When you are no longer the best

In episode six of Run with the Wind I really am enjoying the inner conflict with Kakeru. He and Haiji are the only two serious/previous runners from before this team was formed.

In an earlier episode it seemed that Kakeru was starting to accept his rag tag teammates but this episode shows their first actual track meet.

Kakeru mostly has a stoic face and you could see is frustartion at the start of the meet when his teammate were taking photos and Prince was reading a manga.

In the past episode he stood up for his team but now in front of other and more professional teams he seemed a bit embarrassed.

Snort… I’m two okay…

Kakeru is used to being on his own. He laps and outranked his past teammates from high school. I liked the moment when he realized that he himself still has a lot to overcome and he is no longer the fastest runner.

He loses to two of the more famous runners and they outstripped him by quite a bit. At this point he starts to take his frustrations out on his team. For the first time he isn’t a winner and it really affects him.

In the end the leader of the other track team tells Kakeru to help Haiji lead the team. To work with him and help the others. For Kakeru who runs alone this is something that builds up conflict inside of him. He did stand up for his teammates in the past but I don’t think he respects them.

He needs to be able to work with others and start to recognize that his teammates are trying the best they can.

Even if the mountain may be out of reach there is no shame in reaching for it.

This was a great episode and this show continues to impress me.

Now your weekly moments with Prince…

We are proud of you Prince! Even though they told him to drop out he still kept running!

Happy Watching!

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12 thoughts on “When you are no longer the best”

  1. Prince continues to show us what cool is. He didn’t give up (very proud moment) and stayed calm by reading manga no matter the situation. so so relateable that guy. This episode also impressed me. I imagined they would’ve gotten more ridicule for being such a weird group, but fujioka believes in Haiji’s choices. And, I for one really want to see Haiji go all out. ❤

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  2. I loved the line about him not being a hamster, it made me laugh so hard. Prince remains the best character and I would definitely keep watching just for him. That said, the other characters continue to get more interesting and the show as a whole remains interesting enough even if I’m not overly into running.

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  3. Being grouped with weaker team mates must be frustrating. Hopefully he can channel that frustration into helping the others improve, as well as himself.

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  4. The character development in this series is great. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. The great thing about a group dynamic is the interplay between each members s & w. In the end they may turn out to be an awesome team once they support and rely upon each other. Another interesting character study. ❤️❤️

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