confession, when it comes to manga I mostly read romance and I’m always looking for that next one, but sometimes I keep rereading the same ones haha! Unfortunately for me Namaikizakari is not finished so by the time I can get my hands on the next chapter I forget what happens then I reread it… It is okay… I really enjoy this manga and the main character is well…tumblr_static_tumblr_static_filename_640Be still my beating heart… haha. I really like how he is drawn. For me I love how the mangaka does the eyes. You don’t see those often in manga and it really adds a nice appeal to how he looks.

Okay I could go on all day and probably lose all my readers haha… He isn’t just a pretty face, he is a growing changing character which I love to see! Starting as someone who doesn’t care and moving to finish goals with a lot of determination. Him and the MC Yuki have great chemistry and I like the flip of the boy being the one interested first.


It is a really sweet manga and the problem with it is that once I read it… I go on the hunt for more manga and I don’t find a lot that I haven’t read yet so I decided to go back to old faithful Skip Beat.


If you haven’t read or watched Skip Beat I hope you give it a chance. The romance is sweet but it is also secondary. The growth and development of the main character is what makes this anime and manga amazing. Kyoko starts of as a clueless girl which frustrated me in the first chapter, but soon the betrayal sends her on an amazing journey to find herself.


She has to deal with her inner demons (literally haha) from being throw out like trash. It is what motivates her at first, but you will love the path that it takes her on. She truly starts to find her own way and what she wants with life. The main factor is that she doesn’t find it in another guy… Whaaaaat!? ha! She realizes that she is strong and starts to see that she has her own talents. The anime stops about one forth of the way through and then manga is still… ongoing! So I don’t know the end of her journey yet, but I keep rereading and if you have a manga that is like Skip Beat please let me know! I love the side romance and the awesome strong main character. It is funny it is sweet and it leaves me wanting more!


So after spending time trying to find another manga that is as good or similar to Skip Beat I once again just fell into another old faithful… Maid Sama.


This anime and manga trap me every time. Two strong main characters. Yes, there is a point where you can be frustrated with Misaki and her cluelessness but she isn’t a weak character she wants to get things done on her own and no one fights her battles for her. There are sweet moments where Usui helps her out but in the end she isn’t helpless.


I’m a fan of the mixture of comedy and romance. It makes it fun to watch to you aren’t just frustrated by constant miscommunication like most shojo manga and anime. It has great backstory and the characters overcoming their past with help from each other. The manga is finished! yay! The anime is only part of it though.

So dear readers, I have watched nothing new. I’m in the middle of the Maid Sama re-watch and I’m loving it.

Are there any good romances out there that you like? What about manga? Let me know!

Happy watching!

Why did I like MMO Junkie so much?

I had a short post on MMO Junkie about halfway through the short season and I found myself enjoying it so much that I declared it was my favorite (new) show this fall. Now that the season is wrapped up I want to reflect a bit on why I liked it so much.


First, lets take an honest look at why this show wouldn’t be consider special by some standards. Did I like this show just because it was a break from all the killing anime this fall? Was I just in need of a fresh romance? You can look at the premise and some say “oh nice a female NEET we don’t get that very often,” but then it is still a slow moving romance where you are just like, “Come on! Just kiss her already! Tell him/her how you feel!” I can sense the frustration at the ending. Okay, they are going on a “date” is that all we really get? Yeah, I myself wished for a bit more from the end, but then if we get those romantic moments it would have destroyed the show. Let me explain…

Morioka seems to be suffering from social anxiety (let me play doctor here, sorry if I’m way off, Theatre major here, haha) and a bit of OCD (she cleans her rug with a lint roller every time she feels a bit anxious). If their relationship at that point would have went beyond the hand holding it would have been like “Oh yeah, I’m cured, you too can get rid of anxiety too my fellow NEETs!” No. It doesn’t work like that. This anime is special because the characters are true to how they were created. It can be painful to watch but that is what makes it so good if you give it a chance. An honest look at how people have miscommunication and are worried about everything in relationships. From getting that first response to your message to having someone text you something and you misread the tone.

Moriko needed the time to feel safe with Lily before she could let Sakurai in her life.

She has so much self doubt and the MMO game in a way saved her. When I watched the first episode again I realized that she came in on the last day of her job. I didn’t notice this small detail and it really put the whole timeline into perspective when she started the new MMO game. Just in the brief flashbacks of her at her work place you could feel her tension and and stress. The anime just touched a bit on this and I really really wish that we would have seen a bit more of this to flesh out her choice to become a NEET. I think that would have given a lot of watchers some closure on her backstory. However, we only got 10 episodes so they probably had a lot to squeeze in and the slow burning romance would have been lost.

The truest moment for me as a female was in the episode where Morioka went to get food with Sakurai and jumped to the conclusionnetjuu_02-1 that the female emploie thought that they didn’t belong together since Sakurai is so good looking. This is a theme throughout the anime since they met. She thinks she doesn’t deserve to be with someone handsome or so kind. She thinks she is useless since she is a NEET.  She is ashamed that the loves MMO games. She doesn’t understand why she is like this.

How many times do people put themselves down in life because we think we are imposters? That we don’t belong somewhere? A lot of us like anime, and I see often that we are judged just on that aspect in our life by those who don’t like anime or understand it. It is hard to go through the world and not think that people are judging us and sometimes get to the point where we don’t care about what others think. That takes some time and courage. Morioka is just getting to the start of her journey at the end of the season.

