“What a pain!”

Now that I’m finally back for a Friday I get to continue my posts on the characters of Yona of the Dawn! There isn’t a better character to get things going again than the self declared pretty boy genius Yoon!

Yoon is actually the first to join Yona’s group on their quest to find the dragons. He is a great addiction due to his cooking and medical abilities. He remembers everything he reads, but doesn’t have access to a lot of information since he lives in the middle of nowhere taking care of the priest Ik-soo. He also hate royalty which gets his and Yona’s relationship off to a rocky start.


Once again the backstory hits it out of the park for this character. Yoon grows up in poverty and starving another victim to how far the kingdom has fallen. His story is intertwined with Ik-soo when they both became each others saviors.

There meeting was a rough one when there were rumors of a man with gold. Yoon’s first meeting with him was him throwing a rock at Ik-soo so he could steal from him to buy food. Ik-soo informs him that he gave everything away already and had nothing. Yoon then hits him again, but something makes him take Ik-soo back to his home and then treats the wounds that he gave him.

Ik-soo then teaches Yoon a trade which is making sandals so instead of robbing and stealing he trades them for food. Ik-soo is in and out of Yoon’s life but it reaches a point to where people will never stop attacking him so he tells Yoon that he is going away and won’t see him again.

The moment where Yoon asks to go with him is very sweet and another moment for tears. Ik-soo is hesitant about letting Yoon live in seclusion with him since he sees the potential in Yoon and knows that Yoon wants to see the world, but in the end he agrees and they head off together.


Yoon is a great influence on Yona since he is the first to join he is another character besides Hak that sees Yona from the start of her naive ways to her ending strength. He points out to her bluntly when she isn’t acting correctly. He doctors them back to health he points out to Yona that she never thanked him or Hak for saving her.

He is the one holding up a mirror to her own shortcomings and lets her know how much he despises royalty.  Yoon also points out the obvious about Hak and Yona’s relationship.


Come on Yona! Get the hint lol!

One thing that is important about Yoon is that he is another character who grows along with Yona. Starting out as a child to be very selfish to one that will give up everything for Ik-soo.

Ik-soo can see that he is holding Yoon back and tells him that he doesn’t need him anymore. Those who are watching can see that he wants more for Yoon, but to Yoon this is a slap in the face after all he’s done for the priest.


There is a beautiful moment of farewell for the two characters who have had each other for awhile. Ik-soo is like a father to Yoon, but Yoon is the one who takes care of him.

He is one who hates to fight and is often mistaken as a woman because of his beauty and does get marriage requests from men since he is a great cook. Yoon becomes the mother of the group of misfits and he fits into that role perfectly.

He grows in leaps and bounds and puts his life on the line for Yona. He later apologizes for his earlier comments to Yona after seeing her true self but to Yona he was the one who showed her that she had a long ways to go in her own growth.


I love the fact that he isn’t another fighter. He isn’t always brave and he likes to tell things as they are. He realizes that he has much more to learn in the medical field and struggles with his own lack of knowledge when people die. He makes it a goal to learn more and help the people in the kingdom.



Yoon is part of the odd family that they made and he finally got his dream to travel the world.

I will leave you all off with another lovely quote from Yoon:

I hope you all have a great weekend and Happy watching!