When your gun starts talking to you– It’s time to take a break from your game

I am in a weird situation with Spring anime. There are many that I don’t really care for, but I’m still watching. It is like I’m clinging to them for some reason. Like I hope that they will get better. I’m a druggy in look of a fix for some of these and I don’t know if they can be saved.

Gun Gale Online


Yes, M please tell me what I’m supposed to do with this…

Gosh after reading a list post by Aldael’s Attic I went ahead and caught up. If you haven’t checked out their blog it is a nice way to sum up reviews that is very streamlined… Unlike mine lol.

I’m pretty sure my face was blank through most of it.

Spoilers… If you even want to watch this…

First with the random wanting to kill your partner from the note. In no way did I get the sense from the letter that it was a message to kill Llenn. I don’t get it. Did I miss something? Okay so she would kill him in real life if he lost the game? What? When did they ever establish that she was that crazy? It really came out of the blue.

Hey, I’m a fan of the cute little character who likes to wear pink. I don’t get how she survives wearing it. People should be able to see her from a mile away in all the other situations. Why is she the only one that can be fast? No one else will raise their speed stats?


I’m mostly confused. Then… Then her gun starts to talk to her.


So is the gun a character now? Is the gun dead since it got shot? When did the weapons start to get animated?

Why am I still watching this anime?

I have more questions than answers at this point. So if you value your sanity, just stick to SAO. I’m sorry if GGO is your jam, but now that our character is over her height issues (they got solved after a couple hours of game play BECAUSE SHE WAS NEAR DEATH (Did no one tell her that it was just a game?)) so she is cured. Okay. The end.

This anime has not plot and characters that are not that interesting.

They try to make M into something mysterious but when he broke down crying with nose buggers… He lost what ever territory that he gained.

Then Pitohui is supposed to also be mysterious, but I just don’t care about her story. Okay, she likes guns and then apparently wants to kill people in real life? I’m not really sure about that fact.

The group of small girls who almost won… I guess they knew knew her? Was it because of her gun key chain?


In the end watch what you want and if this anime makes you happy then it makes you happy. There are many anime that I love that others do not and that is okay. I am more frustrated that I keep watching this anime. Let’s see if I’m able to quit or if I keep thinking that it will get better and whisper to myself, “Just one more.”

Happy Watching!


OMG What is that thing? Oh it’s the worst CGI in history….

Also my longest title… haha

So, I’ve given out my own random awards that don’t even matter for the worst closing (Magical Girl Site) and now for worst random CGI to Golden Kamuy. Don’t worry my power is limited and not very serious and I’m sure we’ve all seen horrible CGI… (Also I need to be careful I’ve been debating the use of worse vs worst I mean this could be the worst CGI and there will be nothing that is more terrible).

Sometimes when a really cool moment is ruined by a flying fur CGI pelt it gets annoying.

Okay, I will probably watch the second episode. It has a really cool looking plot with the gold and the main characters background in the war was a nice set up. The story really seams solid and I hope they have some interesting adventures trying to find the pieces of the map. In the beginning it seemed a bit of a convenient plot point to get him started on the quest but I’m willing to look past that… Now onto the animation….


See he looks “normal”

All I’m saying is maybe the creators could have taken a lesson from AoT and how they did their horses. Or from LoL and how they did their hair.

Look ma! It looks like an actual horse!

The rest of the anime looked fine and the wolf may be a bit sketchy but you didn’t get to see it up close.

I’m ready to die to get away from this horrible CGI. Take me now!


Just look at it… God, it is like a back wallpaper for SIMS.

Do I belong in this anime? I thought this was Berserk.


This looks like a case of bad photo shop…

There is some weird CGI going on over here… Hope I don’t get sucked into it.

Okay did I post enough?

Like I said, the plot seems really interesting and I was pretty excited to watch it. I will keep watching it, but dang someone help them… Anyone… I can draw a nice stick figure for them!



Well, maybe all the bears will be gone next week…

Happy Watching!

My Spring so far

For once I’m not a millions of episodes behind on anime. I actually got to sit down and watch a good run of first episodes. So I’m making a short little post of my first reactions to the ones I watched so far.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These

Going to get a glass of wine together… hehehehe

This is some that was waaaay out of my normal watching. It felt like it was over before it started (in a good way) and the person I was watching it with was annoyed that I kept wanting it to have BL… Is anyone else feeling the vibes between these two? or am I just crazy… Lina back me up here lol. Oh well there were battles in space and I might watch the next one it ended on a really nice cliff hanger (I’m really sorry this is a super serious show with super serious content…. I’m a weirdo).

Space Battleship Tiramisu


Naked man, food problems, and a good laugh. This spring there is a lot about space now. Would this count at the first mecha anime that I will watch? It is only 7 minutes so if you like a bit of humor it isn’t bad. Pretty enjoyable.

GeGeGe no Kitaro


Okay the OP was really catchy and so was the closing credits. I’m really curious about this anime and I want to know more. I really hope we get a good backstory for Kitaro and I hope the female character Mana gets a bit better. Something always annoys me when someone wants to “help” then ends up causing problems. Oh and she falls and then helps accidentally. That was a bit of a reach for me… Doing the same gag twice… eh…

However, I’m really going to look forward to this one and probably keep up with it. All my questions about this show are good ones so here’s hoping!

Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits-


Okay, this one so far is at the top of my list. I hope it has a bit of a good romance and that we get to learn more about the ogre. I’m also excited that the female lead Aio is an adult. It was refreshing last fall when MMO Junkie had more of an adult romance and I always like a bit of difference than the characters always being in school.


And I’m a sucker for a cute character… Sue me.

Tokyo Ghoul Re


Flashy blood battles interesting start, but I don’t really know what is happening. I hope things will get cleared up but not get weighed down with backstory. That will be a tricky thing to pull off. Also this already has high expectations since people have been waiting for this anime for a long time… So we will see if it holds up!

I am super excited to finally get another Tokyo Ghoul just hoping I didn’t get too hyped up.


That is what I watched so far! I really wanted to watch Devil’s Line but I don’t have HiDive and I may need to get it for the season… yay… money…

What are your favorites so far? Any high hopes?

In the meantime, Happy Watching!