I do think this anime was a nice break from the killing anime this fall and from some of the really confusing anime also. Maybe that is part of what made it stand out so much for me. In a world of high school romance anime this one does stand out. It has a very honest look into problems that adults face when things at work can get to be too much and there is only the “suck it up” option. A nice side plot that you can find a family of oddballs online and they can turn into true friends. Sometimes us weirdos just need to find each other and thankfully the internet with blogs and MMO games lets us do that.


I guess in the end I like this so much because I can just honestly relate to Morioka. I see myself in her and like her I keep pushing forward and I hope you do too.

I’ll get off my soap box and just mention that since I started this blog I’ve enjoyed reading and interacting with all you dear followers! Thank you for following me and thank you for reading. I do have my book deadline at the end of this month so I hope to be able to keep up the posts! Happy watching!

Kamisama Kiss

There are some great romance anime out there and I have a couple of favorites. Kamisama Kiss is probably one of the anime that I’ve watched the most. It is very sweet and has good character growth and if you read the manga the story does get a lot deeper and has a somewhat satisfying ending since right now there are only 2 seasons and so far it doesn’t look like a 3rd is coming since they did a few OVA’s. (side note, I watched this series in dubs and the voice acting is very good).

At the start of the anime you will notice right off that there is a quirky narrator. I haven’t quite seen something like this before in anime and sometimes it gives a nice lighthearted feel to the show. It gives it a bit of an old home video vibe sometimes.

When you meet main character Nanami she is sitting on a bench since she just got kicked out of her home. Her dad gambled away their rent money and now she is out at night without anywhere to go. Her back story is very tragic and she doesn’t talk about it much, the viewer doesn’t get an inside view of her story until almost the end of season 2. You get hints but not the whole story.

She meets a man called Mikage who is stuck up a tree by a dog, she “saves his life” and then in turn he lets her live in his shrine (and makes her a God). Here is a nice message to help others (haha) then you get promoted to Godhood! Not really, but that would be cool.

There at the shrine she meets Mikage’s familiar, Tomoe, who is a Yokia who has been “tamed” by having a familiar contract with Mikage and he serves the shrine. However, he is furious about a human taking Mikage’s place as the God of the shrine, and decides to go on a drinking binge in the underworld.

Nanami is trying to keep up the shrine without Tomoe but is failing miserable so the shrine spirits tell her that she needs to make Tomoe her familiar by kissing him. She goes to hunt him down in the other world and gets into trouble. The manga and anime differ a bit at this point but in the end she tricks a kiss out of Tomoe thus making him her familiar and now he has to serve her.0417965d7bcb51cc51d591070dc2c3ab--first-time-kitsune

One of my favorite things about this anime is Tomoe and Nanami’s dynamic. They are both snarky and sweet to each other making mistakes and having misunderstandings.  There are some great laugh out loud moments with these two and their banter.

This anime does have a bit of “Oh now Nanami needs Tomoe to come rescue her” which can get a bit old, but there is a nice character growth in Nanami where she recognizes her weaknesses and then is determined to grow and get stronger. She doesn’t want to just sit around and depend on Tomoe as much as he wishes she would. Nanami brings a lot of change to the God world and helps them relate to humans in a new way. She doesn’t always understand the traditions but is willing to learn and break old ones that are outdated.

If that last paragraph was a bit vague I apologize, I’m trying to avoid too many spoilers :).


If you classify this anime it would be considered a reverse harem, in which there is one female character and a group of males are around her who do show romantic interest. The other “romances” are not the main focus of the story arcs which is nice. Otherwise, this would get too “Bella, Edward, Jacob.”

She is kidnapped by a familiar who lost his God and Nanami showed him kindness so then he decidescebe93b9b92f9565c067a96415f5128e to marry her… Which is a bit awkward. However, you learn a bit about his backstory and it is quite sad. In a later episode Mizuke becomes her familiar and him and Tomoe do not get along very well. In the manga there is a sweet scene with Nanami and Mizuke her familiar when he is afraid that he will be along again abandoned by his new God Nanami. It isn’t in the anime which is disappointing but I recommend the manga if you want to figure out a few of the plot holes that were left in the anime.

Tomoe also has a dark history of blood with him and his best friend Akura-Ou.tomoe_and_akura_ou_by_thepunk619-d8x0dcp

This story line hints at the past and Tomoe for some reason can’t remember any of it. All of this is explained in the manga. The anime hints at why he can’t remember, but the manga finishes the story line. He has to face a past where he was more of a killer than a protector.


As the anime goes on the shrine filled with spirits, familiars, and friends. There is a sweet moment that reflects on the fact that Nanami always had to be on her own and care for herself and now she has a family. It is a nice moment for the main character to see her get a unique and loud family. A place where she belongs.

There are a few of what I would call “squee” scenes in this anime and I posted my favorite one and I may or may not have a zillion screen shots of this scene in my iPad…


Sometimes the will they won’t they vibe of the romance can get a bit old and you just want Tomoe to admit that he loves Nanami. The wait is worth it and the sweet moments get you by until the end.

This is a very sweet anime if you like romance. I did wish that they had a third season, but check out the OVA’s and the manga. The manga also ties up the plot nicely. I do have one complaint that the last volume seemed a bit rushed, but I know how sometimes when a manga gets canceled they kind of shove everything into the last chapters.

Hope you enjoy this sweet anime like I did! Happy watching!