Spring Roll

It is a theory that if I mention food more people will be likely to click on my post? Did it work? Before I leave again for another conference I thought I would talk about a few of my favorites so far this spring season.

  1. Wotakoi:  Love is Hard for Otaku

I am so happy that I saw some of you posting about this, without your posts I never would have watched or heard of this anime. For me this has been the top show that I’ve been looking forward to each week and I’m so sad when each episode is over.


I love the fact that this is a romance that is out of high school. It is nice to see something with adults. Also the main character is really easy for me to relate to. I know what it is like to hide what I’m interested in so I won’t feel judge. It was a slow process (now that I have anime posters in my classroom the cat is out of the bag… no going back). She reminds me of myself.


When she meets a guy who knows that she is an otaku… It is hard to admit your love for something. Being judge by others is a real fear. I think the more I step out and admit to my weirdness the more free I feel. It took awhile to get to that point.


This anime has the sweetest romantic moments and the humor so far is laugh out loud hilarious. If you aren’t watching this anime, you really are missing out. So I hope you give this one a shot.

2. Crossing Time episode 3

Okay so my number 2 choice is a single episode. This one is all shorts and the first two have been eh… I’m so happy I stuck around for the third one though. I think it is because I’m a teacher, but this one was cute and funny and if you don’t watch any other episode from this anime take a shot at the third one.


Although I probably only think it is funny since I’m an awkward adult…

3. Megalobox

After getting a few comedies in I am really liking and totally buying the badass moments that this anime gives me. I am eating it up.

I love the dystopian-like world. I’m liking the character. The music is on point. I’m really hoping this one delivers in the end. I’m all on board with gearless Joe.


Those are my top three so far this year, I’m still watching a lot of the others but I wanted to shout out these three quickly.

Personal Update:

Conference one is done and I’m leaving this afternoon for conference two. I got my rejections last week. They liked what I had but it is not what they are looking for at the moment. So I’m dusting myself off and headed out again.

I just want to say thank you to everyone for your kind words of encouragement while I was gone. Coming back to seeing your reasons why made my heart so full. The rejections didn’t hurt so bad when I saw how I’m surrounded by such wonderful and dedicated people. Thank you for listing your reasons. I’ve felt so uplifted this week and if I need to collect 1000 rejections before I get a yes, I know I have an awesome community in all of you cheering me on.

Thank you and Happy watching :).

It’s raining men this spring

There seem to be an embarrassment of riches this spring and pardon the un-seriousness nature of this post. Or maybe it is serious… very serious. It seems there are quite a few new anime that are heavy on the hot anime characters. Now each of them have their own issues and if you just want to stare at hot guys you can watch them all… granted some have more plot than others… However, is this a blessing or a curse?


Butlers X Battlers

Being only two episodes in this one I think shows a bit of a promise of a plot. There seems to be some time travel things thrown in as well, along with the multiple males. This is one that I am still watching since it seems to have a prettying interesting set up and I still want to know the roles of the butlers and what happened to the mc’s sister. I am hoping there is no weird relationships there, but there are never any promises in anime. Also what world is this where your brothers become your butler? This seems to be any younger sisters dream who had their older brothers pick on them ;). In the end there is are a lot of boys to look at here so you can pretty much take your pick.


Yotsuiro Biyori

This is a nice calming anime that will make you hungry… For food… Get your mind out of the gutter… ;). Each episode seems to have its own individual plot and problems to solve. There is nothing better than men in traditional garb to help out people with their problems. This one also seems to have more of a plot than others, but there is no story arc as of yet. I think this one would be hard to marathon because it is so calming to watch you may fall asleep. Not because it’s bad, but it’s just relaxing. Men who can cook and who are gentlemen. This one is also another feast for the eyes.


Libra of Nil Admirari

This was one that I was pretty excited about. I loved how the art style looked a bit like old art sketches. Then as I was watching I realized that this was based on an otome game. There is nothing wrong with that… But sometimes when these games get turned into anime there is a huge plot deficit. So far it is pretty bland with a few pick up lines here and there that are… interesting… “Let me be your lover” okay then… Backs away slowly. I think I would rather play the game than watch the anime, but if you are just looking for an anime to look at the art style is very nice in my opinion, but that is all it has going for it. The anime I was looking forward too is pretty lacking with plot and romance so far. Which is sad the concept of the cursed tomes is pretty cool sounding, but this is a case where too many men hurt the plot since there is not focus on character so they are all kind of potato like… Also the OP is just bizarre.


Legend of the Galactic Heroes:  Die Neue These

I debated putting this one in since it is more of a battle anime, but but but- there are like a gazillion men in this… Just look in the closing credits and you see like two women. So it is packed full of military men if that is your thing. Also the plot seems to be getting very interesting. In the last episode it was mostly backstory, but it added depth to the mc plan to take over the empire. The art is very nice and if you are like me you watch and pretend that the blond and the red head are secretly lovers. Shhh no judgement here…


Kakuriyo – Bed & Breakfast for Spirits –

Okay this one… I’m still warming up to it. There is not a pack of men like in the previously mentioned anime, but there two very nice looking ones. So you know… This one so far has still got me interested the characters were a bit of a slow start, but I thing the ogre character will start to show more depth the farther we go into the anime. Also I’m still team fox all the way. It has to do with the past anime I’ve been watching haha. This one will have a bit more romance. The others seem to be lacking romance even with all the men. So this might be your choice if you want to actually see something develop. Also the female character is older which I’m a fan of older characters (these guys are probably super old) like her. It doesn’t seem as creepy since she is out of high school… Or is it? Who knows.


So there you go! There is a few feasts for the eyes this season. Now, if I had to pick a romantic pick out of all of these… I would say none. My romantic winner so far has been…


Wotakoi:  Love is Hard for Otaku

This one is only two episodes in and I’m loving it. The awkwardness is so dang cute. I love the characters and I think this one may be one of my top picks for the spring so far… More on this one later. The two guys in here are very good looking and if you got a thing for nerds… Here you go!

Any special choices for your male picks this spring? Or did you skip these all together? You know I don’t remember a season with so many anime having so many men… We might as well take advantage of it.

Very Happy Watching!